Jesus Our Triumphant Head – Hymn Lyric

Celebrate the triumphant victory of Jesus Christ! Explore the profound hymn "Jesus our Triumphant Head

Jesus Our Triumphant Head – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Our Triumphant Head” is a captivating hymn that celebrates Jesus’ victory over death. With vivid imagery and heartfelt words, it reminds us of His ascension to glory and His role as our leader. Through His sacrificial love and redemption, we can find forgiveness and eternal life. Praise and adoration are offered to Jesus as our triumphant head, guiding us on our spiritual journey.


Jesus Our Triumphant Head – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, our triumphant head,
Risen victorious from the dead;
To the realms of glory’s gone
To ascend his rightful throne.

Cherubs on the conquerer gaze:
Seraphs glow with brighter blaze;
Each bright order of the sky,
Hail him as he passes by!

Saints the glorious triumph meet;
See their garments at his feet!
By his fears, his toils, are viewed,
And his garments rolled in blood!

Heaven, its king congratulates;
Opens wide their golden gates;
Angels, songs of victory sing,
All the blissful regions ring!

Sinners join the heavenly powers,
For redemption all is ours;
None but burdened sinners prove,
Blood bought pardon, dying love.

Hail! thou dear, thou worthy Lord!
Holy Lamb! incarnate word!
Hail! thou suffering Son of God!
Take the trophies of thy blood.


Meaning of Jesus Our Triumphant Head

Jesus Our Triumphant Head: A Powerful Hymn Celebrating the Triumph of Jesus Christ

In this awe-inspiring hymn, we are reminded of the triumphant victory of Jesus Christ over death and sin. Through vibrant imagery and heartfelt words, the hymn captures the essence of Jesus ascending to His rightful throne in glory. Let us delve deeper into the profound ideas presented within these verses and explore the significance of Jesus as our triumphant head.

The hymn begins with the joyful proclamation that Jesus is our triumphant head, risen victorious from the dead. This triumphant imagery emphasizes that Jesus has conquered death and has emerged as the ultimate victor. The resurrection of Jesus is of utmost importance in Christian belief, symbolizing His power over death and the hope of eternal life.

As Jesus ascends to the realms of glory, cherubs gaze upon Him, and seraphs glow even brighter in His presence. Here, we see the celestial beings acknowledging and revering Jesus as He passes by. This portrayal conveys the celestial realm’s recognition of His divine authority and majesty. Every order of the sky, represented by the bright and heavenly beings, hails Him, acknowledging His greatness.

Moreover, the hymn describes how saints, those who have faithfully followed Jesus, rejoice as they meet their triumphant king. They lay their garments at His feet, symbolizing their submission and adoration for Him. The imagery of Jesus’ garments being rolled in blood reminds us of His sacrificial death on the cross. It is through His sufferings and His bloodshed that redemption and forgiveness are made possible for all.

The hymn continues with the heavenly realms congratulating Jesus on His kingly triumph. The golden gates of Heaven open wide to receive Him, illustrating the joyous welcome extended to Him. Angels join in songs of victory, filling the blissful regions with their melodious praises. This imagery paints a picture of the grand celebration that takes place upon Jesus’ glorious return to Heaven.

But it is not just the heavenly powers who rejoice; sinners are also called to join in this celebration. The hymn reminds us that redemption is available to all, regardless of our burdens and sins. The power of Jesus’ blood is emphasized, highlighting the transformative nature of His sacrificial love. Through His death, Jesus opens the door to salvation and offers forgiveness to all who seek it.

The title of this hymn, “Jesus Our Triumphant Head,” encapsulates the central message of the hymn: Jesus is not only the victorious conqueror who has overcome death but also the head, or leader, of all believers. As the triumphant head, Jesus guides and directs His followers, leading them on the path of righteousness and eternal life.

This hymn beautifully articulates the profound theological truths at the heart of Christianity. It serves as a reminder of the power and significance of Jesus’ resurrection and His redemptive work. Through its poetic language and deeply spiritual content, the hymn encourages believers to reflect on the triumph of Jesus Christ and to offer Him our heartfelt adoration and praise.

In conclusion, “Jesus Our Triumphant Head” is a powerful and uplifting hymn that celebrates the victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through its vivid imagery and heartfelt words, the hymn reminds us of Jesus’ triumph over death and sin. It encourages believers to join in the heavenly celebration and to acknowledge Jesus as our triumphant head, worthy of all praise and adoration. Let us continually contemplate the profound truths embedded within these verses and strive to live in the light of Jesus’ triumphant victory.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Celebrate the triumphant victory of Jesus Christ! Explore the profound hymn Jesus our Triumphant Head, reminding us of His resurrection and role as our leader. Join in the heavenly celebration and offer Him praise.


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