I Know My God And I Rejoice – Hymn Lyric

Discovering Joy in God's Plan | Trusting God's Will | Embracing Divine Guidance - I Know My God And I Rejoice

I Know My God And I Rejoice – Hymn Lyric



I Know My God And I Rejoice – Hymn Lyric

I know, my God, and I rejoice
That on Thy righteous will and choice
All human works and schemes must rest;
Success and blessing are of Thee,
What Thou shalt send is surely best!

It stands not in the power of man
To bring to pass the wisest plan
So surely that it cannot fail;
Thy counsel, Highest, must ensure
That our poor wisdom shall avail.

A man oft thinks within his breast
That lot for him were surely best,
This, that his Father may ordain,
Were hurtful;–yet, behold, it proves
This is his blessing, that his bane.

Then, O my Father, hear my cry,
Grant me true judgment from on high,
On my own will I would not build;
Be Thou my Friend and Counsellor,
So what is best shall be fulfilled.

And if this work be Thine, oh bless
Our poor weak efforts with success;
If not, deny it, change our mind,–
Whate’er Thou workest not will soon
Disperse like sand before the wind.

Grant us what is our truest good,
And not what pleases flesh and blood;
Our inmost spirits do Thou prove,
Our highest aim, our best delight,
Shall be Thy glory and Thy love.


Meaning of I Know My God And I Rejoice

I Know My God And I Rejoice: Finding Joy in God’s Plan for Us

In life, we often strive to achieve our goals and dreams. We make plans, work hard, and hope for success and blessings. However, it is important to remember that our human efforts alone cannot guarantee the fulfillment of our desires. We must acknowledge that ultimately, it is God’s righteous will and choice that determines the outcome of our endeavors.

Sometimes, we may think that we know what is best for ourselves. We believe that a particular path or circumstance would bring us the greatest happiness and fulfillment. Yet, we often fail to realize that our own limited wisdom cannot compare to the perfect counsel of our Heavenly Father. What we perceive as good for us may actually be harmful, while what we may consider as harmful or challenging could be a blessing in disguise.

Dear God, I humbly ask for your guidance and discernment. Help me understand that it is not my will that should shape my destiny, but yours. Be my constant companion, my trusted friend, and my wise counselor. I acknowledge that only through following your lead, can I truly find what is best for my life.

Sometimes, we embark on projects or ventures with great enthusiasm and hope for success. We pour our hearts and souls into our endeavors, believing that they will bear fruit. And while it is important to put in our utmost effort, we must also remember that the outcome is ultimately in God’s hands. If our work aligns with His divine plan, it will be blessed with success. However, if it does not align with His will, He may guide us in a different direction or lead us to reevaluate our ideas.

Oh Lord, if this is the work you have ordained for us, please grant us success. Bless our feeble efforts and let them bear fruit for your glory. But if this endeavor is not aligned with your divine plan, please open our hearts and minds to see the truth. Help us accept that what you do not ordain will ultimately dissipate, like sand before the wind. Encourage us to trust in your wisdom and submit to your ultimate purpose for our lives.

As we seek what is best for ourselves, we must remember that true happiness does not come from pleasing our flesh and blood. External pleasures and material possessions may bring temporary joy, but they cannot truly satisfy the depths of our souls. Our truest good lies in aligning our spirits with God’s will. It lies in seeking His glory and His love above all else.

Dear Father, please reveal to us our truest good. Help us recognize what truly matters in this life and let go of the desires of our flesh. Test and purify our spirits so that our highest aim and greatest delight may be found in You. May our lives be a testament to your grace and mercy. And may our every thought, word, and deed be guided by your love.

In conclusion, the hymn “I Know My God And I Rejoice” reminds us to trust in God’s righteous will and choice for our lives. Our own plans and efforts may fall short, but in surrendering to His guidance, we can find true joy and fulfillment. Let us embrace the wisdom and love of our Heavenly Father, knowing that His counsel will ensure our ultimate good.


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