I’ve A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Power of Friendship with Jesus - "I've A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed" Hymn highlights the loving support

I’ve A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed – Hymn Lyric



I’ve A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed – Hymn Lyric

I’ve a friend, a precious friend indeed,
One who hears me when for help I plead,
Fills my soul with peace, gives me sweet release,
From the burdens hard to bear;

And I love Him more than all beside,
For upon the rugged cross He died,
Gave His life for me, that I might be free,
And His presence ever share.

I am walking with this friend each day;
Sweetest joy He gives me all the way,
Frees my soul from sin, makes me glad within,
Fills my life with love’s glad song;

When the storms of earth around me beat,
In His arms I find a sure retreat,
Safe from every harm, free from all alarm,
I am weak, but He is strong.

Tho’ the foes of earth may try my soul,
He will never give to them control;
On Him I depend, for He is my friend,
This He’s proven o’er and o’er;

When the clouds of grief around me rise,
Jesus comes to me, a glad surprise;
Drives the gloom away, turns my night to day-
I shall praise Him evermore.


Meaning of I’ve A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed

I’ve A Friend, A Precious Friend Indeed: The Power of Friendship in Our Lives

Friendship is a beautiful thing. We all need someone who understands us, supports us, and loves us unconditionally. In the hymn “I’ve A Friend, A Precious Friend Indeed,” we are reminded of the incredible gift of friendship that we have in Jesus Christ. This hymn not only expresses our personal feelings towards our friend but also highlights the qualities that make Him such a special friend.

The verse begins by emphasizing the attentive nature of our friend. We have someone who listens to us when we cry out for help. When life’s burdens become too heavy, this friend fills our souls with peace and provides us with sweet release. Just the thought of having such comfort and support in our lives brings immense joy.

The hymn then goes on to describe the depth of our love for this friend. We love Him more than anyone else in the world because He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. On the rugged cross, He gave His life so we could be free. This act of selflessness is what sets our friend apart from any other. His presence is always with us, guiding us through life’s ups and downs.

Walking with this friend each day brings the sweetest joy imaginable. Every step we take is filled with His love and grace. His friendship frees our souls from the clutches of sin and fills us with an overwhelming happiness. With our friend by our side, we can face any storm that life throws our way. In His arms, we find a safe retreat where we are protected from harm and fear. Though we may be weak, He is strong. His strength supports us when we feel like we can’t carry on.

Our friend is not only there for us in times of trouble but also in times of temptation. The foes of the world may try to shake our faith and control our souls, but they will never succeed. Our friend, Jesus, is always there, providing us with the strength and guidance to resist temptation and stay on the right path. We depend on Him, and He never fails us. His faithfulness has been proven over and over again.

When grief clouds our hearts and sadness overwhelms us, our friend comes to our side. Jesus is a glad surprise in our darkest moments. He drives away the darkness and replaces it with His light. Our nights turn to day in His presence. How can we not praise Him for the comfort and joy He brings?

In conclusion, the hymn “I’ve A Friend, A Precious Friend Indeed” beautifully describes the power of friendship with Jesus Christ. The lyrics express our gratitude and love towards Him, while also highlighting the qualities that make Him such a special friend. His attentive nature, sacrificial love, and constant presence provide us with peace, joy, and strength. No matter what we face in life, we can walk confidently with our friend by our side. So let us cherish this friendship, and may it bring us comfort and hope throughout our lives.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the Power of Friendship with Jesus - I've A Friend A Precious Friend Indeed Hymn highlights the loving support, peace, and strength we find in our precious friend. Discover the joy of walking with Him every day, free from sin, and protected from harm. Cherish this special friendship that brings comfort and hope.


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