Hope Of The Righteous – Hymn Lyric

Find hope in the promise of righteousness and the eternal bliss of heaven. Trust in God's guidance and strive to live a pure and holy life to reach your ultimate goal. "Hope of The Righteous" offers solace and comfort

Hope Of The Righteous – Hymn Lyric



Hope Of The Righteous – Hymn Lyric

Beyond this world of toil and care,
Beyond this veil of gloom;
There is a land, a happy land,
A place we call our home.

Oh, yes, we’ll trust Him while we live!
We’ll trust Him when we die;
And then when all our work is done,
We’ll reign with Him on high.

Oh, what a blessed hope is this,
An anchor to the soul;
And if we do our Savior’s will,
We’ll safely reach the goal.

God says, Ye must be born again”;
To us this truth is giv’n;
And if we do not His commands,
We shall not enter heav’n.

To enter heav’n we must be pure
And holy in His sight;
And every day we surely must
Be walking in the light.

We’ll pray for God to keep our feet
Upon the Corner Stone;
We’ll give our hearts and lives to Him,
For we are not our own.


Meaning of Hope Of The Righteous

The hymn we have shared today brings us to a land of contemplation and deep meaning. Titled “Hope of The Righteous,” it navigates through the course of human life and aftermath, laden with faith in our Savior and almighty God.

The hymn begins by portraying a world impacted by toil and care, and veiled in gloom. Many of us can relate to this feeling. Occasionally in our lives, we stumble upon periods of turmoil or sadness, when the world seems a bit overshadowed with worries or challenges. However, the hymn gently reminds us that beyond this world of difficulties, there exists a land free from sorrows and hardship. It refers to it as a ‘happy land,’ a place we often envision as our final home, eternally peaceful and full of happiness. This is an inspiring portrayal of the heavenly kingdom, as revealed in many scriptures and teachings.

The hymn prompts us to put our trust in God while we are alive and even in our departure from this earthly realm. It enlightens us with the belief that once our worldly duties and responsibilities are completed, we will join our Lord in His heavenly kingdom, reigning with Him on high. This declaration brings us comfort and solace, lifting our spirits with a sacred promise of an eternal bliss-filled life beyond our mortal existence.

The hymn lyrically defines this promise as a ‘blessed hope’—an anchor to our souls, keeping us grounded in faith and piety. It stipulates that by abiding by our Savior’s will, we can reach our ultimate goal, heaven, unharmed and victorious. In this faith journey, righteousness and obedience play a significant role.

God’s command, as mentioned in this spiritual song, calls us towards regeneration, “Ye must be born again.” It indicates a profound spiritual awakening and transformation required to enter the divine kingdom of Heaven. It is an encouragement to replace our former imperfect selves and cycles of sinfulness with virtuous deeds and thoughts, tones and attitudes, aligning them with God’s perfect will. Disobeying His commandments could risk our entry into heaven, a warning echoing in this spiritual verse.

The hymn beautifully lays out the criteria to enter into God’s kingdom—we must be pure and holy in His sight. These words urge us to cleanse ourselves of our sins and strive to lead a life that is in sync with the teachings of the Savior. It infuses in us a desire to walk in the light of righteousness every day and seek His divine guidance constantly.

It is not enough to believe and trust in God alone; our actions and behavior should reflect the same. We are asked to pray for God’s guidance to keep us from stumbling, to keep our feet firmly planted on our faith, akin to a strong Cornerstone supporting a mighty structure. We are encouraged to surrender our hearts and lives to Him, with the acknowledgment that we are His creations and therefore not our own.

“Hope Of The Righteous” is a calming reassurance for those weathering a life storm or encumbered by worldly sorrows. It emphasizes trust in the intimate relationship between God and His faithful followers. It embodies the scripture’s teachings on righteousness, obedience, holiness, and transformation needed for a spiritual journey leading to heaven, our eternal home. In a world framed by despair and uncertainties, the hymn stands as a beacon of hope, comfort, and divine reassurance for those who place their unwavering faith in God and aspire to live a life according to His will.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find hope in the promise of righteousness and the eternal bliss of heaven. Trust in God's guidance and strive to live a pure and holy life to reach your ultimate goal. Hope of The Righteous offers solace and comfort, reminding us of the divine love and assurance in times of toil and care.


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