Jesus Is Passing – Hymn Lyric

Jesus Is Passing brings light

Jesus Is Passing – Hymn Lyric

Come and experience the incredible power and compassion of Jesus as He passes by. Through His touch, He can bring sight to the blind and healing to the lame. He invites the poor to partake in His abundance and offers forgiveness and redemption to those burdened by sin and shame. Open your heart, come to Him, and share His love with the world. Jesus Is Passing, ready to transform lives.


Jesus Is Passing – Hymn Lyric

Jesus is passing, Jesus is passing,
Come, all ye blind, and receive now your sight;
He will bend o’er you,
He will restore you,
He will exchange all your darkness for light;
Come, and the Saviour will give you your sight.

Jesus is passing, Jesus is passing,
Come now, ye lame, to the Healer of all;
His life He gave you,
One look will save you,
He will attend to the poor cripple’s call;
Now He is passing, is passing for all.

Jesus is passing, Jesus is passing,
Come, all ye poor, to the plenteous store;
Now He will lead you,
Ever will feed you;
Jesus invites you to hunger no more;
Come to the bountiful heavenly store.

Jesus is passing, Jesus is passing,
Come, ye afflicted by sin and by shame;
O we implore you,
Let Him restore you;
Come while He lingers and calls you by name;
Come, all ye laden with sin and with shame.


Meaning of Jesus Is Passing

Jesus Is Passing: Bringing Light, Healing, and Hope to All

Have you ever felt lost, wandering in darkness without a guiding light? Have you ever longed for someone to come and restore your sight, to open your eyes to a world full of beauty and possibilities? Well, my friends, look no further, for Jesus is passing by, ready to bring light into your life!

In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of the amazing power and compassion of Jesus. It tells us that He is passing by, extending His love to all those who seek Him. Whether you are blind and in need of sight, lame and in need of healing, or poor and in need of provision, Jesus is here to attend to your needs.

Imagine the incredible scene as Jesus walks among us. Close your eyes for a moment and picture Him reaching out His hand to touch those who are blind. With a gentle touch, their eyes are opened, and they can finally see the beauty that surrounds them. Jesus has the power to replace darkness with light, to transform despair into hope.

But Jesus doesn’t stop there. He also offers His healing touch to the lame. Imagine being a poor cripple, unable to walk and feeling utterly helpless. But all it takes is one look from Jesus, and that person is saved. Jesus is the ultimate Healer, capable of mending broken bodies and restoring strength. No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, Jesus is passing by, ready to heal you.

Jesus’ love knows no bounds. He calls out to the poor, welcoming them to partake in the abundance of provisions He has to offer. He will lead you, guide you, and ensure that you never hunger for anything. His bountiful heavenly store is overflowing with blessings, just waiting for you to receive them. All you need to do is answer His call and trust in His provision.

But Jesus’ love is not limited to physical needs. He is also calling out to those burdened by sin and shame. We all make mistakes, we all carry regrets, and we all long for the freedom that comes from forgiveness. Jesus implores you to let Him restore you, to come to Him while He lingers near, calling you by name. No sin is too great, no shame too heavy for Jesus’ love to redeem.

So, how can we actively respond to Jesus as He passes by? How can we experience the light, healing, and hope that He offers?

First and foremost, we must open our hearts to Him. Just as the blind received their sight and the lame were healed through one look from Jesus, we too must seek Him with a heart full of faith. Pray to Him, pour out your deepest desires and struggles, and trust that He is listening and ready to act on your behalf.

Secondly, we must not hesitate to come to Jesus. The hymn tells us that He is passing for all. That means His love is available to everyone, regardless of their past mistakes or their current circumstances. It is easy to let shame or fear hold us back, but Jesus is calling us by name, urging us to come and experience the transformation that only He can bring.

Lastly, we must share this incredible news with others. Imagine the joy and hope we can bring to someone’s life by letting them know that Jesus is passing by, ready to bring light, healing, and provision. Let us be messengers of His love, extending our hands to help those in need and offering words of encouragement to those who may be feeling lost.

In conclusion, Jesus Is Passing is not just a beautiful hymn, it is a hopeful promise, a reminder that no matter who we are or what we’re going through, Jesus is here for us. He offers His light to those in darkness, His healing to those who are broken, His provision to those in need, and His forgiveness to those burdened by sin and shame. So, my friends, let’s open our hearts, answer His call, and share His love with the world. Jesus Is Passing, and He wants to transform our lives.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Jesus Is Passing brings light, healing, and hope to all. Open your heart to Jesus, answer His call, and experience His transformative love. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for a new life!


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