With Happy Voices Ringing – Hymn Lyric

Experience joy and gratitude with the hymn "With Happy Voices Ringing." Celebrate the beauty of the world and acknowledge the presence of a higher power. Join in praise and live a life of truth and devotion.

With Happy Voices Ringing – Hymn Lyric



With Happy Voices Ringing – Hymn Lyric

With happy voices ringing,
Thy children, Lord, appear;
Their joyous praises bringing
in anthems sweet and clear.

For skies of golden splendor,
for azure rolling sea,
For blossoms sweet and tender,
O Lord, we worship Thee.

What though no eye beholds Thee,
no hand Thy hand may feel,
Thy universe unfolds Thee,
Thy starry heav’ns reveal;

The earth and all its glory,
our homes and all we love,
Tell forth the wondrous story
of One Who reigns above.

And shall we not adore Thee,
with more than joyous song,
And live in truth before Thee,
all beautiful and strong?

Lord, bless our souls’ endeavor
Thy servants true to be,
And through all life, forever,
to live our praise to Thee.


Meaning of With Happy Voices Ringing

With Happy Voices Ringing: A Hymn of Gratitude and Worship

In our hymn, “With Happy Voices Ringing,” we express our joy and gratitude towards the Lord. With every word and every note, we celebrate the beauty of the world around us and acknowledge the presence of a higher power.

The hymn begins by inviting everyone to join in praise. It reminds us that we are all children of the Lord, and it is our duty to offer our joyful praises to Him. With voices filled with happiness, we come together to create sweet and clear anthems that reach the heavens.

As we sing, we reflect on the wonders of the world that surround us. We acknowledge the splendor of the skies, painted in hues of gold, and the rolling azure seas, which remind us of the vastness of God’s creation. With grateful hearts, we also appreciate the tender and sweet blossoms that decorate the earth, representing the delicate beauty of nature. Through these observations, we honor the Lord as the master artist, who crafted every detail with precision and love.

Although we may not physically see the Lord or touch His hand, we believe that His presence is revealed in the universe He created. The hymn reminds us that even without a direct sensory experience, we can perceive His existence through the unfolding of His universe. The starry heavens, like an open book, tell us a story of power and majesty. As we gaze upon the countless stars in the night sky, we are reminded of the vastness of the cosmos and the greatness of the One who holds it all together.

Yet, it is not only the grandeur of the universe that speaks of God’s glory. It is also the simple things around us that tell the wondrous story of His reign. The hymn prompts us to appreciate the earth and everything it sustains. From the towering mountains to the tranquil rivers, from the bustling cities to the quiet countryside, all of creation points towards the divine. Even our homes, filled with love and warmth, remind us of God’s presence in our lives.

The hymn inspires us to go beyond mere words of adoration and to live our lives in truth before God. It encourages us to be beautiful and strong in our actions, representing the teachings and values that the Lord has bestowed upon us. We understand that our worship is not confined to a church or a specific time but extends to every aspect of our lives. Every decision we make, every interaction we have, is an opportunity to honor the Lord.

With these thoughts in mind, we ask the Lord to bless our efforts in being true servants. We strive to align our actions with our words, to be a reflection of His love and goodness. We acknowledge that living a life of praise goes beyond singing hymns; it requires genuine dedication and commitment.

As we conclude our hymn, we express our desire to continue our worship throughout our lives. We ask the Lord to guide us and bless our endeavors, so that we may always walk in His truth. We recognize that our praise is not limited to a single moment or event but is a lifelong commitment. With every breath we take, we intend to live out our gratitude and devotion to the Lord.

In conclusion, “With Happy Voices Ringing” is a hymn that encapsulates our joyful appreciation and worship of the Lord. It serves as a reminder to be grateful for the beauty of the world around us, to recognize the presence of the Lord in every aspect of our lives, and to strive to live a life of truth and devotion. Through our hymn, we express our deep gratitude and desire to honor the One who reigns above.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience joy and gratitude with the hymn With Happy Voices Ringing. Celebrate the beauty of the world and acknowledge the presence of a higher power. Join in praise and live a life of truth and devotion.


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