Why Thus With Grief Oppressed My Heart – Hymn Lyric

Trust in God's care and find comfort in His providence to overcome grief and worldly cares. Explore biblical examples of His provision and strive for everlasting blessedness.

Why Thus With Grief Oppressed My Heart – Hymn Lyric



Why Thus With Grief Oppressed My Heart – Hymn Lyric

Why thus with Grief opprest, my Heart,
Dost thou, with Infidels, the Smart
Indulge of worldy Care?
Trust thou in God, who cares for Thee.
And shortens thy Necessity.

He will not leave thee comfortless:
He knows the Depth of thy Distress:
The Heav’ns and Earth are his:
‘Tis the Creator of us all,
Supplies thy Wants, and hears thee call.

My God, the Dealer of my Lot,
I trust i thee, forsake me not,
Thy Creature, and thy Child:
To me, a Heap of filthy Dust,
Without thy Smiles, all Comfort’s lost.

The Miser’s Boast is in his Hoard,
But mine is in the living Lord,
Tho’ here I bear Contempt:
This Truth I never will recant;
Who trust in God shall never want.
Elijah speak! who gave thee Bread,
When Dearth and Drought had overspread
Thy land for sev’ral Years?
Did not the Widow’s Cruise supply
Her own and thy Necessity?

When near the Juniper thou lay,
God sent his Messenger away
To furnish thee with Food,
Which that uncommon Vigour gave,
That thou couldst reach Mount Horeb’s Cave.

Good Daniel, in the Lions Den,
God ne’er forgot, tho’ left by Men,
But sent his Angel down
To seize the prophet’s Harvest-Mess,
For his beloved in Distress.

Tho’ Joseph, into Egypt sold,
By Potiphar was laid in Hold,
For keeping God’s Command:
God rais’d him up to great Renown,
To save that Nation and his own.

Did not the Furnace lose its Pow’r,
When sev’n Times heated to devour
The Three Men in the Flame?
God sent his Angel to their Aid,
And made the Tyrant sore afraid.

Thy Plenty, Lord, is still as great,
As t’was in Time of ancient Date:
In Thee is all my Trust:
Enrich my Soul with Faith and Love;
Then have I ev’ry where enough.

Vain worldly Pomp I glad forbear:
Lord! grant me but the meanest Share
Of Bliss thou hast procur’d,
By thy most bitter Death and Tomb;
This antedates the Joys to come.

Whate’er this present World adores;
Its Silver and its golden Stores,
With all its glitt’ring Shew:
These all to Worldlings I resign,
And live content, if God be mine.

I’ll magnify thee, Christ, my Lord,
Who hast confinc’d me by thy Word
Of thine eternal Truth:
Lord, make me constant in my Race
To everlasting Blessedness.

All Honour, Praise and Glory be
To Thee, most awful Trinity!
For this thy Grace bestow’d:
Encrease in us thy blessed Love,
‘Till Faith gives Way to Sight above.


Meaning of Why Thus With Grief Oppressed My Heart

Why Thus With Grief Oppressed My Heart: Trusting in God’s Care and Finding Comfort in His Providence

In life, it is not uncommon to feel burdened by grief and overwhelmed by worldly cares. We may find ourselves questioning why we must endure such hardships and struggles. However, this hymn reminds us that we should not indulge in despair like the unbelievers but instead place our trust in God, who cares for us and eases our difficulties.

God, as the creator of heaven and earth, knows the depth of our distress. He is not ignorant of our struggles but rather intimately aware of them. Therefore, we can approach Him with confidence, knowing that He listens to our prayers and provides for our needs. We need not worry about lack or scarcity because the one who supplies the needs of all living creatures will surely hear our calls for help.

As believers, we can place our trust in God without fear of abandonment. In times when we feel forsaken and alone, we can take comfort in the fact that God is always with us. He never leaves us comfortless but continually walks beside us, offering His presence and guidance. Even when we feel like a heap of filthy dust, unworthy of love and grace, God’s smiles can transform our despair into hope and restoration.

While the world may boast in its material possessions and wealth, our true source of confidence lies in the living Lord. Regardless of the contempt we may face because of our faith, we should never recant the truth that those who trust in God shall never want. Our satisfaction and security come not from earthly treasures, but from knowing that we are loved and cared for by the Almighty.

Looking back at biblical examples, we see how God’s provision and care have been evident throughout history. When the prophet Elijah faced a time of drought and hunger, God did not abandon him. Instead, He used a widow’s humble offering of food to sustain both Elijah and herself miraculously. This serves as a powerful reminder that God can use even the most unlikely sources to meet our needs during times of scarcity.

Moreover, Elijah experienced God’s providence and care in the wilderness. When he was exhausted and discouraged, God sent His messenger to provide nourishment for him, enabling Elijah to regain strength and continue his journey. This shows that even in the bleakest of situations, God is never far away, ready to provide for His beloved children and empower them to overcome obstacles.

Another example is found in the story of Daniel. Though abandoned by men in a lions’ den, he was never forgotten by God. The Lord sent His angel down to protect Daniel, ensuring his safety and deliverance. This reminds us that even when we feel forsaken by others, God is always by our side, working behind the scenes to bring about His perfect plan in our lives.

Joseph’s story also serves as a testament to God’s faithfulness. Despite being sold into slavery and unjustly imprisoned, Joseph remained faithful to God’s commandments. In due time, God exalted Joseph to a position of great prominence, enabling him to save not only his own family but also an entire nation. This narrative reveals that God can turn the most challenging circumstances into stepping stones to fulfill His purposes.

In the well-known account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, we witness God’s miraculous intervention in the face of imminent danger. When these faithful men were bound and thrown into a fiery furnace, God sent His angel to protect them. The raging flames lost their power, and the tyrant who sought their destruction was filled with fear. This remarkable event reminds us that God is greater than any trial we face and that He can deliver us from the most dire situations.

Throughout history, God’s provision has remained constant. Just as He sustained His people in ancient times, He continues to provide for our needs today. His plenty knows no bounds and remains available to all who trust in Him. We can confidently place our faith and love in God, knowing that He will enrich our souls and grant us contentment in all circumstances.

The hymn encourages believers to forego the fleeting pleasures of worldly pomp and instead focus on the profound joy found in Christ. By seeking the most meager share of the bliss procured through Christ’s bitter death and tomb, we can find lasting satisfaction that surpasses anything this present world offers. This anticipation of eternal joys motivates us to store up treasures in heaven rather than chasing after the temporary allure of earthly possessions.

As we surrender our desires for silver and gold and relinquish the glittering show that the world adores, we discover true contentment in God’s provision and presence. We can magnify Christ, our Lord, who has convinced us of His eternal truth through His Word. Through constant devotion and steadfast faith, we can continue our race toward everlasting blessedness, knowing that God’s grace has been bestowed upon us.

In conclusion, despite the grief and worldly cares that may oppress our hearts, we can find comfort in the assurance that God cares for us and shortens our necessities. By trusting in Him, we open ourselves up to experiencing His provision, protection, and guidance. We can draw courage from the stories of Elijah, Daniel, Joseph, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, witnessing God’s faithfulness throughout history. As we focus on the eternal joys that await us and surrender worldly desires, we can find contentment in God’s love and provision. Let us, therefore, give honor, praise, and glory to the most awe-inspiring Trinity, forever increasing in us His blessed love until faith gives way to sight above.


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