When Jesus Time Was Fully Come – Hymn Lyric

Experience the praise and worship of When Jesus' Time Was Fully Come. Join in the celebration of His completed work on earth and His reign in heaven as our King. Discover the greatness of His love and be inspired by His endless praises.

When Jesus Time Was Fully Come – Hymn Lyric

When Jesus’ Time Was Fully Come: A Hymn of Praise and Worship Jesus completed His work on earth and returned to heaven, where He is now worshipped. His love is beyond measure and we can’t fully express it, but we will sing His praises for all He has done. Let us join in raising our voices in gratitude for Jesus’ fulfilled purpose and everlasting love.


When Jesus Time Was Fully Come – Hymn Lyric

When Jesus’ time was fully come
To leave this world below;
Then he return’d to heav’n, his home!
Where he is worship’d now.

His work on earth is all complete:
His suff’rings have an end;
In heav’n he took his place and seat,
And reigns at God’s right hand.

The Hosts of heaven praise his name,
And of his wonders sing;
Then let us join to do the same
And worship him our King.

To him, are endless praises due.
From all that live and move;
Yet men or angels cannot shew
The greatness of his love.

We shall more fully sing his praise:
When we get near his throne–
And love and thank him all our days,
For all that he has done.


Meaning of When Jesus Time Was Fully Come

When Jesus’ Time Was Fully Come

Imagine for a moment, stepping back in time to a pivotal moment in history. Picture a man who has made an undeniable impact on the world, someone whose name is known far and wide: Jesus. The hymn “When Jesus’ Time Was Fully Come” swirls around the story of Jesus, focusing on the time when He concluded His journey here on Earth and returned to heaven, his true home.

Now, let’s take a little walk through this hymn and explore its powerful message.

The hymn begins with a striking image: the time had come for Jesus to leave this world. But why was this time so significant, and what had Jesus been doing that made His departure noteworthy? Jesus lived a life like no other; He healed the sick, comforted the sorrowful, and taught about love and forgiveness. His time on Earth was spent guiding people, offering them a new way to understand life and their relationship with God.

But then, as all stories do, Jesus’ time on earth had to come to an end. He promised that He would return home to heaven, and the hymn joyfully proclaims that He kept that promise. When He returned, He was welcomed back as a hero, as someone who accomplished the extraordinary task he had set out to do.

This hero, however, wasn’t like any other hero from stories or movies. His work on Earth was not about battling villains or seeking treasure; it was about completing a mission of love and sacrifice. Jesus’ work involved suffering on behalf of others, taking on their pain and offering hope. The hymn sings about how His sufferings ended when He ascended to heaven. It celebrates the closure of His earthly mission and the beginning of His eternal reign at God’s right hand.

In heaven, Jesus is not alone; He is accompanied by hosts of angels, all praising His name and singing of His wonders. These angels have seen what Jesus has done, the miracles He performed, and the love He shared. They understand the amazing story that unfolded because of His actions and they can’t help but sing with joy and reverence.

The hymn then invites us to be a part of this celestial song, to join in with the heavenly host and worship Him. It’s a call to recognize the significance of Jesus’ life and to celebrate it. His story isn’t just for those who were with Him on Earth or for the angels in heaven – it’s a story for everyone.

It’s pretty incredible to think about Jesus being praised endlessly, especially when the hymn points out that no amount of praise can fully show the greatness of His love. Angels are often thought of as powerful beings, and yet, their attempts to describe Jesus’ love still fall short. That’s how immense and incomprehensible His love is!

One of the most heartwarming parts of the hymn looks to the future. It talks about a day when people will be able to sing Jesus’ praises even more fully. When they get closer to His throne in heaven, their understanding and gratitude will deepen. They’ll see the full picture of what Jesus has done, and their songs of thanks will be even more heartfelt. It’s a reminder that although we may not grasp everything now, there will come a time when we will truly appreciate Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

The hymn ends with a beautiful thought: that people will spend their days, forever, thanking and loving Jesus for all that He has done. It paints a picture of an everlasting relationship, a bond that does not end with time or even with life itself. People will always remember the love Jesus showed and will continue to find new reasons to thank Him.

By singing this hymn, we’re not just repeating words; we’re connecting with a story that spans over two thousand years. We’re joining in with countless others who have found hope and inspiration in Jesus’ life. The message of the hymn resonates through the ages, encouraging us to recognize the beauty of what Jesus accomplished and to continue telling His story through the way we live our lives.

“When Jesus’ Time Was Fully Come” isn’t just a series of rhymes set to music; it’s a celebration of faith, love, and gratitude. It reminds us that Jesus’ story doesn’t end with His return to heaven but continues in the hearts of people everywhere. Each time the hymn is sung, it’s an opportunity to feel connected to something much larger than ourselves. It’s a chance to share in the wonder of Jesus’ life and to carry the joy of His love into our daily lives.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the praise and worship of When Jesus' Time Was Fully Come. Join in the celebration of His completed work on earth and His reign in heaven as our King. Discover the greatness of His love and be inspired by His endless praises.


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