Jesus I Bring To Thee – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus I Bring To Thee – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus I Bring To Thee: A Heart Full of Love and Devotion” is a hymn that expresses a believer’s sincere offering of their entire being to Jesus. The hymn emphasizes the importance of approaching Jesus with humility and trust, seeking forgiveness and purity, and dedicating our lives to Him in faithful ministry. It serves as a reminder to believers of all ages that we can find true joy and fulfillment in our relationship with Jesus.


Jesus I Bring To Thee – Hymn Lyric

I bring to thee,
Humbly and trustingly,
All of my heart, all of my heart;
Fill it with love divine,
All of its dross refine,
Seal it, and make it thine
In every part.

O precious Christ, come in,
Wash me from all my sin,
Make pure my soul, make pure my soul,
Cleanse it from every stain;
Let not a spot remain,
At any cost of pain,
O! make me whole.

Take, Jesus, all my powers,
My moments and my hours,
And let them be, and let them be,
Used henceforth but for thee,
In faithful ministry,
Constantly, lovingly,
Only for thee.


Meaning of Jesus I Bring To Thee

Jesus I Bring To Thee: A Heart Full of Love and Devotion

In this hymn, we find the beautiful and heartfelt words of a believer who is offering their entire being to Jesus. The title, “Jesus I Bring To Thee,” sets the tone for a sincere conversation between the believer and the Savior. It serves as a reminder that we can approach Jesus with our joys, struggles, hopes, and desires without reservation. Let’s delve deeper into the meaningful verses of this hymn and explore the importance of love, purity, and dedication in our relationship with Christ.

The first verse begins with the believer expressing their humility and trust as they bring their heart to Jesus. It is an acknowledgment of our vulnerability and recognition of His divine power. The hymn asks Jesus to fill the heart with divine love and refine it by removing any impurities or sins. This plea demonstrates the longing for a closer connection with Jesus and a desire to be more like Him. It is an invitation for Him to take residence within our hearts.

“O precious Christ, come in, wash me from all my sin, make pure my soul.” These words express a deep yearning for redemption and forgiveness. The believer recognizes their shortcomings and fully surrenders their soul to be cleansed. It is a plea for salvation and a plea for Jesus to remove any stains that may tarnish their relationship with Him. The desire to be made whole, to be pure, is a powerful sentiment that resonates with believers of all ages.

In the third verse, the hymn takes a different direction, focusing on the believer’s commitment to Jesus. The believer offers not only their heart and soul but also their powers, moments, and hours. It is an acknowledgment that every aspect of their life should be dedicated to serving and glorifying Jesus. This verse highlights the importance of faithful ministry and dedicated service. It reminds us that every moment, every talent, and every opportunity should be used to further God’s kingdom and demonstrate our love for Him.

“Used henceforth but for thee, in faithful ministry, constantly, lovingly, only for thee.” These words emphasize the believer’s desire to live a life dedicated to Jesus, always with His love in mind. It serves as a reminder that our actions, thoughts, and words should be guided by love and devotion to Him. Living a life in constant service to Him requires perseverance, but it brings unimaginable joy and fulfillment.

As we reflect on the message of this hymn, we can draw several important lessons. Firstly, it reminds us to approach Jesus with humility and trust. We can bring all our joys, sorrows, and struggles to Him, confident that He will listen and provide comfort and guidance. Secondly, it highlights the significance of seeking forgiveness and striving for purity. Recognizing our shortcomings and asking for forgiveness is a vital part of our spiritual journey. Lastly, the hymn calls us to dedicate our lives to Jesus, using our time, talents, and resources to serve Him faithfully.

In conclusion, “Jesus I Bring To Thee” is a beautiful hymn that encompasses themes of love, purity, and dedication. Its timeless message resonates with believers of all ages, inviting a deeper connection with Jesus. As we sing these words, let us reflect on how we can bring our hearts, souls, and lives to Jesus, seeking His love, forgiveness, and guidance. May this hymn inspire us to live a life dedicated to Him, constantly striving to be loving and faithful, and finding true joy and fulfillment in doing so.


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