Waiting For The Promise – Hymn Lyric

Waiting For The Promise: Embrace the Power of the Holy Ghost. Experience transformative power

Waiting For The Promise – Hymn Lyric



Waiting For The Promise – Hymn Lyric

Come, Holy Ghost, and touch my tongue
As with a living flame;
I want the sanctifying grace
My Savior bids me claim.

Waiting, I am waiting
For the promise of the Pentecostal shower;
Waiting, I am waiting
For the promise of Thy wondrous, mighty power.

Come, Holy Ghost, with sacred fire
Baptize this heart of mine;
Break every earthly idol down,
And all its dross refine.

I want a self renouncing will,
That owns His sweet control,
And through my life I want His love
A ceaseless flood to roll.

Come, Holy Ghost, the blood apply
As Thou hast ne’er before,
That I may shout my Savior’s praise
Henceforth and evermore.


Meaning of Waiting For The Promise

Waiting For The Promise: Embracing the Power of the Holy Ghost in our Lives

In our spiritual journey, we often find ourselves waiting for something greater, something more profound to occur within us. We yearn for a touch from the divine, a transformative experience that will elevate our faith and bring us closer to God. This longing, this eager anticipation, is beautifully expressed in the hymn “Come, Holy Ghost, and touch my tongue.”

The lyrics of this hymn resonate with the desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have our hearts set ablaze with a living flame. This is a powerful image, the idea that the Holy Ghost can ignite us from within, infusing our words and actions with divine grace. It is a plea for sanctification, a recognition that we need the transformative power of the Holy Ghost to claim the fullness of the salvation that our Savior has bestowed upon us.

Waiting for this promise is not a passive act but an active one. It requires an openness and readiness to receive the Pentecostal shower of blessings that the Holy Ghost brings. Just as the early disciples eagerly waited in the upper room for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so too must we be expectant and ready to receive this wondrous, mighty power.

What does it mean to wait for the promise of the Holy Ghost? It means surrendering ourselves to God’s will and allowing Him to work in us. It means recognizing that we are in need of refining, of breaking down the idols that hold us captive. No longer should we cling to earthly desires and pursuits that distract us from our true purpose. Instead, we should seek to have every aspect of our lives purified, every impurity removed, so that we can fully embrace the will of God.

Waiting for the promise also means desiring a self-renouncing will, a will that is completely surrendered to the sweet control of our Savior. It means letting go of our own desires and ambitions, and embracing the divine calling and purpose that God has for us. This surrender does not diminish us, but rather frees us to experience the abundance of God’s love in our lives.

As we wait for the promise, we yearn for His love to flow through us like a ceaseless flood. We long for our lives to be so saturated with His love that it overflows into every interaction, every endeavor, every moment. This is not a fleeting emotion or a passing sentiment, but a continual experience of God’s love dwelling within us and radiating outwards.

To receive the promised outpouring of the Holy Ghost, we must also allow the blood of Jesus to be applied to our lives. His sacrifice on the cross provides the cleansing and redemption that we desperately need. It is through His blood that we are justified and made worthy to shout our Savior’s praise. This application of His blood is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process of purification and sanctification.

In waiting for the promise, we understand that it is not just a one-time event or a fleeting feeling. It is a lifelong journey of growth, transformation, and deepening communion with the Holy Spirit. It is a recognition that we need the power of the Holy Ghost to guide us, empower us, and strengthen us in our walk with God.

As we eagerly await the promise, let us hold onto the lyrics of this hymn as a reminder of our longing and our hope. Let us remember that the waiting is not in vain, for God is faithful to His promises. In His perfect timing, He will touch our tongues with a living flame, refine our hearts, and pour out His wondrous, mighty power upon us.

So, let us continue to wait with patience, expectancy, and an unwavering faith. Let us surrender ourselves fully to God’s will and allow the Holy Ghost to work in us, knowing that the promise will be fulfilled and we will experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. May our lives forever be a testimony of the promise fulfilled, as we shout our Savior’s praise henceforth and evermore.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Waiting For The Promise: Embrace the Power of the Holy Ghost. Experience transformative power, divine grace, and a ceaseless flood of love in your spiritual journey. Embrace the promise of the Pentecostal shower.


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