Love Is The Fountain – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound impact of love on obedience and guidance in your faith journey. Explore how love fuels dedication and transforms perspectives.

Love Is The Fountain – Hymn Lyric

“Love Is The Fountain” explores the deep connection between love, obedience, and guidance in the Christian faith. This powerful hymn reminds us that love serves as the source of true obedience and fuels our commitment to serve God. With love as our guiding force, we can endure challenges, embrace tasks with cheerfulness, and allow love to permeate every aspect of our lives.


Love Is The Fountain – Hymn Lyric

Love is the fountain whence
All true obedience flows;
The Christian serves the God he loves,
And loves the God he knows.

He treads the heav’nly road,
And neither faints nor tires;
That gen’rous love which warms his breast
With fortitude inspires.

No burden seems so great,
No task so hard appears,
But this he cheerfully performs,
And that he meekly bears.

May love-that shining grace-
O’er all my pow’rs preside;
Direct my thoughts, suggest my words,
And ev’ry action guide.


Meaning of Love Is The Fountain

Love Is The Fountain: A Source of True Obedience and Guidance

Love, they say, makes the world go round. It is a powerful emotion that can inspire, motivate, and connect people in ways that nothing else can. In the realm of faith, love plays an even more significant role. In the hymn “Love Is The Fountain,” we are reminded of the profound impact that love has on our lives as Christians. It serves as both the source of our obedience to God and the guiding force behind our actions.

The verse of the hymn beautifully captures the essence of love’s role in our relationship with God. It states, “Love is the fountain whence all true obedience flows.” Here, we can draw a parallel between the concept of a fountain and the power of love. Just like a fountain continuously pours forth water, love is ever-flowing, originating from God and permeating our hearts. It is this love that compels us to faithfully serve and obey Him.

When we genuinely love someone, whether it be a friend, family member, or God Himself, our actions reflect that love. Love fuels our commitment and dedication, making even the most daunting tasks bearable. The hymn asserts, “The Christian serves the God he loves, and loves the God he knows.” This line emphasizes the interconnectedness of love, knowledge, and obedience. As we deepen our understanding of God’s love for us and our love for Him, our obedience naturally follows.

Walking the path of faith can be challenging at times. We may face obstacles and hardships along the way that make us feel weary and tempted to give up. However, the hymn reminds us that those who truly love God neither faint nor tire. The love that warms our hearts also fuels us with fortitude. With love as our guiding force, we can persevere through the most arduous of circumstances, knowing that God’s love sustains and supports us.

Moreover, the hymn highlights the transformative power of love. It suggests that love has the ability to change our perspective on what may seem burdensome or difficult. “No burden seems so great, no task so hard appears, but this he cheerfully performs, and that he meekly bears.” Love imbues us with a cheerful spirit and a humble willingness to carry the weight of our responsibilities. When we truly love God, our attitude towards our duties becomes one of joy and gratitude rather than resentment.

As we strive to live a loving and obedient life, it is essential to acknowledge the significance of love’s presence in every aspect of our being. The hymn expresses this sentiment in the following lines, “May love – that shining grace – o’er all my pow’rs preside; direct my thoughts, suggest my words, and ev’ry action guide.” Love should not be confined only to our emotions but should permeate every facet of our existence. It should guide our thoughts, words, and actions, acting as a compass that directs us towards righteousness.

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In conclusion, “Love Is The Fountain” reminds us of the profound impact that love has on our obedience and guidance as Christians. Love serves as the source from which all true obedience flows, inspiring us to serve God faithfully. It grants us the fortitude to endure challenges, reshapes our perspective on burdensome tasks, and guides our thoughts, words, and actions. By embracing love as a fundamental aspect of our faith, we can navigate the complexities of life with steadfast devotion and find true fulfillment in our relationship with God.


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