Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment – Hymn Lyric

Experience the awe-inspiring moment when angels in shining raiment broke the seal

Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment – Hymn Lyric



Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment – Hymn Lyric

Angels clothed in shining raiment
Broke the seal and pierced the tomb,
While their faces, like the lightning,
All the shuddering depths illume.

Roman soldiers fly affrighted,
As the tidings they reveal,
Christ is risen, say the angels
Sent of God to break the seal.

Lo! we thank Him for their mission,
As we toward His temples throng,
Bringing forth spring’s fairest blossoms,
Lifting high our noblest song.

Lifting, loving, tender Savior,
While Thy sacrifice we feel,
From these hearts in guilt that languish
Bid Thine angels break the seal.

Roll away the stone forever
From all hearts that lie in gloom,
Bid the blessed light of Heaven
Angel-like their depths illume.

So shall we, redeemed and risen,
In our Father’s presence kneel,
Blessing Him whose white robed angels
Broke for us the earthly seal.


Meaning of Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment

Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment: Breaking the Seal of Darkness

In a time of immense despair and darkness, the angels descended upon the tomb where Jesus Christ was laid to rest. Their radiant presence, adorned in shining raiment, pierced through the gloom and brought forth a divine light that illuminated the depths of our souls. The power and significance of this moment cannot be understated, as it marked the triumph of life over death, and the ultimate sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord.

As the hymn describes, even the Roman soldiers, known for their bravery and strength, were shaken to their core by the presence of these celestial beings. The angels revealed the astonishing news that Christ had risen from the dead, breaking the seal that confined him within the tomb. This extraordinary event changed the course of history forever and gave hope to all humanity.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, we find ourselves filled with gratitude and awe for the angels’ divine mission. Their sacred purpose was to herald the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the embodiment of love and salvation. In response to this immense gift, we come together as a community, gathering in the temples of our hearts to honor and celebrate this miraculous event.

Spring, with its vibrant blossoms and renewed life, serves as a beautiful metaphor for the resurrection and the arrival of hope in our lives. Just as nature awakens after the long winter slumber, our spirits are uplifted by the knowledge that Christ has conquered death and opened the gates to eternal life. In gratitude for this immense act of love, we offer our noblest song and bring forth the symbol of spring – the fairest blossoms – as an offering and gesture of our devotion.

We recognize that our hearts, burdened by the weight of sin and guilt, often languish in darkness and despair. Yet, in the presence of our tender Savior, we find solace and redemption. It is through His sacrifice and resurrection that we are granted the opportunity to rise above our earthly shortcomings and be embraced by His love and forgiveness. We implore our loving Savior to let His angels break the seal that holds us in bondage, liberating us from our guilt and restoring our souls to a state of grace.

The hymn calls upon the Heavenly Father to roll away the stone of darkness that shrouds our hearts, allowing the blessed light of Heaven to illuminate the depths of our being. Just as the angels brought forth divine radiance, we yearn for the light of Christ to dispel any shadows within us, unveiling the beauty and purity that lies within. We believe that only through His grace can we regain our spiritual sight and be guided towards a life of righteousness and love.

By breaking the seal that confined Jesus within the tomb, the angels not only ensured our salvation but also bestowed upon us the incredible privilege of communing with our Heavenly Father. As redeemed souls, we have the profound opportunity to kneel before God’s presence, offering our sincerest blessings and gratitude. It is through the intercession of the angels that we are able to approach our Creator, forever in awe of His boundless love and mercy.

Let us remember and cherish the pivotal role that angels played in the resurrection of Christ. Their divine mission fulfilled the prophecies and promises of old, forever changing the course of human history. We, as believers, are called to embrace their message, to rejoice in the triumph of life over death, and to strive for a life worthy of the sacrifice that was made for us.

In conclusion, the hymn “Angels Clothed In Shining Raiment” serves as a poignant reminder of the awe-inspiring events that unfolded upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The appearance of angels, robed in radiant garments, breaking the earthly seal, heralded the triumph of life over death and granted us the opportunity for eternal salvation. As we reflect on this profound moment, may our hearts be filled with gratitude, and may we strive to live in accordance with the love and sacrifice bestowed upon us. Let us embrace the angels’ message, bringing forth the fairest blossoms of our devotion and allowing the light of Christ to illuminate every aspect of our lives.


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