When Jesus To The Judgment Hall – Hymn Lyric

Witness the powerful story of Jesus Christ's journey to the judgment hall

When Jesus To The Judgment Hall – Hymn Lyric

When Jesus To The Judgment Hall: A Story of Love and Redemption Witness the inspiring story of Jesus Christ, who faced cruelty and mockery as He was brought to the judgment hall. Despite the pain and suffering, Jesus never wavered in His mission to save humanity. It is a powerful tale of love conquering hate and the hope for redemption that still resonates today.


When Jesus To The Judgment Hall – Hymn Lyric

When Jesus to the judgment hall
By cruel men was led,
He wore a purple robe of scorn,
And thorns upon His head;
They called Him King, and bowed the knee,
And paid Him homage, mockingly.

“Away! let Him be crucified!”
The impious shouts proclaim;
And forth they led the Son of God
To die a death of shame;
And passing thence amid’ the crowd,
Beneath a ponderous cross He bowed.

Behold Him nailed upon the cross
And left alone to die,
While from the awful scene of death
His timid followers fly;
In agony He groaned and sighed,
And faint, He bowed the head, and died.

Ah, cruel death for Him to die,
Ah, vilest death of shame,-
Who, to redeem our guilty souls,
From God, in pity came;-
The glory of the Father’s throne
He left, to make our souls His own.

O Jesus, to Thy cross I cling,
For Thou, my Lord, art there,
Who, in Thy love, True Man became,
My load of sin to bear;
And lo, I lift my eyes to heaven,
For God in mercy hath forgiven.


Meaning of When Jesus To The Judgment Hall

When Jesus To The Judgment Hall: A Story of Love and Redemption

In the depths of history, a powerful and moving story unfolds. It is a story of love, sacrifice, and redemption. It is the story of Jesus Christ, who, when He was brought to the judgment hall, faced the cruelty of men but never wavered in His mission to save humanity.

As Jesus stood before the judgment hall, He wore a purple robe, a symbol of mockery and disdain. Thorns pressed upon His head, causing Him great pain. The very ones who called Him King bowed before Him, but not out of respect or reverence. It was a cruel imitation, a twisted display of power over an innocent man.

Yet, even in the face of such cruelty, Jesus did not falter. He knew the pain He would endure, the suffering He would bear. With a heart full of love and a determination to fulfill His purpose, He braved the insults and jeers.

The shouts of “Away! let Him be crucified!” echoed through the crowd. The impious cries filled the air, drowning out any voice of reason or compassion. And so, Jesus was led away to die a death of shame. His followers, once filled with hope and faith, could not bear the sight of their beloved leader in agony. They dispersed, leaving Him to face the darkness alone.

Nailed upon the cross, Jesus endured the excruciating pain. The weight of the world’s sins lay heavy upon His shoulders. It was a burden He willingly carried, a sacrifice He made for all of humanity. As He hung there, abandoned by His friends and left to die, Jesus groaned and sighed, his strength waning. And in that moment, He bowed His head and gave up His life.

It was a cruel death, the vilest death of shame. And yet, in that very act, Jesus showed the depths of His love. He came to this earth, leaving behind the glory of His Father’s throne, to redeem our guilty souls. His death was not in vain, but rather a selfless act of mercy and grace that transcends time and space.

O Jesus, to Thy cross we cling, for in that sacrifice lies the source of our hope and salvation. At the cross, we find forgiveness and redemption. It is there that Jesus, our Lord, became True Man, carrying the weight of our sins. It is through His love that we are set free.

When we lift our eyes to heaven, we are filled with gratitude. God, in all His infinite mercy, forgives us. He looks upon our repentant hearts and welcomes us with open arms. Through the act of Jesus on the cross, we find a path to eternal life and peace.

In this hymn, we find the power of a story that still resonates today, even in the hearts of seventh-graders. It is a story that speaks of love conquering hate, forgiveness triumphing over sin, and hope shining through the darkest of moments.

Let these words be a reminder that even in our own trials and tribulations, we are not alone. Jesus faced the cruelest of deaths, but He did not despair. He clung to His purpose, pursued love, and in doing so, changed the course of history.

So, let us remember the story of Jesus as we face our own judgment halls. Let us cling to His love, finding strength and hope in His sacrifice. And together, let us lift our eyes to heaven, knowing that God’s mercy is infinite and His forgiveness boundless.

In the end, it is a story of love prevailing against all odds. And in that love, we find our true redemption.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Witness the powerful story of Jesus Christ's journey to the judgment hall, facing cruelty but never wavering in His mission of love and redemption. Find hope and salvation in His sacrifice.


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