Hark The Voice Of Jesus Calling – Hymn Lyric

Hark! The Voice of Jesus Calling: Find rest

Hark The Voice Of Jesus Calling – Hymn Lyric

Hark The Voice Of Jesus Calling: Answering His Call to Find Rest and Salvation In this hymn, Jesus calls out to all who are burdened and weary, offering rest and peace regardless of their guilt or struggles. He extends his hand of salvation to those laden with sin, promising inner peace and forgiveness. The hymn serves as a reminder that life can only be found in Jesus, and his invitation to find rest is always available to us if we are willing to accept it.


Hark The Voice Of Jesus Calling – Hymn Lyric

Hark! the voice of Jesus calling:
Come, ye guilty, come to me;
I have rest and peace to offer,
Rest, thou labouring one, for thee.

Take salvation,
Take it now and happy be.

Yes, though high in heavenly glory,
Still the Saviour calls to thee;
Faith can hear his invitation,
Come, ye laden, come to me,

Take salvation,
Take it now and happy be.

Soon that voice will cease its calling,
Now it speaks, and speaks to thee;
Sinner, heed the gracious message,
To the blood for refuge flee.

Take salvation,
Take it now and happy be.

Life is found alone in Jesus,
Only there ’tis offered thee,
Offered without price or money,
‘Tis the gift of God, sent free.

Take salvation,
Take it now and happy be.


Meaning of Hark The Voice Of Jesus Calling

Hark! The Voice of Jesus Calling: Finding Rest and Salvation

In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of Jesus’ unconditional love and endless invitation to all who are burdened and weary. Through his soothing voice, he calls out to us, offering rest and peace, regardless of our guilt or laborious struggles.

Jesus lovingly beckons us to come to him, extending his hand of salvation. He knows that we are laden with sin and burdened by the weight of our mistakes. Yet, he assures us that he has the power to grant us inner peace and forgiveness.

We can imagine Jesus, sitting high in heavenly glory, reaching out to us, his voice resounding through the heavens. It may seem unbelievable that someone so revered and divine would call out to us individually and personally. But our faith allows us to hear his invitation, to recognize that he desires us to find solace in his arms.

The hymn encourages us not to delay our response to Jesus’ calling. He warns us that the time for his voice to reach us may come to an end. This urgent message serves as a wake-up call for all sinners, urging us to heed Jesus’ gracious words and find refuge in his blood.

As we reflect on these verses, we are reminded that life can only be found in Jesus. He offers us the eternal gift of salvation, and it is through him alone that we can truly find happiness and purpose. It is crucial to understand that this extraordinary gift does not have a price tag attached to it. Jesus offers his salvation freely, without requiring money or any form of payment, because it is a product of God’s boundless love for us.

We must not mistake Jesus’ invitation for a fleeting offer or a momentary trend. His voice has been calling out throughout history, across generations, always extending his loving arms to all who are willing to embrace him. The hymn reminds us that Jesus’ invitation is always available to us; it is up to us to accept it and find true rest and peace.

The concept of finding rest is significant in this hymn. It points to the weariness and exhaustion that we often experience in life. We are called to recognize that our burdens and struggles can only be lifted when we surrender them to Jesus. Through his divine presence and grace, we can find solace and comfort amidst life’s storms.

Finding rest in Jesus goes far beyond physical fatigue. It refers to finding spiritual rest, a deep inner peace that transcends our circumstances. Jesus invites us to let go of our worries, anxieties, and guilt, knowing that he carries the weight of our sins and burdens. In him, we can find true rest for our souls.

As we ponder on the lyrics of this hymn, it is essential to remember that Jesus’ call extends to all people, regardless of their past or present circumstances. It does not matter how great our sins or how extensive our struggles may be. Jesus’ love and invitation are all-encompassing, reaching out to every broken heart and weary soul.

The hymn serves as a gentle reminder that Jesus is always waiting for us, ready to welcome us with open arms. It encourages us to respond to his call, to accept his salvation, and to experience the true happiness and peace that only he can provide.

Let us not delay any longer; let us accept his invitation to find rest in him. Today, we have the opportunity to embrace the gift of salvation, to lay down our burdens at the feet of Jesus, and to experience the transformative power of his love.

As we sing these verses and let their timeless message resonate within us, may we find the courage to answer Jesus’ call. May we find rest and peace in his arms, knowing that we are eternally loved and cherished by him. And as we do so, may we also extend his invitation to others, sharing the good news of salvation and the hope that comes through accepting Jesus’ calling.

Hark! The voice of Jesus is calling to you. Will you answer? Will you embrace his offer of rest, salvation, and happiness? May this hymn inspire us all to respond affirmatively and find solace in the arms of our Savior.


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