Lord Let Me Make This Rule – Hymn Lyric

Embrace Life as a School: Learn

Lord Let Me Make This Rule – Hymn Lyric



Lord Let Me Make This Rule – Hymn Lyric

Lord, let me make this rule
To think of life as school,
And try my best to stand each test
And do my work and nothing shirk.



Meaning of Lord Let Me Make This Rule

Lord Let Me Make This Rule: Embracing Life as a Learning Experience

Life is like a school, filled with lessons and tests that shape our character and help us grow. Just as students strive to do their best and embrace challenges in the classroom, we too should approach life with determination and a commitment to personal growth.

In this hymn, we find a heartfelt prayer where the chorus says, “Lord, let me make this rule, to think of life as school.” This simple yet profound request sets the stage for a beautiful exploration of how we can approach our daily experiences as opportunities for learning and self-improvement.

In the first verse, the hymn reminds us of the importance of trying our best. When we approach tasks, whether they are academic, professional, or personal, with dedication and a desire to excel, we position ourselves for success. This mindset enables us to unleash our full potential and make the most of every situation.

Each test we encounter in life provides an opportunity for growth. Tests may come in various forms, such as challenges at school or conflicts with friends. Instead of shying away from these tests, the chorus encourages us to stand up to them. Just as students need to face exams head-on, we too must confront difficulties, applying what we have learned and striving to overcome them.

Furthermore, the hymn emphasizes the importance of doing our work and not shirking our responsibilities. Just as students are expected to complete assignments and take part in classroom activities, we must fulfill our obligations in the various roles we play in life. Whether it is completing tasks at work, supporting our families, or contributing to our communities, it is vital to embrace our responsibilities with enthusiasm and a sense of duty.

Life, like any learning experience, presents opportunities for personal growth and development. Every new situation and interaction can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and others. By viewing life as a school, we cultivate a mindset that allows us to approach these experiences as opportunities for growth.

Moreover, considering life as a school encourages us to be open to learning from our mistakes. Just as students are not discouraged by getting a question wrong on a test, we should not be discouraged by our own missteps. Instead, we should embrace them as valuable lessons that contribute to our overall growth and understanding.

One essential aspect of life’s school is the importance of learning from others. Education is not limited to books and classrooms. We can gain valuable insights and wisdom from those around us, regardless of age or experience. Embracing the diversity and uniqueness of the people we encounter helps us broaden our perspective and deepen our understanding of the world.

In our journey through life’s school, it is important to remember that learning is a lifelong process. Just as students progress from grade to grade, we too should continue to seek knowledge and personal growth throughout our lives. Be it through pursuing higher education, developing new skills, or expanding our horizons through new experiences, we should always strive to be curious and open-minded learners.

Ultimately, the hymn’s prayer, “Lord, let me make this rule” encapsulates a beautiful sentiment that we should strive to incorporate into our daily lives. By embracing life as a school and allowing our experiences to mold us, we position ourselves to become better individuals, more compassionate and understanding towards others, and ultimately, closer to our full potential.

So let us take inspiration from this hymn and embark on this incredible journey of life, treating each day as an opportunity for growth and learning. May we approach our challenges with determination, never shirking our responsibilities but instead embracing them with enthusiasm. Let us be open to learning from our mistakes and from the people we encounter, always seeking to broaden our horizons. With these guiding principles, we can truly make the most of our time here and become the best versions of ourselves.



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