Weary And Wandering And Sunken In Sin – Hymn Lyric

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Weary And Wandering And Sunken In Sin – Hymn Lyric

Do you ever feel tired and lost, weighed down by your mistakes? In the hymn “Weary and Wandering and Sunken in Sin,” we are reminded of the incredible love of Jesus who left his glorious throne in heaven to come and save us. Despite our flaws, he sees us as worth saving and went to the cross, suffering and dying for our sins. It’s a love that is all for us.


Weary And Wandering And Sunken In Sin – Hymn Lyric

Weary and wand’ring and sunken in sin,
Vile as a sinner could be,
Jesus beheld and to Bethlehem came,
Left his bright throne for me,
Left his bright throne for me.

All for me, All for me?
Lord was it all for me?
From the throne to the manger,
From there to the cross,
Yes, it was all for me.

Footsore and weary he toiled all the way,
Even to Gethsemane,
Oft I have met him and heard his sweet voice,
Praying for me, for me,
Praying for me, for me. [Refrain]

Still I rejected your Saviour and mine,
Till I beheld on the tree,
Suffering, dying, my Saviour and yours,
Dying for you and me,
Dying for you and me. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Weary And Wandering And Sunken In Sin

Imagine feeling tired, lost, and drowning in your own mistakes. You feel as though you are the worst kind of person, full of sin and unworthiness. But in the midst of your despair, Jesus sees you. He sees your brokenness and decides to come to your rescue. He leaves his glorious throne in heaven and makes his way to the humble town of Bethlehem, all for you.

Can you fathom the depth of such selfless love? The Son of God, leaving behind the splendor of heaven, just for you. It’s almost too incredible to comprehend. But that’s exactly what he did. He left his bright throne to come and save you from your sins.

Perhaps you’ve heard this story before, the nativity scene in Bethlehem, but have you truly grasped the magnitude of what it means for Jesus to leave his throne for you? It means that you are worth it. Despite all your flaws and mistakes, Jesus saw you as someone worth saving. You are valuable in his eyes, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring you back to him.

As Jesus walked on this earth, he faced hardships and challenges just like you and me. He felt the weariness of long journeys, the pain of rejection, and the weight of the world on his shoulders. One particular moment stands out – Gethsemane. This garden became the battleground for Jesus’ struggle with the path that lay before him. He knew the pain and suffering he would have to endure, but still, he pressed on. He prayed fervently, even though he knew there might be another way. And through it all, he had you in his mind and heart.

Imagine meeting Jesus face to face. Can you hear his sweet voice as he speaks directly to you? He prays for you, intercedes on your behalf, even when you are unaware of his presence. He longs for your salvation, for you to come to him with open arms. Every single prayer he utters is for you, because he loves you that much.

Yet, despite his unwavering love and constant prayers, you have rejected him. Maybe you have turned away from his offer of salvation time and time again. But do you know what? Jesus still loves you. He didn’t let your rejection discourage him because he knew the purpose of his journey to Bethlehem. He knew he had to go to the cross, to suffer and die for your sins and mine.

His sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate proof of his love for you. Jesus willingly took the punishment for your sins, enduring excruciating pain and separation from his Father, all so that you could be forgiven. He did it out of love, out of a desire to see you set free from sin’s grip. It wasn’t just for himself, but for you, for me, for all of humanity.

Think about that for a moment. The pain and suffering Jesus endured were specifically for you. He willingly laid down his life so that you could have eternal life. It wasn’t a half-hearted sacrifice; it was an all-encompassing, all-consuming act of love. Jesus gave everything he had, everything he was, just for you.

So, when you hear the hymn “Weary and Wandering and Sunken in Sin,” let it remind you of the extraordinary love of Jesus. Let it remind you that despite your weariness and sinfulness, Jesus came for you. He left his throne for you, prayed for you, suffered and died for you. It was all for you.

Embrace this truth and let it transform your life. Jesus loves you more than you can imagine, and he longs for you to receive his forgiveness and grace. Turn to him, accept his gift of salvation, and experience the overwhelming love that caused Jesus to leave his bright throne for you. It’s a love that is truly all for you.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Feeling tired, lost, and drowning in sin? Jesus left his glorious throne to rescue you. Embrace his selfless love and find forgiveness and grace. Discover the depth of his sacrifice for you.


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