You Saints Of Light That Shine So Bright – Hymn Lyric

Join the Saints of Light in their heavenly anthem of praise! Discover the radiant beauty and divine connection of these luminous beings

You Saints Of Light That Shine So Bright – Hymn Lyric



You Saints Of Light That Shine So Bright – Hymn Lyric

You saints of light that shine so bright,
Above the lofty skies,
Come sing aloud since you’re endowed
With holy exercise.

My soul doth long to sing a song
Unto my lord above;
And there unite in sweet delight,
With all the saints in love;

And spend away eternal day,
In lofty songs of praise,
And thus engage throughout the age
Of everlasting days.

When I get grace and strength of faith,
To strike these heavenly notes,
I’ll praise him too as angels do,
With their sweet warbling throats.


Meaning of You Saints Of Light That Shine So Bright

You Saints Of Light That Shine So Bright: A Heavenly Anthem of Praise

In the realm of celestial beings, there exists a radiant congregation of saints who emit a brilliant luminosity. As they hover serenely in the expanse of the lofty skies, their presence is marked by a resounding chorus of joyful voices. These enlightened individuals, known as the saints of light, are not only blessed with ethereal beauty but also engage in holy exercises that bring them closer to the divine.

Imagine the sheer delight of the soul when it yearns to sing a song of adoration to the Lord above. Such a desire stirs within, igniting a fervent longing to unite with all the saints in a harmonious celebration of love. How wondrous it would be to partake in this celestial choir, where every note reverberates with sweet delight and resonates throughout the heavens.

Eternal days, in all their infinite glory, are meant to be spent immersed in lofty songs of praise. The saints of light, with unwavering devotion, engage in this sacred duty, recognizing the eternal significance of their melodies. As the ages pass, their voices remain steadfast, continuing to exalt the Almighty with unyielding fervor.

Yet, one might wonder, how can mortal beings aspire to join this exalted company of luminous souls? It is through the grace and strength awarded by faith that we mere mortals are endowed with the power to strike these heavenly notes. When the depths of our souls are touched by divine intervention, we have the audacity to raise our voices in praise, like the angels who proclaim their devotion with melodious and resplendent serenades.

There is an undeniable beauty in the art of worship, where words transform into melodies and melodies into pure expressions of devotion. The saints of light have masterfully harnessed this art, utilizing their voices as vessels to convey their deepest reverence. Their songs cascade through the heavens like shimmering streams, carrying their unwavering faith to the very ears of the divine.

As we reflect on the hymn’s resplendent verses, a sense of awe washes over us. We are reminded of the profound significance of praise and the transformative power it possesses. When we open our hearts to the melodies of devotion, we allow ourselves to be transported to a higher realm, where the veil between mortal and divine dissolves.

In our pursuit of enlightenment, we must emulate the saints of light, who lead by example. Their dedication to holy exercises serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a deeper connection with the divine. Through prayer, meditation, and acts of kindness, we too can embark on a transformative journey that aligns us with the radiant path walked by these luminous souls.

Though we may stumble along the way, the saints of light remind us that grace and strength are bestowed upon those who seek it. Like flickering candles in the wind, our faith may falter at times, but it is through these struggles that we forge an unbreakable bond with the divine. In our darkest hours, we find solace in the knowledge that the saints of light have traversed similar paths, overcoming adversity with unwavering faith.

Let this hymn be an anthem that resounds not just in the heavens, but within our hearts as well. May its poetic verses inspire us to strive for a connection with the divine that transcends the limitations of mortal existence. As we sing in unison, our voices intertwine, creating a chorus of love and adoration that reaches the very depths of eternity.

Together, let us embrace the radiant light within us, and join the saints of light in their never-ending celestial symphony. With every note we sing, with every prayer we utter, we draw closer to the divine, forging a bond that will endure throughout the ages. Let our voices rise above, shining bright like the saints of light who have come before us, and may our eternal song of praise resound throughout the heavens for all time.


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