Psalm 86 Antiphonal – Hymn Lyric

Experience the goodness and forgiveness of God in Psalm 86. Discover His unconditional love and mercy as we delve into this beautiful hymn. Embrace forgiveness and find healing and freedom in your heart.

Psalm 86 Antiphonal – Hymn Lyric



Psalm 86 Antiphonal – Hymn Lyric

You are good and forgiving.


Meaning of Psalm 86 Antiphonal

In Psalm 86, we are reminded of the goodness and forgiveness of the Lord. This beautiful hymn serves as a testament to God’s loving nature and His willingness to extend His mercy to those who seek Him. Let us delve further into this psalm and explore the depths of these powerful themes.

The opening verse says, “Lord, you are good and forgiving.” These words encapsulate the essence of God’s character. Throughout the Bible, we are repeatedly reminded of His goodness. He is a God who loves unconditionally, cares deeply, and provides abundantly for His children. His goodness is evident in the blessings He bestows upon us every day.

But the psalmist goes beyond acknowledging God’s goodness; he also emphasizes God’s forgiving nature. We all make mistakes and fall short of His glory, but God’s forgiveness knows no bounds. When we confess our sins and turn to Him with a repentant heart, He is always ready to forgive and restore us. His mercy is a gift that we should never take for granted.

As we reflect on the words of this beautiful hymn, it is important to remember that we are called to emulate God’s goodness and forgiveness in our own lives. Just as He extends His grace to us, we should also extend grace to others. Forgiveness can be a challenging concept, but it is a vital aspect of living a Christlike life.

In a world where conflicts and disagreements seem to be rampant, the message of forgiveness becomes even more crucial. Holding on to grudges and harboring unforgiveness in our hearts only causes bitterness and pain. It hinders our own peace and prevents us from experiencing the fullness of God’s love. By willingly forgiving others, we free ourselves from the shackles of anger and resentment.

Now, let’s explore some practical steps we can take to cultivate a spirit of forgiveness in our lives. Firstly, it is crucial to acknowledge and confront our hurts. It may be difficult, but ruminating over past offenses only prolongs our pain. Instead, we must address the hurt and choose to release it.

Secondly, we should strive to empathize with those who have wronged us. While this may seem counterintuitive, understanding the reasons behind someone’s actions helps us see them in a new light. Remembering that we are all flawed and capable of making mistakes can soften our hearts and enable us to let go of anger.

Furthermore, forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting or excusing the wrongdoing. It means choosing to release the person from the debt they owe us and not seeking revenge. It is a conscious decision to surrender our desire for justice into God’s hands, trusting that He will ultimately make all things right.

In moments when we struggle to forgive, we can turn to the Scriptures for guidance. The Bible is filled with stories of forgiveness, from Joseph forgiving his brothers to Jesus forgiving those who crucified Him. These examples serve as powerful reminders of the transformative power of forgiveness.

Ultimately, forgiveness is a journey, and it may take time. It is a process of healing and letting go. But as we embrace the call to forgive, we open ourselves up to experience the fullness of God’s love and freedom. We become vessels of His grace, extending His goodness and forgiveness to a world in need.

In conclusion, Psalm 86 beautifully encapsulates the themes of God’s goodness and forgiveness. Through this hymn, we are reminded of His unwavering love and mercy. As we internalize these truths, let us also strive to live lives characterized by forgiveness. By extending grace to others, we not only reflect God’s nature but also find healing and freedom in our own hearts. May we embrace the transformative power of forgiveness and walk in the footsteps of our loving Creator.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the goodness and forgiveness of God in Psalm 86. Discover His unconditional love and mercy as we delve into this beautiful hymn. Embrace forgiveness and find healing and freedom in your heart.


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