Alone With Jesus Blessed Place – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Bliss of Being Alone With Jesus: A Blessed Place of Divine Companionship. Find solace

Alone With Jesus Blessed Place – Hymn Lyric

“Alone With Jesus: A Blessed Place of Divine Companionship” explores the concept of finding solace and peace in the presence of Jesus. This sacred space offers refuge from the chaos and worries of the world, allowing us to experience the joys of heaven and have intimate conversations with our Savior. By prioritizing our relationship with Jesus and creating an atmosphere of stillness and reflection, we can cultivate this blessed place and allow Jesus to transform our lives.


Alone With Jesus Blessed Place – Hymn Lyric

Alone with Jesus!
blessed place,
Where I behold Him face to face,
And every line of beauty trace,-
Companionship divine.

Alone with Jesus,
while without
Are care and danger,
fear and doubt;
But while with Him,
the world shut out,
The joys of heav’n are mine.

Alone with Jesus,
oh, the bliss
Of holding converse such as this;
All anxious care
I now dismiss,
And all of earth resign.

Alone with Jesus,
oh, how blest!
Close folded to my Saviour’s breast,
Be Thou, dear Lord,
my constant guest,
And keep me wholly Thine.


Meaning of Alone With Jesus Blessed Place

Alone With Jesus: A Blessed Place of Divine Companionship

In our busy and chaotic lives, finding a moment of solitude and peace can feel like a distant dream. But there is a blessed place where we can escape the cares of the world, a place where we can find solace, comfort, and joy. That place is being alone with Jesus.

In the hymn “Alone with Jesus,” the author beautifully captures the essence of this blessed place. It is a place where we behold Jesus face to face, where every line of beauty in His presence is revealed to us. This companionship with Jesus is not just another interaction or relationship; it is a divine communion that brings us immense joy and fulfillment.

When we are alone with Jesus, the outside world fades away. The cares, dangers, fears, and doubts that plague us lose their hold. The distractions that pull us in every direction are silenced, and we are enveloped in the peace and love that only Jesus can provide. It is in this sacred space that the joys of heaven become ours to experience.

What makes being alone with Jesus so special is the intimate conversation we can have with Him. We can pour out our hearts, share our hopes and dreams, and seek guidance and comfort. Jesus listens to us with His compassion and understanding, assuring us that we are not alone in our struggles. In this solitude, we can release our worries and anxieties, knowing that Jesus will take care of us.

As we surrender ourselves to this blessed place, we find that all the cares of this world lose their significance. Anxious thoughts are dismissed, and our earthly concerns pale in comparison to the peace that fills our hearts. In this alone time with Jesus, we learn to let go of the burdens that weigh us down and find rest for our weary souls.

Being alone with Jesus is not just a one-time occurrence; it is an ongoing relationship. The hymn prays that Jesus may be our constant guest. In this divine companionship, we are constantly reminded of God’s unfailing love and presence in our lives. It is an invitation for Jesus to dwell in our hearts, to guide and shape us, to transform us into His likeness.

When we are close folded to our Savior’s breast, we experience a closeness that goes beyond human understanding. Jesus becomes our refuge, our shelter from the storms of life. We find comfort and peace in His embrace, knowing that His love will never fail us. In this sacred space, we become aware of the inner depths of our souls, discovering our true identity as beloved children of God.

This blessed place of being alone with Jesus is not just reserved for a select few; it is open to everyone. Regardless of our background, struggles, or shortcomings, Jesus welcomes us with open arms. He desires to spend time with us, to know us intimately, and to walk alongside us on this journey of life.

But how do we cultivate this blessed place of being alone with Jesus? It starts with making intentional time for Him in our daily lives. Just as we set aside time for our friends and loved ones, we need to prioritize our relationship with Jesus. Whether it’s through prayer, reading the Bible, or meditating on His Word, we can create space to connect with Him.

Additionally, finding a quiet and peaceful environment can enhance our alone time with Jesus. It might be a cozy corner in our homes, a serene spot in nature, or a solemn sanctuary at church. Creating an atmosphere that encourages stillness and reflection can help us tune out the noise of the world and focus on our divine encounter.

Lastly, it is important to approach our alone time with Jesus with an open heart and an attitude of surrender. We must be willing to let go of our own agendas and desires and allow Jesus to lead the way. As we yield ourselves to Him, we will discover His plans and purposes for our lives, aligning ourselves with His perfect will.

In conclusion, being alone with Jesus is a blessed place that transcends the mundane and offers us a taste of heaven on earth. It is a sanctuary where we can behold His beauty, where we can find refuge from the cares of the world, and where we can experience the intimate companionship of our Savior. Let us carve out the time and space to be alone with Jesus, to enter into this divine connection, and allow Him to transform our lives from the inside out.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the Bliss of Being Alone With Jesus: A Blessed Place of Divine Companionship. Find solace, peace, and joy in this intimate conversation with your Savior. Let go of earthly worries and find rest for your weary soul. Open to all, make intentional time and create a peaceful environment for this divine encounter. Surrender and allow Jesus to transform your life.


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