With All My Heart Eternal God – Hymn Lyric

Celebrate and praise God with all your heart in the hymn "With All My Heart Eternal God." This heartfelt song expresses gratitude and trust in God's wondrous works

With All My Heart Eternal God – Hymn Lyric



With All My Heart Eternal God – Hymn Lyric

With all my heart, eternal God,
I’ll celebrate thy praise;
I’ll shew forth all thy wondrous works,
Of judgment, and of grace.

With gladness I will tune my song;
In thee I will rejoice’
O thou Most-high! praise to thy name,
I’ll sing with cheerful voice.

When thou shalt rout my haughty foes,
And put their troops to flight;
With terror, at thy presence struck
They fall, and perish quite.

For thou my right had still maintained,
And made my cause thine own;
In righteousness thou judged hast,
From thine imperial throne.

The heathen thou hast sure rebuked,
And laid the wicked waste;
Thou hast cast out their name as vile,
Them evermore disgraced.

O thou proud foe, thy wasting power
To utter end is brought!
Their cities thou hast overthrown,
Their name is quite forgot.

But God, the Lord, for evermore,
Remains the living One;
Who, from of old, for judgment hath
Prepared his royal throne.

And he, the nations of the earth,
Shall judge in righteousness;
Unbiased judgment he shall give
To greater, and the less.

The Lord will prove a sure defense
To them that are oppressed;
And when distressing times prevail,
His refuge yields them rest.

Therefore, all they that know thy name,
Their trust in thee will place:
For thou, Lord, ne’er forsakest those,
Who humbly seek thy face.

Second Part

Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells
In Zion, his chief care;
The many wonders he hath done,
To all the world declare.

When he, for flood, inquiry makes,
His vengeance speedy flies;
The meek oppressed he’ll not forget,
But hear their humble cries.

Have mercy on me, Lord, and weigh
The troubles which I bear,
From envious foes; O thou who dost
From gates of death me rear.

That I, amidst assembled crowds,
May show forth all thy praise,
In Zion’s gates; and shouts of joy,
In thy salvation raise.

Down in the pit the heathen sink,
Which they themselves have made;
Their own foot’s taken in the net,
Which guilefully they laid.

Thus, by the judgments he deals forth,
Jehovah is made known!
While impious men are justly snared,
In works that, are their own.

The wicked shall, at length, be turned
Down to a painful hell;
There all the nations of the earth,
That God forget, shall dwell.

The humble shall not be forgot,
And fruitlessly complain;
Nor shall the poor oppressed man’s hope
Forever be in vain.

Rise, Lord, and let not wicked men
Prevail against my right;
O, let the heathen world be judged,
In thine all-piercing sight.

O Lord, with terrors strike their minds,
Fill them with dread of thee;
That they’re but feeble, mortal, men,
The nations all may see.


Meaning of With All My Heart Eternal God

With All My Heart Eternal God: A Song of Praise and Trust

In this heartfelt hymn, the author expresses their deep devotion and gratitude towards God. They declare their intention to celebrate and proclaim the wondrous works of God, both in His judgments and His grace. With a joyful heart, they tune their voices to sing praises to the Most High.

The hymn highlights the power of God in defeating the haughty foes of the singer. When faced with the presence of God, their enemies are struck with terror and perish. This exemplifies the righteousness and protection of God, who always stands by His people and champions their cause.

The author further praises God for rebuking the heathen and laying waste to the wicked. These enemies are cast out, their names disgraced and forgotten. The proud foe’s power is brought to an end, and their cities are overthrown. God, on the other hand, stands forever as the living One, preparing His royal throne for judgment.

The hymn assures its listeners that God will judge the nations, offering unbiased judgment to all, regardless of their status. He will be a sure defense and a refuge for the oppressed, providing them with rest during distressing times. This message of hope resonates with all who seek solace and protection in the face of adversity.

The second part of the hymn focuses on the praises sung to the Lord, who dwells in Zion. The author encourages others to declare the many wonders God has done to the world. They emphasize God’s swift vengeance upon those who harm the meek and oppressed, illustrating His mercy and attentiveness to their cries.

The author calls upon the Lord to have mercy and consider the troubles they bear, caused by envious foes. They acknowledge that God is the one who raises them from the gates of death and provides salvation. It is in the midst of assembled crowds that they desire to show forth God’s praise and raise shouts of joy for His salvation.

The hymn draws attention to the downfall of the wicked, who sink into a painful hell of their own making. Meanwhile, the humble and the poor are not forgotten by God. Their hope and cries for justice will not be in vain. The Lord is called upon to judge the wicked, so that all nations may witness His power and recognize their own feeble mortality.

In “With All My Heart Eternal God,” the message of praise and trust in God’s righteousness and protection is proclaimed. The hymn urges listeners to place their trust in the Lord and seek His face, for He never forsakes those who humbly seek Him. It speaks of God’s unwavering love for His people, providing refuge and deliverance in times of distress.

As readers immerse themselves in the words of this hymn, they are reminded of the eternal nature of God and His power to defeat their adversaries. They are encouraged to join in expressing gratitude, singing praises, and finding solace in God’s faithful and just character.

So let us carry these words within our hearts, and in times of joy and sorrow, may we remember to give thanks and trust in the eternal God who hears our prayers and guides our paths. With all our hearts, let us celebrate His wondrous works and rejoice in His never-ending love.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Celebrate and praise God with all your heart in the hymn With All My Heart Eternal God. This heartfelt song expresses gratitude and trust in God's wondrous works, His judgments, and His grace. It highlights His power in defeating enemies, rebuking the wicked, and providing refuge to the oppressed. Place your trust in the eternal God who never forsakes His humble seekers and find solace in His unwavering love. Sing praises to the Most High and rejoice in His salvation.


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