We Would See Jesus When The Day Is Dying – Hymn Lyric

Experience the profound peace and joy of seeing Jesus in all His glory as the day fades away. Find solace

We Would See Jesus When The Day Is Dying – Hymn Lyric

” We Would See Jesus When The Day Is Dying” explores the longing we have to see Jesus in our lives. In times of darkness and doubt, we seek His presence to comfort and guide us. His love and power bring light to our lives and fill our hearts with peace and joy.


We Would See Jesus When The Day Is Dying – Hymn Lyric

We would see Jesus, when the day is dying
In golden glory ere the night comes on;
We would see Jesus, giving songs for sighing,
In His dear presence earthly cares are gone.

We would see Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus!
His loving smile doth fainting hearts revive;
His gentle word from doubt and discord frees us,
His mighty pow’r dead souls can make alive.

We would see Jesus, darkness overtakes us,
The way is hard and doubt obscures our sky;
But still we hear, when every friend forsakes us;
“Lo, I am with you, ever, ever nigh.” [Refrain]

We would see Jesus, life is fair but fleeting,
And disappointment shares its choicest charm;
Our souls look upward to that heav’nly meeting
With Jesus, ever safe from sin and harm. [Refrain]

We would see Jesus, in our work victorious!
Through His right arm our feeble faith is strong;
Inspired by Him we reap the harvest glorious;
Filled with His spirit raise the triumph song. [Refrain]    

Meaning of We Would See Jesus When The Day Is Dying

In our journey through life, there are times when we long to see Jesus. We yearn for His presence to comfort us, to uplift our spirits, and to guide us through the challenges of each passing day. As the sun begins to set and the golden hues fill the sky, we seek to catch a glimpse of Jesus in all His glory before the darkness of the night overtakes us.

When we see Jesus, our hearts are filled with a sense of peace and joy. In His presence, our worries and cares fade away, replaced by a deep sense of serenity. We find solace knowing that He is with us, walking beside us through every step of our journey.

Just as the hymn says, “We would see Jesus, giving songs for sighing.” This brings to mind the image of Jesus turning our sorrows into joy, transforming our tears into songs of praise. His love and compassion for us is so profound that even in our darkest moments, He is there to comfort and console us.

When doubts and uncertainties cloud our minds, Jesus offers us His gentle words of reassurance. He reminds us that we are not alone, that He is with us always. Even when it feels like everyone has abandoned us, Jesus remains steadfast, never leaving our side.

Life can be fleeting, and disappointment often finds its way into our hearts. But when we fix our gaze upon Jesus, our souls find solace and hope. We long for the day when we will meet Him face to face in the heavenly realms, where sin and harm have no power over us.

In our earthly endeavors, Jesus empowers us to be victorious. With His strength, our faith becomes unshakable, and we are able to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Inspired by His love, we are able to accomplish great things, reaping a bountiful harvest in all that we do. His spirit dwells within us, guiding our actions and filling our hearts with a triumph song that resounds throughout the heavens.

“We would see Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus!” This refrain echoes the longing of our hearts. Jesus is all we need, the source of our hope, strength, and joy. His loving smile revives fainting hearts, His gentle word dispels doubt and discord, and His mighty power breathes life into our souls.

So, as the day is dying, let us lift our eyes to the heavens and seek to see Jesus. Let us bask in His golden glory and find comfort in His presence. For it is in Him that we find true peace, everlasting love, and the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

In a world plagued by uncertainty and hardships, may we always remember that we can see Jesus, even when our circumstances seem bleak. He is the beacon of hope that guides us through the storms, the light that shines in the darkness. Let us strive to see Jesus in all His glory and be transformed by His love and grace.


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