Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine” is a hymn that emphasizes the significant role of messengers in spreading Jesus' divine message of grace and love. These messengers, guided by the wisdom and authority of Jesus, have the power to transform hearts and bring peace. As believers, we are called to support and join them in their mission, sharing Jesus' truth and power with others to make a lasting impact.


Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, the Truth and Power divine,
Send forth these messengers of Thine;
Their hands confirm, their hearts inspire,
And touch their lips with hallowed fire.

Be Thou their mouth and wisdom, Lord;
Thou, by the hammer of Thy Word,
The rocky hearts in pieces break,
And bid the sons of thunder speak.

To those who would their Lord embrace,
Give them to preach the word of grace;
Sweetly their yielding bosoms move,
And melt them with the fire of love.

Let all with thankful hearts confess
Thy welcome messengers of peace;
Thy power in their report be found,
And let Thy feet behind them sound.


Meaning of Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine

Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine: Messengers of Grace and Love

In the realm of faith, there is a profound truth that believers hold dear – Jesus is the embodiment of truth and power. He is the source of wisdom and inspiration, and it is through Him that messengers are sent forth to spread His divine message. These messengers, guided by the gentle touch of the hallowed fire, have a crucial role to play in the propagation of God's word and the transformation of hearts.

As we delve into the meaning and significance of this hymn, we are reminded of the immense responsibility bestowed upon these messengers. They are not mere mouthpieces but vessels through which Jesus Himself speaks. They carry the weight of His wisdom and the authority of His Word. It is through them that the hardened hearts are shattered into pieces, making way for the sons of thunder to proclaim the Good News.

It is important to recognize the dual nature of these messengers – their message is one of both grace and love. While they must boldly proclaim the truth, they must also do so with a tender touch that moves yielding hearts. Jesus, in His infinite wisdom, knows that pure and unadulterated truth, devoid of compassion and empathy, may not find its way into the souls of those who seek Him. Therefore, He implores His messengers to melt the hearts of those who are receptive, infusing them with the fire of love.

As these messengers set out on their mission, we are called to join them in thankfulness. Their arrival is not one to be met with apprehension or skepticism but with gratitude, for they bring peace and hope to a world in need. Their reports carry the power of God, transforming lives and bringing light where darkness once prevailed. Every step they take echoes the of Jesus, making evident the truth and power that emanates from Him.

In a world full of noise and distractions, it is often challenging to discern the true messengers from those who seek to distort the message. But those who bear the seal of Jesus, who speak with His authority, their words are distinctive and resonate deeply. Their mission is not driven by personal gain or self-righteousness, but by a genuine desire to share the truth and love of Jesus with all who would embrace Him.

This hymn serves as a reminder to all believers, regardless of their age or level of literacy, that the messengers of Jesus must be held in high regard. Regardless of their individual abilities or qualifications, their calling emanates from the divine source of truth and power. As we embrace this truth, we become active participants in the work of spreading the Gospel, each with our own unique contribution to make.

Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine, speaks to the heart and transcends all barriers. It reminds us that the work of these messengers is not limited to a specific location or time period but reaches out to every corner of the world. Their impact is timeless and boundless, as they continue to touch lives and transform communities with the eternal message of Jesus.

So, as we reflect on this hymn and its profound message, let us be encouraged to support and uplift those who have been called by Jesus to be His messengers. Let us pray for their wisdom and strength, that they may faithfully fulfill their purpose. And let us join them in their mission, sharing the truth and power of Jesus with those around us, that His love may continue to touch hearts and change lives. For Jesus, The Truth And Power Divine, works in and through His messengers, inspiring us all to be messengers of grace and love in our own unique way.


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