Looking Unto Jesus For Sustaining Grace – Hymn Lyric

Looking Unto Jesus For Sustaining Grace: Find strength

Looking Unto Jesus For Sustaining Grace – Hymn Lyric



Looking Unto Jesus For Sustaining Grace – Hymn Lyric

Looking unto Jesus, for sustaining grace,
That I may with “patience,” run the heavenly race;
Looking unto Jesus, when I’m weak or strong,
Looking unto Jesus, I am helped along.

Looking unto Jesus, looking every day,
I have proved that Jesus is the life, the truth, the way;
Looking unto Jesus, I can never fall,
Jesus is my Saviour, and my all in all.

Looking unto Jesus, I can always see
Jesus with approving smile looking down on me;
Looking unto Jesus, I can run straight on,
Looking unto Jesus, all my fears are gone. [Refrain]

Looking unto Jesus, oh, delightful sight,
Jesus turns my darkness into heavenly light;
Looking unto Jesus, through the stormy skies,
Jesus gilds with glory all the clouds that rise. [Refrain]

Looking unto Jesus, till the hour shall come,
When he sends his angels down to take me home;
Looking unto Jesus, till his face I see,
In his unvailed glory, through eternity.

Meaning of Looking Unto Jesus For Sustaining Grace

Looking Unto Jesus for Sustaining Grace: Finding Strength in Faith

In life, we often encounter obstacles, challenges, and hardships that can make us feel weak and overwhelmed. It is during these difficult times that we need something or someone to support us and give us the strength to carry on. As the hymn suggests, one powerful source of sustenance and support is found in looking unto Jesus.

The concept of “looking unto Jesus” implies placing our focus and trust on Him, seeking His guidance, and relying on His grace to sustain us. Jesus, known as the life, the truth, and the way, offers comfort and strength to those who turn to Him. By looking unto Jesus, we are reminded of His loving presence and how He can transform our lives.

One of the remarkable traits of Jesus is His ability to provide us with patience. In the hymn, it states that by looking unto Jesus, we can run the heavenly race with patience. Patience is an essential quality that allows us to persevere in the face of challenges and difficulties. It is through our faith in Jesus and His sustaining grace that we can find the patience to endure and overcome any obstacles that come our way.

When we feel weak or strong, looking unto Jesus can be a source of strength. Jesus offers solace and support to us, regardless of our emotional or physical state. By turning to Him, we acknowledge that we don’t have to face our struggles alone – Jesus is there to provide the strength and help we need. This assurance can be immensely comforting, knowing that we have a constant companion in our journey through life.

Looking unto Jesus also means seeking His approval and guidance. In the hymn, it mentions how Jesus looks down on us with an approving smile. This imagery reminds us that by keeping our focus on Jesus, we can live in a way that pleases Him. Occasionally, we may feel uncertain or discouraged about our choices and actions. However, by looking unto Jesus, we can find reassurance and confidence that we are on the right path, guided by His wisdom and grace.

Furthermore, looking unto Jesus has the power to alleviate our fears. Fear often paralyzes us, preventing us from taking action or moving forward. But when we shift our focus to Jesus, our fears diminish, and we gain courage and strength. The hymn suggests that when we look unto Jesus, all our fears are gone. By understanding that Jesus is there to support and protect us, we can face our fears head-on without succumbing to their control.

Just as Jesus turns our darkness into heavenly light, looking unto Him can illuminate our lives. When we encounter storms, challenges, or difficulties, it is easy to feel lost and disheartened. However, by keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus, we can find hope and light amidst the darkness. He has the power to transform our circumstances and bring forth glory, even in the midst of tribulations.

As we journey through life, looking unto Jesus becomes even more significant. The hymn reminds us that by focusing on Jesus, we anticipate the day when His angels will come to take us home. This eternal hope, the ultimate reward for our faith, serves as a driving force and encourages us to persevere until the end. By looking unto Jesus, we keep our eyes fixed on the glorious moment when we will see His face and bask in His unvailed glory for all eternity.

In conclusion, looking unto Jesus for sustaining grace can provide us with strength, patience, approval, courage, and hope. By placing our trust in Him, we can overcome any challenges that come our way. Our faith in Jesus enables us to experience His love and guidance, transforming our lives and empowering us to live with purpose and joy. Let us then continue to look unto Jesus every day, for He is the life, the truth, and the way.


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