Constrained By Their Lord To Embark – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort in the unwavering presence and protection of Jesus in life's storms. Discover the powerful example set by the disciples in "Constrained By Their Lord To Embark" hymn.

Constrained By Their Lord To Embark – Hymn Lyric



Constrained By Their Lord To Embark – Hymn Lyric

Constrained by their Lord to embark,
And venture without him to sea.
The season tempestuous and dark,
How grieved the disciples must be!

But though he remain’d on the shore,
He spent the night for them in prayer;
They still were as safe as before,
And equally under his care.

They strove, though in vain, for a while,
The force of the waves to withstand;
But when they were wearied with toil,
They saw their dear Savior at hand;

They gladly received him on board,
His presence their spirits revived;
The sea became calm at his word,
And soon at their port they arrived.

Believers now like them are tossed
By storms, of a perilous deep;
But cannot be possibly lost
While Jesus has charge of the ship:

Though billows and winds are enraged,
And threaten to make them their sport;
This pilot hath firmly engaged
To bring them, in safety to port.

If sometimes we struggle alone,
And he is withdrawn from our view,
It makes us more willing to own
We nothing without him can do:

Then Satan our hopes would assail,
But Jesus is still within call;
And when our poor efforts quite fail,
He comes in good time, and does all.

Yet, Lord, we are ready to shrink,
Unless we thy presence perceive;
O save us (we cry) or we sink,
We would but we cannot believe:

The night has been long, and severe,
The winds and the seas are still high;
Dear Savior, this moment appear,
And say to our souls, “It is I!”


Meaning of Constrained By Their Lord To Embark

Constrained By Their Lord To Embark: The Unwavering Presence and Protection of Jesus

In the midst of life’s tumultuous storms, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and afraid. It is during these times that we must remember the powerful example set by the disciples in the hymn “Constrained By Their Lord To Embark.” Despite the season’s tempestuous darkness and their Lord’s absence aboard their vessel, these disciples found solace in knowing that Jesus was tirelessly praying for them on the shore. This hymn serves as a reminder that, just as the disciples were safely under Jesus’ care, we too can find comfort in the unwavering presence and protection of our Savior in the midst of life’s storms.

As believers, we often face our own perilous deeps and tempests. The challenges and trials we encounter may sometimes feel insurmountable, like raging billows and winds threatening to engulf us. Yet, in these moments of uncertainty and fear, we can take solace in the knowledge that Jesus has charge of the ship. Just as he brought the disciples safely to port, our Savior has firmly engaged to guide us to safety. We may be tossed and turned amidst the waves, but we are assured that we cannot be lost as long as Jesus is at the helm of our lives.

At times, we may find ourselves struggling alone, feeling as though Jesus is withdrawn from our view. These moments of perceived abandonment can make us more aware of our own limitations and insufficiencies. However, it is precisely in these moments that we must cling to our faith and acknowledge that we are nothing without Him. Satan may attempt to assail our hopes and plant seeds of doubt in our minds, but Jesus remains ever-present and ready to answer our desperate calls for help. When our own efforts fail, He comes in the perfect time to accomplish what we cannot.

Dear Lord, we beseech you in moments of doubt and despair. When we cannot see your presence or feel your guiding hand, we cry out for your salvation, as the disciples did in the hymn. The night may seem long and severe, and the winds and seas of our trials may be towering and unrelenting. In these moments, we implore you, dear Savior, to appear and speak to our souls, assuring us that it is indeed you.

Just as the disciples were overjoyed to receive Jesus on board their vessel, we too long for His presence to revive our spirits and bring calm to our troubled hearts. We yearn for His words to still the storms within us and guide us to our safe haven. We acknowledge that it is only through His unwavering presence that we can find true peace and reassurance in the face of life’s uncertainties.

As followers of Christ, our duty lies in placing our trust and faith in Him, just as the disciples did. We must trust that Jesus is with us, even when our circumstances and emotions try to convince us otherwise. It is through this steadfast trust that we find the strength to weather life’s storms and embrace the journey set before us.

In conclusion, “Constrained By Their Lord To Embark” reminds us of the powerful truth that we are never alone in our struggles. Jesus is always present, interceding for us in prayer and making himself known when we need him most. As believers, we can find solace and confidence in knowing that Jesus is guiding the ship of our lives, even when the storms rage and threaten to overwhelm us. We must remember to persevere, clinging to our faith and recognizing that it is in our weakest moments that Jesus shines His light the brightest. So, dear reader, let us embrace our journey with trust and unwavering faith, knowing that our Savior is there, ready to bring us safely to port.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find comfort in the unwavering presence and protection of Jesus in life's storms. Discover the powerful example set by the disciples in Constrained By Their Lord To Embark hymn.


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