While We Meet Who Love Thy Name – Hymn Lyric

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While We Meet Who Love Thy Name – Hymn Lyric

“While We Meet Who Love Thy Name: A Hymn of Unity, Worship, and Transformation” is a meaningful hymn that brings people together to cast their cares upon a Higher Power. Through the power of music and devotion, hearts are filled with gratitude and love for Jesus. This hymn teaches young hearts the importance of unity, worship, and the transformative nature of faith.


While We Meet Who Love Thy Name – Hymn Lyric

While we meet, who love thy name,
Meet, to cast our cares on thee,
As of old, the Spirit came,
May his presence with us be.

Singing with the Spirit,–
“Jesus, be thy name adored!”
Let us make heart melody,
Singing to the Lord.

Touch our lips with holy flame,
As we for thy Spirit long;
Then we’ll dare to praise thy name,
Then, thou wilt accept our song! [Chorus]

Make us pure and free from sin;
Gird us for the holy race;
Teach us how the lost to win
To the gospel of thy grace. [Chorus]

Teacher! make us truly wise;
Victor! make us to be strong;
May our prayers like incense rise,
And to thee our even song. [Chorus]    

Meaning of While We Meet Who Love Thy Name

While We Meet Who Love Thy Name: A Hymn of Unity, Worship, and Transformation

In the joyful gathering of those who love thy name, we come together to cast our cares upon thee. Just as in ancient times, we seek the presence of the Spirit among us, yearning for its divine intervention in our lives. With hearts filled with devotion, we lift our voices together in harmony, creating a sweet symphony of gratitude and adoration. Let us delve deeper into the profound message carried by this meaningful hymn.

As we strum the chords of unity, our voices resonate with the Spirit, creating a powerful chorus. “Singing with the Spirit,– ‘Jesus, be thy name adored!'” In these simple yet profound words, we declare our love and reverence for Jesus, the guiding light in our lives. Our hymn encompasses a timeless message, inviting all who hear it to join in the celebration of his name. Together, we create a bond that transcends barriers of language, age, and race as we sing to the Lord with one voice.

Just as the flame ignites the wick, we beseech thee to touch our lips with the holy fire of inspiration. We yearn for the divine voice to flow through us, transforming our mere murmurs into beautiful melodies of praise. With this sacred touch, we gain the courage to honor thy name and proclaim it to the world. We trust that when our song resounds, it will reach thy gracious ears, and our offering will be accepted with open arms.

In our quest for spiritual growth, we humbly request thy guidance to make us pure and free from the shackles of sin. As we bind ourselves to run the race of holiness, we seek thy divine girding, allowing us to soar on the wings of faith. With each step we take in this race, teach us to embody the gospel of your grace. Empower us to reach out to those who are lost in the darkness of despair and lead them to the light of your love. Through our words, actions, and unwavering devotion, may we become beacons of hope.

As the ultimate Teacher and Victor, we look to thee for wisdom and strength. Guide us in our quest for knowledge and understanding, enabling us to discern between right and wrong. Endow us with the fortitude to stand strong in the face of adversity, unwavering in our commitment to share your message of love. In each moment of our lives, may our prayers ascend to the heavens like fragrant incense, a sweet aroma in your divine presence. And when the day’s end draws near, let our evening song be a reflection of our gratitude and unwavering faith.

This hymn, “While We Meet Who Love Thy Name,” resonates deeply with all who gather to worship. Its timeless message serves as a reminder of the power of unity and collective devotion. Whether sung in a grand cathedral or a humble gathering, its truth and beauty remain unchanged. The hymn encapsulates the essence of believers coming together, seeking divine intervention, and expressing their heartfelt praise. It serves as a foundation for spiritual cultivation, offering solace, inspiration, and guidance to those who love thy name.

In a world often beset by division and discord, this hymn serves as a beacon of hope. It reminds us to cast aside our worldly cares and look towards the Higher Power that unites us all. Its simplicity and accessibility make it an ideal hymn for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including 7th graders. Through its message, young hearts can grasp the importance of spiritual unity and the transformative power of worship.

Let us embrace the spirit of this hymn and allow our voices to echo its timeless message. Together, we can create a harmonious symphony of faith, love, and unity that reverberates throughout the ages. As we sing with the Spirit, our hearts overflow with adoration for Jesus and the countless blessings he bestows upon us. Let this hymn be a constant reminder of the joy found in gathering together in worship, casting our cares upon thee, and singing to the Lord with pure and grateful hearts.


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