Lord To Thee Alone I Raise – Hymn Lyric

Find Help and Salvation - Devotion and Trust in God.

Lord To Thee Alone I Raise – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Lord To Thee Alone I Raise,” Paul Gerhardt expresses his unwavering trust in God and reminds us that our help and salvation come only from Him. Gerhardt’s words encourage us to acknowledge God’s blessings and have faith in His constant presence and protection in our lives. This hymn serves as a beacon of gratitude and reassurance, reminding us to always turn to God for guidance and support.


Lord To Thee Alone I Raise – Hymn Lyric

Lord! to Thee alone I raise
Evermore mine eager eyes,
Upturn’d is my constant gaze
To the hills that pierce the skies:

To the hills whence flow to me
Help and saving health from Thee!
All my succour comes to me
From my great Creator’s hand,

Who hath deck’d so beauteously
Earth and sky, air, sea, and land,
And with ev’ry good supplied,
That our needs be satisfied.

Lest thy feet, my soul! should stray
From the narrow path of right,
He is with thee in the way,
And preserves thee day and night.
Trust Him! and the hosts of hell
Never more shall work thee ill.

Sleepless vigils doth He keep
When thou liest down to rest;
When thou’rt sunk in slumbers deep,
To thy side at His behest
Angel hosts then wing their flight,
Thee to guard through all the night.

All thou hast and all thou art
Is encircled by His love;
Ev’ry grief that wrings thy heart
Doth He graciously remove.
Soul and body shieldeth He,
When dark tempests threaten thee.

When the noonday’s burning sun
All thy body’s strength doth blight,
When the midnight stars and moon
Dazzle with their brilliant light,
Then His hand of mighty pow’r,
Shades thee in the trying hour.

May He still protection yield,
Faithful Shepherd be, and near
Still remain thy rock and shield,
When thy heart’s oppress’d with fear.
When of need thou feel’st the smart,
May He press thee to His heart.

Dost thou sit or rise again,
Dost thou speak or dost thou hear,
Still at home dost thou remain,
Art abroad when none is near,
Dost thou wander in or out?
He will compass thee about.


Meaning of Lord To Thee Alone I Raise

In this beautiful hymn titled “Lord To Thee Alone I Raise,” the author, Paul Gerhardt, expresses his devotion and trust in God. Through his words, Gerhardt reminds us that our help and salvation come solely from our Creator, who has provided us with abundant blessings.

Gerhardt begins the hymn by declaring his constant gaze towards the hills that reach the skies. These hills symbolize the source of his help and saving health, which he attributes to God. This imagery reminds us to always look up to God for guidance and support in our lives. Just as the hills stand tall and steadfast, God is always there to assist us.

As the hymn continues, Gerhardt acknowledges the beauty and goodness that God has bestowed upon the earth and all its inhabitants. He emphasizes that every good thing in our lives comes from our great Creator’s hand. From the air we breathe to the land we walk on, God has provided us with everything we need to satisfy our needs. Gerhardt’s words serve as a reminder to be grateful for the blessings we have and recognize God’s hand in all aspects of our lives.

The hymn takes a comforting turn as Gerhardt assures us that God is with us every step of the way. He assures our souls that God is by our side, guiding us on the narrow path of righteousness and protecting us day and night. We are encouraged to trust in Him, knowing that the hosts of hell can never harm us. This reminder gives us strength and comfort, knowing that we are never truly alone and that God is always fighting for our well-being.

Gerhardt goes on to describe how God watches over us even when we are asleep. He speaks of sleepless vigils kept by God, ensuring our safety and peace as we rest. Through His command, angel hosts are sent to guard us through the night, providing us with both physical and spiritual protection. This imagery reminds us that God’s care for us never ceases, even in our most vulnerable moments.

The hymn also acknowledges that God shields us during times of struggle and adversity. When we face the scorching heat of the noonday sun or the overwhelming brilliance of midnight stars and the moon, God’s mighty hand shades and shelters us. In these trying hours, He demonstrates His power and ability to provide comfort and relief. We are reassured that we are not alone in our sufferings and that God’s love surrounds and shields us.

Gerhardt’s hymn concludes with a plea for God’s ongoing protection and guidance in our lives. He asks that God remain a faithful shepherd, rock, and shield, even in times of fear and distress. When we feel overwhelmed by our needs and pains, Gerhardt prays that God would hold us close to His heart and provide us with the strength and comfort we need.

As we reflect on this hymn, we are reminded of the unwavering love and care that God has for us. He is our constant source of help, protection, and salvation. May we always raise our eyes to Him and trust in His guidance and provision. In times of joy and sorrow, may we find solace in knowing that God is always near, ready to shield us and press us to His heart. Let us hold on to the message of this hymn, finding peace and reassurance in our Creator’s unfailing love.


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