Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion – Hymn Lyric

Discover the transformative power of empathy and healing in "Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion." Learn how Jesus' genuine understanding of others' struggles brought solace and restoration to those society rejected. Emulate his example of compassion in your own life.

Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion: Embracing Healing and Empathy” This hymn reminds us of Jesus’ incredible capacity for empathy and healing. Through his actions, he teaches us the importance of truly hearing and seeing others. By embodying his deep compassion, we can bring healing to our communities, restoring hope and dignity to those in need.


Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion – Hymn Lyric

Jesus heard with deep compassion pleas for healing, cries of pain;
cured the lame and cleansed the leper, gave the blind their sight again.

At his voice, tormenting spirits fled a madman’s tortured mind;
clothed and healed, he went rejoicing, home and family to find.

Jesus touched the lives of outcasts, weak or sinful, scorned or poor;
gave them self-respect and courage, trust and faith and hope secure.

Truly hearing, truly seeing deep within each troubled soul,
Jesus healed their wounded spirits, sent them forth with lives made whole.

Jesus, Lord, our true example, you have shown how we must live.
Teach us how to share with others everything we have to give.

Let our days be spent in service; bring us by your grace to know
healing is the church’s calling, and the path that we must go.


Meaning of Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion

Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion: The Healing Power of Empathy

In our lives, we often encounter moments of pain and suffering. Whether it be physical ailments, emotional distress, or societal exclusion, these challenges can leave us feeling lost and alone. However, in the hymn “Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion,” we are reminded of the transformative power of empathy, love, and healing that stems from a genuine understanding of others’ struggles.

Within these verses, we witness Jesus, the embodiment of compassion, extending his divine presence to those in need. His deep understanding of human suffering allows him to provide solace and healing to those society has rejected. This profound empathy enables Jesus to see beyond physical appearances and recognize the intrinsic value within each person’s soul.

Throughout history, we find numerous instances where Jesus used his healing abilities to restore the broken lives of those society had cast aside. Take, for example, the story of the lame man whom Jesus cured. In a society where physical abilities determined one’s social status, this man was marginalized and left to fend for himself. However, when Jesus heard his plea for healing, he responded with profound empathy and compassion. With a single touch, the man’s physical limitations disappeared, and he was given the ability to walk again. Jesus not only mended his physical ailment but also restored his dignity and hope, allowing him to reintegrate into society.

Similarly, Jesus encounters a leper in desperate need of cleansing. Leprosy, a disease marked by disfigurement and social ostracization, often left those afflicted isolated from their communities. Yet, Jesus, upon hearing the leper’s cry for help, was moved by the deep compassion in his heart. Jesus laid his hands on the leper, and miraculously, the disease vanished, freeing the leper from his physical torment. Jesus didn’t just heal the leper’s body; he restored his social standing and bestowed upon him the gift of acceptance.

In another powerful account, Jesus encounters a man tormented by evil spirits, a man whom society had condemned as mad and untamable. Instead of turning a blind eye to this man’s suffering, Jesus hears the anguish within his soul. With a commanding voice, Jesus banishes the demons, freeing the man from his mental torment. Transformed and clothed in his right mind, the man reunites with his family, carrying within him a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. Jesus not only cured the man’s affliction but also demonstrated that no one is beyond redemption and that mental health is a matter deserving of compassionate care.

It is through Jesus’ actions that we learn the importance of genuine hearing and seeing. Jesus doesn’t merely listen to the cries for help, but he also perceives the depths of one’s soul. He heals the wounded spirit, providing solace and comfort to those burdened by their internal struggles. Jesus teaches us that true healing extends beyond physical restoration; it encompasses the restoration of one’s spirit, bringing forth a sense of wholeness and peace. With his divine example, Jesus shows us how we must live and interact with one another.

In our modern world, the message of “Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion” remains as relevant as ever. As individuals, we are called to emulate Jesus’ empathy in our own lives. We must recognize and respond to the cries of pain within our communities, extending a hand of compassion to those marginalized, weak, or forgotten. By embracing empathy, we can restore dignity, self-respect, and hope to those in need.

As members of the Church, we are reminded that healing is not just an individual endeavor but a collective responsibility. The hymn tells us that healing is the church’s calling and the path we must follow. Through acts of service, we bring healing to those who have been overlooked by society. We offer our time, resources, and love to create a community where all members flourish.

Let us be inspired by Jesus’ example and commit ourselves to sharing everything we have to give. May our days be filled with selfless service, guided by grace and love. In doing so, we will walk the path of healing, not only for others but also for ourselves. As we extend compassion and empathy, we experience the transformative power of love, connecting with others on a deeper level and finding a sense of purpose in our own lives.

In conclusion, “Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion” is a reminder of the healing power of empathy, love, and understanding. As we seek to live a life aligned with Jesus’ teachings, may we embrace his example of genuine hearing and seeing, extending compassion and healing to those in need. Let us heed the call to be instruments of healing in our communities, ensuring that no one is left behind or marginalized. By embodying the spirit of Jesus’ deep compassion, we pave the way for a world where all souls can find solace, restoration, and hope.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the transformative power of empathy and healing in Jesus Heard With Deep Compassion. Learn how Jesus' genuine understanding of others' struggles brought solace and restoration to those society rejected. Emulate his example of compassion in your own life.


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