All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need – Hymn Lyric

Discover hope and strength in Jesus - "All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need." This hymn explores the depths of our longing for salvation and redemption

All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need – Hymn Lyric

“All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need” is a hymn that beautifully captures the longing for hope and strength found in Jesus. It emphasizes His role as a rock of stability in times of weariness and a source of nourishment amidst life’s desert moments. This hymn reminds us that Jesus offers forgiveness and redemption, satisfying the deepest needs of our sinful souls.


All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need – Hymn Lyric

All that my soul in its sin can need,
All that my faith in its prayer can plead;
Is Jesus to me.

Center of life and soul of my creed,
He is my rock in a weary land,
He is my spring ‘midst the desert sand;
Is Jesus, Jesus.

Strength in my weakness that I may stand,
My only claim for all sin forgiv’n,
Ground for my hope of a home in Heav’n;
Is Jesus to me.

Power through which my chains are all riven,
Bread for the soul when I hunger sore,
Grace for my heart when I thirst for more;
Is Jesus to me.

Sheltering rock when storms ’round me roar
Is Jesus, Jesus.


Meaning of All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need

All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need: Finding Hope and Strength in Jesus

In the depths of our souls lie our deepest needs and desires. As human beings, we often find ourselves seeking fulfillment, purpose, and forgiveness. We yearn for something or someone to guide us through the trials and temptations of life. This hymn, titled “All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need,” beautifully captures the essence of our longing for a savior, a rock to cling to amidst the weariness and storms of life. Let’s explore the profound message conveyed in this hymn and discover the hope and strength that can be found in Jesus.

The verse of this hymn paints a vivid picture of the all-encompassing nature of Jesus’ love and grace. It proclaims that everything the soul could ever need in its sinful state can be found in Him. From the forgiveness of sins to the foundation of hope for a heavenly home, Jesus is the central figure who offers salvation and redemption.

Often, in the face of adversity and struggle, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, as if we are wandering through a weary land. The hymn reminds us that Jesus is like a steadfast rock, a reliable source of strength and stability. Just as a rock provides a solid foundation to stand on, Jesus offers unwavering support in times of trouble. When everything around us seems uncertain and chaotic, His presence can be our anchor, helping us withstand the storms that come our way.

Moreover, the hymn points out that Jesus is like a spring of water in the midst of a desert. In life’s dry and barren moments, when we find ourselves parched and in need of refreshment, Jesus provides the nourishment our souls crave. Just as a spring satisfies our physical thirst, Jesus satisfies our spiritual longing. Through His grace and love, He offers us the living water that can bring us true fulfillment and contentment.

The refrain of the hymn reinforces the message by reiterating the role Jesus plays in our lives. He is our strength when we feel weak, our rock when we face turmoil, and our guide when we are lost. These words remind us that we do not have to face life’s challenges alone. Jesus is there to empower us, protect us, and lead us.

The hymn also emphasizes the idea of sin and forgiveness. It acknowledges that we all fall short and make mistakes. We carry the burden of sin within us, and it is only through Jesus’ sacrifice and grace that we can find forgiveness and reconciliation with God. This acknowledgement is a crucial aspect of our faith journey, as it allows us to humbly approach Jesus, seeking His forgiveness and redemption.

As seventh-grade students, it may seem difficult to grasp the concept of sin and forgiveness fully. However, it is important to understand that sin represents the choices and actions that separate us from God. Recognizing our need for forgiveness and relying on Jesus’ sacrifice allows us to strengthen our relationship with God and experience His love and grace in our lives.

In conclusion, the hymn “All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need” presents a powerful message of hope, strength, and redemption that can be found in Jesus. It reminds us that He is the rock we can lean on when we are weary, the spring that quenches our spiritual thirst, and the source of forgiveness that transforms our lives. The words of this hymn offer a comforting reminder that no matter what struggles we face, Jesus is always there for us, ready to extend His love and grace. So let us embrace this truth and let Jesus be the center of our lives, for in Him, we find all that our souls in their sin could ever need.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover hope and strength in Jesus - All That My Soul In Its Sin Can Need. This hymn explores the depths of our longing for salvation and redemption, finding solace in Jesus as our rock of support and spring of nourishment amidst life's challenges and temptations. Embrace forgiveness and fulfillment in Him.


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