Jesus Physician Of The Soul – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Physician Of The Soul – Hymn Lyric

In “Jesus Physician Of The Soul,” the content describes how Jesus can heal the souls of those who are in distress and pain because of the effects of sin. By seeking Jesus and having faith, people can find relief and forgiveness for their sins, ultimately restoring their spiritual well-being. Jesus is portrayed as a loving and powerful healer who can bring peace and grace back into their lives.


Jesus Physician Of The Soul – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Physician of the soul,
Each raging evil can control;
He looks on man’s distressed case,
And shows his pow’r, his love, and grace.

He knows the anguish, such endure,
Which none but he himself can cure;
None but his sacred pow’r divine,
Can ease such souls who mourn and pine.

The head is sick, the heart is faint,
They can’t describe their own complaint;
Such kind of misery as they feel,
Which they themselves cannot reveal.

Great pain and anguish fills the heart,
They feel distress’d in every part;
A shaking Palsey fills the head,
And they are helpless as the dead.

These are the great effects of sin,
Defiles the whole of man within;
The cause of all that great distress,
The cause of all unhappiness.

When they are to the Saviour brought,
They soon will find the help they sought;
For all their sorrows, pain, and grief,
The Saviour gives them sure relief.

He bids them neither doubt nor fear,
By prayer and confidence draw near;
Their guilt and crimes he will forgive,
Cure their complaints and make them live.

Come then ye sin-sick, needy, poor,
With thankful hearts receive the cure;
His blood will cleanse you of your stain,
And make you heirs of grace again.


Meaning of Jesus Physician Of The Soul

Jesus Physician of the Soul

When we think about doctors, we usually picture someone in a white coat, with a stethoscope, ready to help heal our physical aches and pains. However, there’s another kind of healing that many seek, one that goes beyond the body and touches our innermost feelings and spirit. In times of emotional anguish or spiritual distress, people look for relief that may not be found in medicine or medical treatments. This is where the idea of Jesus as the “Physician of the Soul” comes into the picture.

The hymn titled “Jesus, Physician of the Soul,” beautifully captures the essence of healing and comfort that Jesus offers to those who are struggling with the weight of their troubles and sins. It speaks of a physician not limited by the bounds of the physical world but one capable of soothing the deepest wounds that lie within a person’s heart and soul.

The first verse begins by acknowledging that Jesus has power over every malicious force that might plague a human being. It’s like saying that whenever you feel overwhelmed by things that you can’t control – those “raging evils” – Jesus is there to look over you. He doesn’t just glance your way and move on. Instead, He considers your toughest moments, your “distressed case,” and reveals not only His incredible power to help but also His love for you and His grace.

The next couple of verses talk about understanding our pain, something that can feel incredibly personal and sometimes indescribable. When a person suffers deeply, it can be difficult for others to truly grasp the extent of their distress. Yet the hymn reminds us that Jesus, as the divine healer, knows all about that kind of anguish – an anguish only He can treat. It’s comforting to think that there is someone who knows the extent of our suffering, someone who can reach out and ease that pain when it feels too much for us to bear alone.

The hymn progresses to paint a picture of the ailments of the soul as if they were physical conditions, like a pounding headache or a heart that’s struggling to keep up. These symptoms aren’t caused by a virus or a bacteria, but rather by sin and the heavy burden it places on people’s lives. Sometimes, just knowing that your feelings of guilt or unhappiness have a source and that they can be addressed is incredibly relieving. Recognizing that there’s a reason for the pain can be the first step toward feeling better.

What’s beautiful about the lyrics is that they don’t leave anyone out. When individuals are brought to Jesus, they find the help they’ve been searching for. There’s this image of a Savior who doesn’t just listen to your troubles; He actively offers relief from the sorrows, pain, and grief that weigh down on you. It’s like owning a heavy backpack full of rocks, with Jesus offering to take it off your shoulders.

The hymn also brings out the notion of trust in Jesus’ ability to save and comfort. He asks for neither doubt nor fear, urging those in need to come closer to Him through prayer and confidence. It says that Jesus stands ready to wipe clean the slate of past mistakes, to forgive crimes, and to cure the ailments that trouble one’s spirit. That’s a profound promise, that you will be accepted and healed, no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through.

As the verses draw to a close, there is an invitation. Jesus calls to the “sin-sick, needy, poor,” telling them that His healing isn’t just for a select few; it’s for everyone. The door is open to all who wish to leave behind their pain and step into a new life of grace. The idea of being cleansed and turned into “heirs of grace again” suggests not just a temporary fix but a complete transformation that offers a fresh start and a new identity.

In considering Jesus as the “Physician of the Soul,” the hymn provides a powerful reminder of the hope and healing available to those who seek it. It’s a message of universal appeal, offering spiritual medicine to anyone, regardless of their past or current afflictions. In a world where hurt and suffering are all too common, the concept of Jesus as a healer for our deepest wounds is one that can offer immense comfort and peace.

For those who believe, Jesus as the healer of the soul isn’t just a concept; it’s a living reality that offers daily sustenance, strength, and the assurance that, no matter what life throws at you, there is someone who can and will help guide you through it. As the hymn beautifully illustrates, Jesus as the “Physician of the Soul” is a role that speaks to the ever-present need for healing, forgiveness, and the profound peace that comes from being made whole again.


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