Honor The Great Creator – Hymn Lyric

Discover the hymn "Honor The Great Creator" and find gratitude amidst the chaos. Worship the gracious Father and honor nature's beauty. Enter His heavenly kingdom and find joy above.

Honor The Great Creator – Hymn Lyric



Honor The Great Creator – Hymn Lyric

Honor the great Creator,
Now in this glorious time!
Hark! from the sea and forest
Rises a chant sublime:
“Glory to God the Giver!”
List to the chorus grand!
While from his holy gospel
Breathes forth the sweet command:

Enter my heav’nly kingdom,
Child of my tender love;
Growing on earth for heaven,
Meet for the home above.

Worship the gracious Father,
Giver of golden days!
While all the voice of nature
Echoes his worthy praise.

He who hath giv’n the glory,
Beauty of earth and sky,
Loves us,-O blessed story!
Speaks to us from on high.

Praise for our souls’ redemption,
Higher the tribute raise!
Bright is the earthly season,
Brighter the heav’nly days.

What shall our voices render
For all his love doth give?
Gladly we own his mandate,
Gladly for him we live.


Meaning of Honor The Great Creator

In today’s bustling world, it can be easy to lose sight of the wonders that surround us. We are often caught up in the rush of everyday life, consumed by our own thoughts and concerns. But amidst the chaos, there is a gentle reminder that calls us back to a place of gratitude and reverence. That reminder comes in the form of a hymn called “Honor The Great Creator.”

As the hymn begins, we are beckoned to honor the great Creator during this glorious time. It is a call to acknowledge the beauty and magnificence of the world around us. Imagine standing by the sea or in the heart of a forest, where the sights and sounds are awe-inspiring. The hymn tells us to listen closely, for from these natural wonders rises a chant that is both sublime and grand. It is a chorus that echoes throughout creation, proclaiming “Glory to God the Giver!”

Embedded within this hymn is a profound message – that all of nature is a testament to God’s love and generosity. The beauty of the earth and sky, the grandeur of the sea and forest, all speak to us of a Creator who loves us with an everlasting love. What a blessed story it is that God chose to reveal Himself through the wonders of the world!

As we reflect on this hymn, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude towards the gracious Father. It is He who gives us golden days, adorning our lives with moments of joy and beauty. From the vibrant colors of a sunset to the gentle caress of a breeze, every aspect of nature is a gift from God. And in response, we are called to worship Him, to offer our praise as the voice of nature echoes His worthy name.

But the hymn doesn’t stop at simply appreciating the earthly blessings bestowed upon us. It raises our gaze to something higher, something more profound. We are reminded of our souls’ redemption, of the ultimate sacrifice made on our behalf. It is a tribute that surpasses any earthly measure, for it is the gift of eternal life.

In this earthly season, where the days are filled with brightness and joy, we are reminded that there is something even brighter awaiting us in heaven. The hymn paints a picture of heavenly days that surpass anything we can experience on this earth. It is a glimpse of a future home that is filled with love, peace, and joy beyond measure.

And so, we are left pondering the question – what can we offer in response to all that God has given us? The hymn calls us to render our voices in praise, to acknowledge the blessings that flow from His hand. It is a call that we gladly accept, for it is in living for Him that we find true meaning and purpose.

As we conclude this exploration of the hymn “Honor The Great Creator,” let us remember the power of gratitude and worship. Let us strive to honor God not just in words, but in our actions and choices. Let us be mindful of the beauty that surrounds us, knowing that every sunset, every bird’s song, and every gentle breeze is a testament to His love.

May we grow on earth, not just for the pleasures it offers, but for the home above. May we embrace the sweet command that God has breathed forth from His holy gospel. And may we, as children of His tender love, enter His heavenly kingdom, where we will forever honor and worship the great Creator.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the hymn Honor The Great Creator and find gratitude amidst the chaos. Worship the gracious Father and honor nature's beauty. Enter His heavenly kingdom and find joy above.


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