I Am Calling To You O Lord – Hymn Lyric

Seeking strength and protection in prayer. Discover the power of reaching out to God for help and finding hope in His presence. Find solace and reassurance in "I Am Calling To You O Lord."

I Am Calling To You O Lord – Hymn Lyric

“I Am Calling To You O Lord: Seeking Strength and Protection in Prayer” is a beautiful hymn that reminds us to turn to prayer in times of trouble and uncertainty. Through heartfelt words and imagery, the hymn encourages us to seek God’s help and find hope in His presence. It emphasizes the importance of surrendering to God, guarding our speech, choosing our companions wisely, and relying on the power of prayer for strength, protection, and justice.


I Am Calling To You O Lord – Hymn Lyric

O let my prayer rise before you,
like incense in your sight.
I am calling to you, O Lord, make haste to help me,
listen to my voice as I cry to you for help.

My prayer rises as incense before you,
my hands are raised like an evening offering.

Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord,
your watchman at the gateway of my lips.

Keep watch over my heart lest I turn to wrong,
guard my steps, lest I should turn to evil ways.

Keep me from the company of those who rejoice in evil,
preferring instead the correction of someone good.

Better the blows of the good than the compliments of the wicked,
daily, I counter their malice and pride with prayer.

When you break the pow’r of darkness,
then shall all take delight in your words.

Let your words be a warning against injustice,
the bones of the wicked are scattered as the dust.

Lord, my God, I turn my eyes to you alone,
you are my shelter, keep me in your protection.

Keep me from the snares laid to catch the sinner,
keep me from falling into the hands of the unjust.

Let the wicked fall into the traps laid before them,
but guide my steps, that I may go safely on my way.


Meaning of I Am Calling To You O Lord

I Am Calling To You O Lord: Seeking Strength and Protection in Prayer

In times of trouble and uncertainty, there is one place we can always turn to find solace and reassurance – prayer. The hymn “I Am Calling To You O Lord” beautifully captures the essence of reaching out to God, seeking His help, and finding hope in His presence. Through the heartfelt words of this hymn, we are reminded of the power of prayer and the importance of staying connected with our Creator.

The opening verse of the hymn sets the tone for our conversation with God. The imagery of our prayers rising like incense before Him highlights the deep longing and sincerity within our hearts. Just as incense spreads its fragrance and wafts toward the heavens, our prayers rise up to reach God’s attentive ear. We are encouraged to call upon the Lord, trusting that He will hasten to help us and listen to our cries for assistance.

As we continue to sing, the hymn draws our attention to the physical aspect of prayer. We raise our hands like an evening offering, symbolizing our surrender and submission to God’s will. This gesture reminds us that prayer is not only a mental activity but also a physical expression of our faith and dependence on God. Our outstretched hands signify our desire to connect with Him and receive His blessings.

Furthermore, the hymn highlights the importance of guarding our speech and thoughts. Just as a watchman stands at the gateway, we must be mindful of the words that come out of our mouths and the condition of our hearts. Our prayer should not only seek God’s protection against external evils but also ask Him to keep our hearts pure and our actions aligned with His righteous ways. By doing so, we can avoid turning to wrong and be guided toward goodness.

The hymn provides wise counsel on choosing our companions wisely. It urges us to distance ourselves from those who rejoice in evil and instead seek the correction and guidance of someone good. This verse encourages us to surround ourselves with people who uplift and inspire us, rather than individuals who lead us astray. Choosing the right company is crucial for our spiritual growth and moral development.

The hymn also addresses the challenges we may encounter when living a righteous life. It reminds us that the blows of the good, in the form of correction and discipline, are far better than the empty compliments of the wicked. This verse acknowledges that it may not always be easy to do what is right, as we face the malice and pride of others. However, the hymn encourages us to counter such negativity with prayer, relying on the power of God to triumph over darkness.

Central to our prayers is also the desire for justice and righteousness. The hymn highlights the significance of speaking out against injustice and standing firmly against wrongdoing. We are reminded that God’s words act as a warning against injustice, and ultimately, the wicked will face the consequences of their actions. The analogy of their bones being scattered as dust implies their complete downfall and defeat.

Amidst all the challenges and dangers we may encounter, the hymn reminds us to turn our eyes to the Lord alone. He is our ultimate shelter and refuge, offering protection and guidance. When we face snares set before us, whether through temptation or the hands of the unjust, we can trust that God will keep us from falling. He walks with us, guiding our every step and ensuring our safe passage.

In conclusion, the timeless hymn “I Am Calling To You O Lord” encompasses various essential aspects of prayer. It highlights the urgency and sincerity with which we should approach God, seeking His help and guidance in times of need. It reminds us to surrender ourselves wholeheartedly to Him, raising our hands in submission and openness to His will. Furthermore, the hymn emphasizes the importance of guarding our speech, selecting our companions wisely, and staying grounded in faith when faced with adversity.

Above all, the hymn instills in us the hope and confidence that, through prayer, we can find strength, protection, and justice. It reassures us that God is always there to listen to our pleas and to guide us on our journey. Let us, therefore, hold on to the powerful message of this hymn and continue to call upon the Lord, knowing that He is ever ready to lend His ear and answer our prayers.


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