From Dutys Straight And Narrow Way – Hymn Lyric

Staying on Duty's Straight and Narrow Way: A Path to Endless Day - Choose the right path in life

From Dutys Straight And Narrow Way – Hymn Lyric



From Dutys Straight And Narrow Way – Hymn Lyric

From duty’s straight and narrow way,
O never turn aside;
It is the path to endless day,
O never turn aside.

O never, never turn aside,
O never, never turn aside;
Be firm for God and truth and right,
And never turn aside.

Tho’ comrades jeer with silly talk,
O never turn aside;
In wisdom’s path it pays to walk,
O never turn aside.


Someone is stepping in your track,
O never turn aside;
From death and ruin keep him back,
O never turn aside.


Life’s prospects fair, why should you blight?
O never turn aside;
Take Christ to be your guide and light,
O never turn aside.


Meaning of From Dutys Straight And Narrow Way

Staying on Duty’s Straight and Narrow Way: A Path to Endless Day


Choosing the right path in life is not always easy, especially when faced with distractions and peer pressure. However, the hymn “From Duty’s Straight and Narrow Way” reminds us of the importance of staying on course and remaining true to our values. In this article, we will explore the timeless wisdom embedded in the hymn’s verses and discuss how its message can guide us through life’s challenges. By remaining steadfast in our commitments and priorities, we can navigate the twists and turns along the way and ultimately find the path to endless day.

Verse 1: Steadfastness in the Face of Temptation

The first verse of the hymn emphasizes the need to stay on duty’s straight and narrow way without turning aside. In a world where peers may jeer and ridicule us for our beliefs, it can be tempting to conform or abandon our principles. However, the hymn reminds us that it is the path to endless day. Just as a straight road leads to a clear destination, staying steadfast in our values will ultimately lead us to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

By choosing to walk in wisdom’s path despite the silly talk of our comrades, we not only preserve our integrity but also reap the benefits of making wise decisions. Wisdom guides us in making choices that are in alignment with our values and long-term goals. It is often the case that what may seem difficult or unpopular at the moment turns out to be the best decision in the long run.

Verse 2: Influencing Others for the Better

The second verse reminds us that our actions can have a profound impact on those around us. When someone is stepping in our tracks, we have a responsibility to be mindful of the path we are treading. Just as we strive to avoid death and ruin, we must also steer others away from harm by setting an example and encouraging them to stay on duty’s straight and narrow way alongside us.

Being a positive influence on those around us can make a significant difference in their lives. Our steadfast commitment to upholding values and doing what is right can inspire others to do the same. By encouraging and supporting one another, we create a community that is anchored in truth and righteousness, as stated in the hymn’s refrain.

Verse 3: The Long-Term Impact of Our Choices

The hymn’s third verse urges us not to blight life’s prospects by turning aside from duty’s straight and narrow way. It reminds us to consider the consequences of our choices and how they will shape our future. When we choose to follow Christ as our guide and light, we are more likely to make decisions that align with our true purpose and bring about positive outcomes.

Choosing to follow Christ means seeking guidance in challenging times, relying on His teachings, and embracing His love and forgiveness. By doing so, we strengthen our moral compass and develop resilience in the face of adversity. This steadfastness enables us to navigate through life’s ups and downs while staying true to our values.


Staying on duty’s straight and narrow way is not always the easiest or most popular choice, but it is the path that leads to endless day. As we reflect on the hymn “From Duty’s Straight and Narrow Way,” we are reminded of the importance of remaining firm in our commitment to God, truth, and righteousness. By resisting peer pressure, influencing others for the better, and considering the long-term impact of our choices, we can navigate life’s challenges and find fulfillment. Let us strive to stay on duty’s path, knowing that it is through this steadfastness that we will ultimately find our way to endless day.


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