I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me – Hymn Lyric

Discover the transformative power of Jesus in my life as I recall the day He saved me. Experience forgiveness

I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me – Hymn Lyric

“I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me” is a heartfelt reflection on a life-changing moment when Jesus offered forgiveness, comfort, and made the narrator’s life whole. From that day forward, their faith grew stronger, and their path became brighter. This powerful encounter with Jesus filled their life with joy, hope, and the knowledge that their journey will continue to shine brighter every day.


I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me – Hymn Lyric

I can ne’er forget the day when Jesus saved me,
Speaking pardon to my guilty, sin-sick soul,
Or the blessed words of comfort there He gave me,
“Go in peace, thy faith hath sav’d and made thee whole.”

Growing brighter ev’ry day,
Growing better all the way,
Let the hallelujahs roll,
Jesus sweetly saves my soul,
And my way is growing brighter ev’ry day.

What He gave me in that hour was but a foretaste
Of the fulness of His blessing yet in store,
And the sunlight of His presence groweth brighter,
Day by day His grace aboundeth more and more. [Refrain]

In His pastures green and large I’m ever feeding,
And my thirst is quench’d where living waters flow,
While from “grace to grace” the Spirit still is leading,
And from “glory unto glory” here below. [Refrain]

I am resting on the wonderful assurance
While so crowned with glory is my pilgrim way,
“That the pathway of the just still brighter groweth,
Shining more and more unto the perfect day. [Refrain]    

Meaning of I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me

I Can Never Forget The Day When Jesus Saved Me

There are moments in our lives that we can never forget, moments that shape us and fill our hearts with joy. One of these moments for me was the day when Jesus saved me. It was a day filled with pardon, comfort, and the amazing feeling of being made whole.

I remember that day so vividly. My soul was burdened with guilt and overcome by the sickness of sin. It felt like there was no way out, like I was trapped in a never-ending cycle of darkness. But then, at that precise moment, Jesus came into my life. He spoke pardon directly to my soul, offering me forgiveness and freedom from the chains that bound me.

His words of comfort were like a balm to my wounded spirit. He reassured me that I could go in peace, for my faith had saved me and made me whole. In that instant, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The burdens of the past were replaced with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

From that day forward, my life started to change. It was as if a light was turned on inside me, growing brighter with every passing day. Jesus sweetly saved my soul, and His presence illuminated my path. The hallelujahs began to roll from my lips, for I couldn’t contain the overwhelming joy within.

What Jesus gave me in that moment was just a taste of the blessings He had in store for me. His grace and love were endless, and day by day, I witnessed the sunlight of His presence grow brighter in my life. With each passing day, His grace abounded more and more, filling every corner of my heart.

I found myself in the green pastures of His love, where I was nourished and sustained. My thirst was quenched by the living waters that flowed from His unending well of grace. I realized that in this journey with Jesus, He was constantly leading me from “grace to grace,” guiding me from one level of His love and goodness to the next.

Each step I took with Him was a step closer to glory. It was a journey from “glory unto glory” here on earth, experiencing His presence and love in ever-increasing measures. I couldn’t help but be amazed at this marvelous unfolding of His plan for my life.

Resting on the assurance of His promises, I embarked on this pilgrim way with a heart filled with joy and peace. The pathway of the just, I learned, grows brighter and brighter. As I followed Jesus, I realized that His light was shining more and more into my life. The darkness of the past was replaced by the radiant glow of His love and truth.

With every passing day, my faith in Him grew stronger, and my way became even brighter. I was held in His embrace, knowing that He was leading me towards the perfect day. That day when everything will be made right, and I will dwell in His glorious presence forever.

So, I will never forget the day when Jesus saved me. It was a day of transformation, forgiveness, and love. It was the day that ignited a flame within me, a flame that burns brighter with each passing day. I am grateful for His saving grace and the journey He has taken me on. My life is forever changed, and I am filled with hope, joy, and the knowledge that my way will continue to grow brighter every day.


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