Jesus Priceless Treasure – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Priceless Treasure – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Priceless Treasure: Discovering True Joy in Christ” is a hymn that emphasizes the deep love and devotion towards Jesus as the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment. The writer declares their commitment to fully surrender to Jesus and prioritize Him above all worldly treasures. They find comfort and peace in Jesus, even in the midst of hardships, knowing that His love and faithfulness will never fail them.


Jesus Priceless Treasure – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, priceless treasure,
source of purest pleasure,
friend most sure and true:
long my heart was burning,
fainting much and yearning,
thirsting, Lord, for you.

Yours I am, O spotless Lamb,
so will I let nothing hide you,
seek no joy beside you!
Let your arms enfold me:
those who try to wound me
cannot reach me here.

Though the earth be shaking,
every heart be quaking,
Jesus calms my fear.
Fires may flash and thunder crash;
yea, though sin and hell assail me,
Jesus will not fail me.

Hence, all worldly treasure!
Jesus is my pleasure,
Jesus is my choice.
Hence, all empty glory!
What to me your story
told with tempting voice?

Pain or loss or shame or cross
shall not from my Savior move me,
since he chose to love me.
Banish thoughts of sadness,
for the Lord of gladness,
Jesus, enters in;

though the clouds may gather,
those who love the Savior
still have peace within.
Though I bear much sorrow here,
still in you lies purest pleasure,
Jesus, priceless treasure!


Meaning of Jesus Priceless Treasure

Jesus, Priceless Treasure: Discovering True Joy in Christ

In this hymn, the writer expresses their deep love and devotion to Jesus, describing Him as a priceless treasure and the source of purest pleasure. They acknowledge that for a long time, their heart burned with a desire for Jesus, yearning and thirsting for Him. They declare that Jesus is their friend, the one who is trustworthy and true.

The hymnist chooses to fully surrender themselves to Jesus, proclaiming that they belong to Him. They commit to not letting anything hide Jesus or seeking joy apart from Him. They long for the arms of Jesus to enfold them, knowing that in His embrace, they are protected from any harm or wounds that others may try to inflict on them.

Even in the midst of a world that may be shaking and hearts that may be quaking, the writer finds peace in Jesus. They trust that no matter the circumstances, Jesus will calm their fears. Fires may flash and thunder may crash, sin and hell may assail them, but Jesus will never fail them. His faithful love and presence are unwavering.

The hymn boldly declares that all worldly treasures fade in comparison to Jesus. They acknowledge that Jesus is their ultimate pleasure and their choice above all else. They recognize that all the empty glories of the world may try to entice them with tempting voices, but they refuse to be swayed. Pain, loss, shame, or the cross will not move them away from their Savior, who chose to love and save them.

The writer urges the banishment of thoughts of sadness, for the Lord of gladness, Jesus, enters in. Despite the clouds that may gather, those who truly love and follow Jesus can still experience inner peace. They believe that in Jesus lies the purest pleasure, even if they bear much sorrow in this world.

Reflecting on these verses, we can find profound lessons and inspiration. Firstly, we are reminded that Jesus is the ultimate source of true joy and fulfillment. In a world that often promises temporary happiness through material possessions or worldly achievements, we need to keep our focus on the eternal treasure that is Jesus. He alone can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

Secondly, the hymn highlights the importance of surrendering ourselves fully to Jesus. Just as the writer declares, we should strive to let nothing hide Jesus in our lives. We must seek to align our desires, choices, and actions with His will, constantly prioritizing Him above all else. In doing so, we can experience His love, protection, and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Furthermore, the hymn encourages us to find our identity and worth in Jesus, rather than in the fleeting treasures of this world. Earthly glories may entice us with their tempting voices, but they will never truly satisfy our souls. Only in Jesus can we find our true value and purpose.

Additionally, the hymn reminds us that following Jesus does not exempt us from troubles and challenges. We may face pain, loss, shame, and the cross, but even in the midst of these hardships, Jesus remains faithful. He walks with us in our sorrows, offering comfort, strength, and hope. We can take refuge in His unwavering love and find solace in His presence.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Priceless Treasure” is a beautiful hymn that expresses the deep love and devotion towards Jesus. It reminds us to prioritize Him above all else, finding our true joy and fulfillment in His presence. Regardless of the storms we may face in life, Jesus offers us comfort, peace, and the assurance that He will never fail us. May we treasure Jesus above all else and find our true pleasure in Him alone.


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