We Love The Venerable House – Hymn Lyric

Discover the solace and guidance found in our ancestral church

We Love The Venerable House – Hymn Lyric

“We Love The Venerable House” eloquently expresses the profound love and admiration we have for the ancestral church that our fathers built. This sacred space serves as a sanctuary where prayers and humble virtues have been offered, guiding and comforting generations of believers. With its rich history and spiritual essence, the venerable house holds a special place in our hearts, connecting us to our past, providing strength in the present, and instilling hope for the future.


We Love The Venerable House – Hymn Lyric

We love the venerable house
Our fathers built to God;
In heaven are kept their grateful vows,
Their dust endears the sod.

Here holy thoughts a light have shed
From many a radiant face,
And prayers of humble virtue spread
The perfume of the place.

And anxious hearts have pondered here
The mystery of life,
And prayed th’eternal Light to clear
Their doubts and aid their strife.

From humble tenements around
Came up the pensive train,
And in the church a blessing found,
That filled their homes again.

For faith, and peace, and mighty love,
That from the Godhead flow,
Showed them the life of heaven above
Springs from the life below.

They live with God; their homes are dust;
Yet here their children pray,
And in this fleeting lifetime trust
To find the narrow way.


Meaning of We Love The Venerable House

We Love The Venerable House: Finding Solace and Guidance in Our Ancestral Church

There is something truly special about the venerable house that our fathers built to honor God. It stands as a testament to the faith and devotion of those who came before us, whose grateful vows resonate through the halls of our sacred space. Though they may have turned to dust, their presence endears the very ground on which we tread.

Inside this venerable house, holy thoughts have illuminated the faces of countless believers. The soft glow of enlightenment can be seen in their eyes, as they immerse themselves in the sacred teachings of our faith. For centuries, this house has been a place where humble prayers of virtue have been offered, filling the air with a sweet perfume of devotion.

In this hallowed space, anxious hearts have sought solace and understanding, pondering the great mysteries of life. They come here burdened with doubts, yearning for the eternal Light to guide them and assist in their struggles. The church becomes their sanctuary, offering a respite from the chaos of the world and a source of strength to face life’s challenges.

But this venerable house is not limited to those who dwell within its walls. From the humble tenements that surround it, a pensive train makes its way towards the doors of the church. These weary souls seek a blessing that will extend beyond the sanctuary, permeating their homes and filling them with renewed faith and peace. The church becomes a beacon of hope, beckoning to those in need and providing a refuge for the weary.

It is within this venerable house that we come to understand the true nature of our existence. It is through our faith, peace, and mighty love – gifts that flow from the Godhead – that we are able to glimpse the life of heaven above. This understanding fills our hearts with warmth and gratitude as we realize that the essence of heaven springs forth from the life we live here on Earth.

Though our ancestors have long since departed this world, their spirits live on in the presence of God. Their earthly homes may have turned to dust, but their legacy remains alive and vibrant within these walls. And so, we, their children, continue to seek solace and guidance in this venerable house. We come here to offer our prayers and to trust that, in this fleeting lifetime, we will find the narrow way that leads us towards eternal salvation.

As we gaze upon the beauty and grandeur of this sacred space, it serves as a constant reminder of the enduring power of faith. It is here that we find strength, comfort, and a sense of belonging. This venerable house reminds us that we are not alone in our journey, and that those who came before us are forever connected to our present and future.

So let us cherish this venerable house, for it is a repository of the love and devotion of our ancestors. It is a place where lives have been touched, hearts have been transformed, and miracles have unfolded. As we step into its embrace, may we be filled with gratitude for the blessings it bestows upon us.

In conclusion, the hymn “We Love The Venerable House” encapsulates the deep reverence and appreciation we hold for the sacred spaces that our forefathers built. This venerable house has become a symbol of our heritage and a beacon of solace, offering guidance and comfort to all who enter. May it continue to be a place where we find connection to our past, strength for our present, and hope for our future.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the solace and guidance found in our ancestral church, We Love The Venerable House. Experience the profound connection to our past and find hope for the future within this sacred space.


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