What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope – Hymn Lyric

Discovering Inward Holiness in Jesus - The Meaning of Our Glorious Hope

What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope – Hymn Lyric



What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope – Hymn Lyric

What is our calling’s glorious hope,
But inward holiness?
For this to Jesus I look up;
I calmly wait for this.

I wait till He shall touch me clean,
Shall life and power impart;
Give me the faith that casts out sin,
And purifies the heart.

When Jesus makes my heart His home,
My sin shall all depart;
And lo! He saith, I quickly come,
To fill and rule thy heart.”

Be it according to Thy Word;
Redeem me from all sin;
My heart would now receive Thee, Lord,
Come in, my Lord, come in!


Meaning of What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope

What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope: Finding Inward Holiness in Jesus

In this hymn, the lyrics beautifully express the yearning for a glorious hope that lies within our calling as believers. It emphasizes the importance of inward holiness and the longing for Jesus to transform our hearts and minds. Let us delve deeper into these ideas and explore the significance they hold for our spiritual journey.

Our calling, as the hymn suggests, is rooted in the hope of attaining inward holiness. But what does inward holiness mean? It goes beyond merely following a set of external rules or religious rituals. Inward holiness encompasses the transformation of our hearts, minds, and attitudes to align with God’s will. It is the process of becoming more like Christ, characterized by love, kindness, purity, and compassion.

As believers, our utmost desire should be to grow closer to Jesus and to reflect His character in our lives. This glorious hope of inward holiness is not something we achieve on our own strength, but rather something we receive from Jesus. The hymn illustrates this beautifully by describing the act of waiting for Jesus to touch us, to cleanse us, and to infuse our hearts with His life and power.

Waiting, however, can sometimes be challenging. We live in a world that encourages instant gratification and quick fixes. But true transformation takes time. It requires patience, perseverance, and trust in the promises of God. As the hymn encourages, we should calmly wait for Jesus to work in our lives, knowing that He will fulfill His Word.

The hymn also highlights the importance of faith in our journey towards inward holiness. It speaks of the faith that “casts out sin and purifies the heart.” Faith is not just a mental assent or a set of beliefs; it is an active trust in God that leads to obedience and surrender. It is the faith that fully relies on Jesus to sanctify us and to enable us to live holy lives.

When Jesus makes His home in our hearts, sin loses its power over us. The hymn beautifully portrays this truth, assuring us that our sins will depart when Jesus fills and rules our hearts. This is the depth of transformation that Jesus offers us – a complete renewal that enables us to live holy and righteous lives.

However, this transformation is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. It requires our continuous surrender and willingness to allow Jesus to have full control of our hearts. As the hymn reminds us, Jesus says, “I quickly come, to fill and rule thy heart.” It is an invitation to continually invite Jesus into our lives and to yield to His guidance and leadership.

To experience this inward holiness, we need to align our hearts with God’s Word. The hymn eloquently expresses the desire to be redeemed from all sin and the willingness to receive Jesus into our hearts. It is an acknowledgment that we cannot cleanse ourselves, but instead, we rely on Jesus to do the work within us.

Our part is to continually seek Him through prayer, studying His Word, and actively participating in our faith community. These practices enable us to grow in our understanding of God’s character and deepen our relationship with Him. They become the channels through which Jesus continually works in our lives, purifying our hearts and conforming us to His image.

In conclusion, the hymn “What Is Our Callings Glorious Hope” beautifully captures the yearning for inward holiness that lies within our calling as believers. It reminds us to patiently wait for Jesus to transform our hearts, to cast out sin, and to rule our lives. It is an invitation to surrender to His work within us and to continually seek His presence. As we embrace this hope, we will experience the glorious transformation that comes from having Jesus make His home in our hearts. May we eagerly embrace this calling, find joy in our pursuit of inward holiness, and lead lives that bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior.


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Delve into the significance of our calling's glorious hope, which lies in finding inward holiness through Jesus. Explore the transformation of our hearts, the importance of faith, and the ongoing process of surrender to experience true holiness. Let Jesus make His home in your heart and lead you on a journey of divine transformation.


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