Jesus Is Risen Lift Up Your Glad Voices – Hymn Lyric

Celebrate Jesus' resurrection and find hope

Jesus Is Risen Lift Up Your Glad Voices – Hymn Lyric

Welcome to this uplifting hymn that celebrates the joyous news of Jesus’ resurrection. Through powerful imagery and a joyful message, the hymn reminds us that Jesus’ triumph over death brings hope, joy, and peace into our lives. Let us join together and raise our voices in gratitude, proclaiming with joy, “Jesus is risen, is risen today!”


Jesus Is Risen Lift Up Your Glad Voices – Hymn Lyric

‘Jesus is risen!’
Lift up your glad voices!
Night’s dreary shadows are vanished away;
Hark, at the tidings the wide earth rejoices!
‘Jesus is risen, is risen today!’

Death’s iron bondage his strong hands have broken;
‘Come,’ speaks the angel, ‘behold where he lay!
Faithful the promise his own lips have spoken:
Jesus is risen, is risen today!’

Fair by his open grave blossoms the garden;
Life follows death, bloom is born of decay,
Song after sorrow, and peace after pardon:
‘Jesus is risen, is risen today!’

Light dawns in darkness, and comfort in sadness;
Death shall no longer our spirits dismay;
Tears turn to praises, and griefs change to gladness:
‘Jesus is risen, is risen today!’


Meaning of Jesus Is Risen Lift Up Your Glad Voices

Jesus Is Risen: Lift Up Your Glad Voices

Rejoice, everyone! A call to celebration rings out, inviting all to lift up their glad voices in song and harmony. For those who follow the Christian faith, the hymn ‘Jesus is risen!’ holds a message of immense joy and hope, one that echoes through time and touches hearts even today. This is a story—a message—of darkness giving way to light, of sadness dissolving into joy, and of life emerging triumphantly from the shadow of death.

The verses of this hymn begin with an invitation to let go of gloom, as “Night’s dreary shadows are vanished away.” Imagine waking up to the most amazing news you could ever hear, a news so wonderful that even the earth itself seems to be rejoicing alongside you. This is the sensation the hymn aims to convey with the proclamation that ‘Jesus is risen, is risen today!’ It’s as if a curtain has been lifted, revealing a bright new day where possibilities are limitless and hope is as tangible as the warm sunlight.

With every stanza, the hymn draws attention to a powerful storyline—one in which ‘Death’s iron bondage his strong hands have broken.’ This imagery is quite striking. Picture a mighty hero breaking free from chains, a feat that seemed impossible. It underlines a theme of overcoming the insurmountable, of rising above a challenge that looked too great to conquer. And in this story, the angel acts as a herald, inviting us to ‘come, behold where he lay!’ It’s a personal call to witness something incredible, to take a moment and see evidence of a miraculous event.

As the verses continue, this joyous song paints a picture of a garden near an open grave, flourishing and alive, reminding us that even after the harshest winters, spring always returns. Life blooms from the old, and beauty emerges from within the decay. It’s a message of renewal, that every ending can be a chance for a brand new start. The phrase ‘Song after sorrow, and peace after pardon’ promises that after every hardship there is relief, and following forgiveness, peace is to be found.

The line ‘Light dawns in darkness, and comfort in sadness’ sheds an illuminating ray on the power of hope. Whenever you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed by challenges and sadness, the hymn encourages the belief that light will always break through. It tells us that “Death shall no longer our spirits dismay.” It’s a profound promise that the fear attached to the end of life has been dispelled, inspiring a sense of courage and reassurance that can carry you through tough times.

As the hymn concludes with ‘Tears turn to praises, and griefs change to gladness,’ it’s a reminder that no pain lasts forever, and that joy can be found even after the hardest days. The message is of transformation and upliftment, suggesting that out of the depths of our sorrow, we can find reasons to sing and celebrate again.

Now beyond the hymn itself, these ideas can resonate in many aspects of our lives. Think about moments when you’ve faced challenges that seemed too difficult to overcome, or times when sadness felt like a constant companion. ‘Jesus is risen!’ isn’t just a statement of faith in a religious sense; it can be a rallying cry of hope and regeneration for anyone needing encouragement.

So, what does this mean in everyday life? When you see a friend struggling at school because they don’t understand the lesson, or you notice someone sitting alone at lunch—the spirit of ‘Jesus is risen’ can inspire you to be the light in someone’s darkness. Offer to help with homework, or sit with the person who’s alone. These small acts embody the hymn’s message that from every bit of gloom, joy can arise.

Moreover, this hymn serves as a reminder of the beauty in nature and the world around us. After the cold and dark months of winter, spring brings new life and colors—a visual representation of the themes in the hymn. Flowers bloom, trees sprout new leaves, and animals venture out, reflecting the renewal of life and the continuation of cycles that bring new beginnings.

In conclusion, ‘Jesus is risen: Lift up your glad voices’ isn’t just a line from a hymn, but a phrase full of meaning and hope. It communicates a rejuvenating sentiment that can infuse our daily lives with positivity and optimism. Whether navigating personal trials or observing the natural world’s cycles, we can be reminded that after every period of darkness, light awaits—ready to dawn all over again. It encourages us to share happiness, foster kindness, and to always seek out the joy that comes after sorrow, just as the hymn joyfully proclaims: ‘Jesus is risen, is risen today!’


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