Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin – Hymn Lyric

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Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin – Hymn Lyric

“Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin: Embracing the Grace of God” invites us to explore the awe-inspiring power and love of God. This hymn reminds us of our redemption from death and sin, and urges us to express our gratitude and embrace the goodness that has been shown to us. Through faith and belief, we can find solace, experience forgiveness, and rejoice in the incredible gift of salvation.


Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin – Hymn Lyric

Where shall my wondering soul begin?
How shall I all to heaven aspire?
A slave redeemed from death and sin,
a brand plucked from eternal fire.

How shall I equal triumphs raise,
or sing my great deliverer’s praise?
O how shall I the goodness tell,
Father, which thou to me hast showed?

That I, a child of wrath and hell,
I should be called a child of God!
Should know, should feel my sins forgiven,
blest with this antepast of heaven!

And shall I slight my Father’s love,
or basely fear his gifts to own?
Unmindful of his favors prove,
shall I, the hallowed cross to shun,
refuse his righteousness to impart,
by hiding it within my heart?

Outcasts of men, to you I call,
harlots, and publicans, and thieves;
he spreads his arms to embrace you all,
sinners alone his grace receives.

No need of Him the righteous have;
he came the lost to seek and save.

Come, O my guilty brethren, come,
groaning beneath your load of sin;
his bleeding heart shall make you room,
his open side shall take you in.

He calls you now, invites you home:
Come, O my guilty brethren, come.

For you the purple current flowed
in pardon from his wounded side,
languished for you the eternal God,
for you the Prince of Glory died.

Believe, and all your sin’s forgiven,
only believe–and yours is heaven.


Meaning of Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin

Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin: Embracing the Grace of God

Have you ever wondered where to begin in trying to understand the immense power and love of God? It’s like trying to fathom the depths of the ocean or count the stars in the sky. Our wondering souls seek answers, guidance, and a path to heaven. Let’s explore this hymn and dive into the profound message it holds.

The lyrics start by acknowledging our state before God’s grace intervened. We were once slaves, bound by the chains of death and sin. But now, through redemption, we have been set free. It’s like being plucked from the brink of an eternal fire and given a second chance at life. It’s truly a triumph worth celebrating!

But as we experience this incredible deliverance, we may ask ourselves, “How can we possibly express our gratitude? How can we adequately praise our great deliverer?” The answer lies in recognizing the goodness that our heavenly Father has shown us. Despite our unworthiness, we have become beloved children of God. We have been forgiven and granted a taste of heaven even while we walk this earth.

It’s natural to feel awe and amazement at the mercy and love we have received. Our souls overflow with gratitude. It would be a disservice to our Father to slight or doubt his love, to be hesitant in acknowledging the gifts he has bestowed upon us. Instead, let us openly embrace his goodness and proudly proclaim our connection to him.

Let’s not forget that we were once outcasts, considered the lowest of the low, like harlots, publicans, and even thieves. Yet, the arms of our heavenly Father are wide open, ready to embrace us all. It is us sinners who are in utmost need of his grace, and it is precisely for us that he came. The righteous do not require his salvation; it is the lost who need to be found, the broken who need to be healed.

To my guilty brethren, burdened by the weight of sin, hear this call. Your guilt does not define you. Your mistakes do not condemn you forever. Jesus, through his sacrificial love, offers room in his bleeding heart. His open side invites you to find solace and forgiveness. He longs for you to come home, to experience the freeing power of his love and mercy.

Can you even start to fathom the depths of his sacrifice? The purple, forgiving current flowed from his wounded side to offer pardon to all who believe. The eternal God himself endured immense suffering for you, my brethren. The Prince of Glory, who could have held back, chose to die for you. It is through faith that all your sins are washed away. It is through belief that heaven becomes yours.

So, where shall your wondering soul begin? Embrace the grace of God with open arms. Rejoice in your deliverance from the chains of sin and death. Humbly acknowledge the goodness and love that has been shown to you. Proclaim your status as a child of God, knowing that your sins are forgiven.

Let this hymn be a reminder that we are never too far gone, too lost, or too broken to experience the transformative power of God’s love. Embrace it, carry it within your heart, and rejoice in the incredible gift of salvation. Through faith and belief, heaven becomes a reality for each one of us.

May your wondering soul find solace, may your heart overflow with gratitude, and may you forever sing the praises of our great deliverer.


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