Jesus Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort and solace in Jesus

Jesus Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” we find solace and protection in Jesus during life’s storms. The heartfelt lyrics depict our complete reliance on Him, as we trust in His grace, seek His refuge, and find comfort in His loving embrace. So let’s turn to Jesus, the lover of our souls, and find hope, peace, and eternal connection in His presence.


Jesus Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, lover of my soul,
let me to thy bosom fly.
While the nearer waters roll,
while the tempest still is high;
hide me, O my Savior, hide,
till the storm of life is past.
Safe into the haven guide,
O receive my soul at last!

Other refuge have I none.
Hangs my helpless soul on thee.
Leave, ah! leave me not alone,
still support and comfort me.
All my trust on thee is stayed,
all my help from thee I bring.
Cover my defenseless head
with the shadow of thy wing.

Plenteous grace with thee is found,
grace to cover all my sin.
Let the healing streams abound,
make and keep me pure within.
Thou of life, the fountain art.
Freely let me take of thee.
Spring thou up within my heart,
rise to all eternity.


Meaning of Jesus Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly

Jesus, Lover of My Soul: Finding Comfort in Times of Trouble

In the midst of life’s storms and challenges, there is a comforting presence we can turn to – Jesus, lover of our souls. This timeless hymn, “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” beautifully captures the essence of seeking solace and protection in our Savior’s embrace. As we delve into the heartfelt words of this hymn, we can explore the deep meaning behind the lyrics and find hope in its message.

The hymn begins with the plea, “Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly.” These words evoke a sense of urgency, as if the singer is pleading with Jesus to provide refuge and safety. It is a reminder that when we feel overwhelmed by life’s tempests, we can find peace and solace in His loving arms.

The hymn continues with the imagery of “nearer waters roll” and the “tempest still is high,” symbolizing the storms and hardships we face in life. In these moments, the singer implores Jesus to hide them and guide them safely into the haven, offering reassurance that there is a place of refuge and security in His care.

But what is it about Jesus that makes Him the perfect refuge for our souls? The lyrics express that we have no other refuge but Him, emphasizing our complete reliance on His strength and protection. “Hangs my helpless soul on thee” reminds us that we are powerless on our own, but with Jesus, we find support and comfort amidst our struggles.

This hymn beautifully portrays the trust we place in Jesus as our sole source of help and hope. “All my trust on thee is stayed, all my help from thee I bring,” illustrates our unwavering faith in His ability to provide for our needs. We recognize that true security and peace can only be found in Him.

The imagery of being covered by the shadow of Jesus’ wing evokes a sense of warmth and protection. In our defenselessness, we seek His shelter and long for His grace to cover our sins. “Plenteous grace with thee is found, grace to cover all my sin” reminds us that His forgiveness is abundant and all-encompassing. In times of guilt and shame, we can turn to Jesus, knowing that His grace will cleanse and purify our souls from within.

Ultimately, this hymn recognizes Jesus as the source of life and eternal hope. “Thou of life the fountain art” portrays Him as the wellspring of life, from whom we can draw strength and nourishment. The lyrics encourage Jesus to spring up within our hearts, reminding us that His presence within us brings life, renewed strength, and a lasting connection to Him.

As we reflect on the words of this hymn, we can find comfort and encouragement in knowing that Jesus is the lover of our souls. In times of uncertainty and turmoil, we can fly to His bosom, find refuge in His loving embrace, and trust in His unfailing grace. In every storm, Jesus stands as our haven, ready to guide us safely through the tempests of life.

So take a moment to let the lyrics of this hymn sink deep into your heart. Allow the truth within its words to bring you peace, comfort, and renewed faith in Jesus, the lover of your soul. Let His love and presence be your refuge, your support, and your constant source of hope. Fly to His bosom, and be embraced by the comforting arms of the Savior, for He will never leave you alone.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find comfort and solace in Jesus, lover of my soul. Seek refuge in His embrace amidst life's storms. Trust His grace to cover all your sins. Fly to His bosom for eternal hope and peace.


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