When David Was A King – Hymn Lyric

Discover the joy of expressing yourself through music and dance with "When David Was A King." Learn how music can uplift your spirit

When David Was A King – Hymn Lyric



When David Was A King – Hymn Lyric

When David was a King,
He used to dance and sing,
To stop his noise his own wife him implored;
But he danced with all his might,
For he had a prefect right,
To sing and shout and dance before the Lord.

There’s music there,
There’s music there
The “hallelujah chorus” is sung there;
Throughout eternal day,
The saints in glory say:
“I’m glad I was a pilgrim there.”

When Daniel went to pray,
Three times in ev’ry day,
Altho’ they said the wild beasts should him eat;
The lions took lockjaw,
And could not raise a paw,
And there old Satan Daniel did defeat.

The prodigal ran away,
No doubt he went to stay,
But feeding swine he felt so dreadful bad;
He came back home once more,
And found an open door,
His father had to shout, he felt so glad.

When Paul and Silas sang,
The cells with music rang,
No doubt the pris’ners thought they’d better pray;
For an earthquake shook the jail,
That made the keeper quail,
In face he got converted right away.

Oh, in the glory-land,
The music will be grand,
We’ll meet our loved ones who have gone before;
We’ll have a great time there,
For our throats will all be clear,
We’ll sing and dance upon the golden shore.

Meaning of When David Was A King

When David was a King, he showed us the joy that comes from expressing ourselves through music and dance. Despite his wife’s pleas for him to quiet down, David understood that he had the right to sing, shout, and dance before the Lord. This hymn reminds us of the power of music and the freedom it brings to our souls.

In our lives, we often face moments when we need to release our emotions and find solace in music. Just like David, we may have times when we feel the need to sing and dance with all our might. It is in these moments that we can truly connect with our inner selves and with God.

The refrain of this hymn speaks of the heavenly music found in the “hallelujah chorus.” It paints a picture of eternal day, where the saints in glory rejoice and proclaim their gratitude for having been pilgrims in this world. This imagery reminds us that the music we create on Earth is a reflection of the divine music we will experience in the afterlife.

The hymn goes on to tell the tale of Daniel, who, despite the threat of being eaten by wild beasts, remained steadfast in his faith and continued to pray. Miraculously, the lions could not harm him, as if their jaws were locked shut. It was in this moment that Satan was defeated, and Daniel’s unwavering devotion to God triumphed. This story reminds us that when we hold onto our faith and use music as a means of expressing our devotion, we can overcome any obstacle placed before us.

The next verse depicts the story of the prodigal son who, after squandering his inheritance and finding himself in a desperate situation, realizes the error of his ways and decides to return home. As he approaches his father’s house, he is met with open arms and overwhelming joy. The father’s shout of gladness signifies the power of forgiveness and the grace we can find in music.

The hymn then takes us to the story of Paul and Silas, who, while imprisoned, find solace in singing hymns and praises to God. Their music resonates throughout the cells, and their fellow prisoners are moved to pray. Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the jail, causing the jailer to convert to Christianity. This tale exemplifies the transformative power of music. It has the ability to touch hearts, bring people together in prayer, and even change lives.

The final verse of the hymn paints a vibrant picture of the gloryland, a place where music will be grand and we will be reunited with our departed loved ones. It assures us that we will have a great time there, singing and dancing upon the golden shore. This vision brings comfort and hope to those who have experienced loss, reminding us that music has the power to heal, unite, and provide solace.

When we reflect on the stories told in this hymn, we are reminded of the rich history of music within our spiritual traditions. From the times of King David to the present day, music has played a significant role in our worship and connection with the divine. Whether it be through singing, playing an instrument, or simply tapping our feet to the rhythm, music allows us to express our deepest emotions and connect with God on a profound level.

Beyond its spiritual significance, music has also been proven to have numerous physical and mental health benefits. Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce stress, boost mood, and even enhance cognitive function. When we engage in music-making activities, such as singing or playing an instrument, we experience the release of endorphins, which can alleviate pain and create a sense of well-being.

In conclusion, the hymn “When David was a King” reminds us of the power of music to uplift our spirits, bring us closer to God, and create a sense of joy and unity. Just like David danced and sang with all his might, we too should embrace the freedom and happiness that comes from expressing ourselves through music. May we continue to find solace, healing, and inspiration in the songs of our hearts, knowing that in the gloryland, we will experience music that is truly grand.


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