In The Holy Christian Warfare – Hymn Lyric

In The Holy Christian Warfare: Overcoming in His Name

In The Holy Christian Warfare – Hymn Lyric



In The Holy Christian Warfare – Hymn Lyric

In the holy Christian warfare,
We the help of Christ may claim;
And through grace divine may conquer,
Overcoming in His name.

Overcoming in His name,
Overcoming in His name;
Praise the Lord! we shall be victors,
Overcoming in His Name.

Tho’ the foes we meet be many,
Surely we have naught to fear,
Trusting in the “Friend of sinners,”
Who is ever, ever near.


Let us never grow faint-hearted,
Or in weakness yield to strife;
But be loyal to our Leader,
And obtain the crown of life.


To each soul that overcometh,
Heaven’s fadeless palms belong;
When beyond all sounds of conflict,
Swell the victor’s glad new song.


Meaning of In The Holy Christian Warfare

In The Holy Christian Warfare: Overcoming in His Name

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves faced with various challenges and obstacles. These challenges may come in different forms – whether it be personal struggles, temptations, or the opposition from others. However, as Christians, we are not alone in this battle. We have the help of Christ, who enables us to claim victory in the holy Christian warfare.

Through the grace divine, we can conquer whatever comes our way. God’s grace is His unmerited favor bestowed upon us, freely given and not earned. It is through His grace that we are empowered to overcome not by our own strength, but through the strength and guidance of Jesus Christ. With His help, we can face any challenge with confidence and trust in His unfailing love.

The refrain of this hymn reminds us of the power and assurance we have in Christ. It affirms that we shall be victors in His name, praising the Lord for His faithfulness. This refrains serves as a reminder that victory is not dependent on our own abilities or circumstances, but on the power and faithfulness of our Savior.

Regardless of the many foes we encounter in our lives, we have nothing to fear. This does not mean that the battles we face will be without difficulty or opposition. However, as children of God, we can rest assured knowing that we serve the “Friend of sinners” who is always near. Jesus is our constant companion, offering His guidance, strength, and comfort every step of the way. With Him by our side, we can walk through any battlefield with courage and determination.

In the midst of the Christian warfare, it’s essential that we never grow faint-hearted. It’s easy to become discouraged or weary when faced with constant challenges and setbacks. However, we are called to remain steadfast and to not give in to weakness or strife. Instead, we are urged to be loyal to our Leader, Jesus Christ.

Remaining loyal to Jesus means staying true to His teachings and following His example. It means seeking His guidance and strength when faced with difficult decisions or temptations. By doing so, we can obtain the crown of life promised to those who persevere in their faith. This crown represents the ultimate reward and eternal life in the presence of God.

This hymn reminds us that victory is not only possible, but certain for those who overcome. It speaks of the fadeless palms that belong to each soul that conquers. In biblical times, palms were a symbol of triumph and victory. They were given to champions who emerged victorious in battles or contests. The hymn takes this imagery and applies it to the spiritual battle we face as Christians.

As we press forward in our journey, it is essential to remember that our struggles and conflicts are not eternal. There will come a time when the sounds of conflict will cease, and the victor’s glad new song will resound. This is referring to the ultimate victory we will experience when we pass from this earthly life into eternity with Jesus. In that glorious moment, all our struggles will fade away, and we will join in the triumphant song of everlasting joy.

In conclusion, the hymn “In The Holy Christian Warfare” serves as a reminder of the power and assurance we have in Christ. It encourages us to trust in His grace, remain loyal to Him, and press on in the battle against sin and temptation. Through His strength and guidance, we are able to overcome whatever challenges we face, ultimately claiming victory in His name. May we hold onto this truth as we journey through life, knowing that our ultimate reward awaits us in the presence of our loving Savior.


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