My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope – Hymn Lyric

Discover the beautiful hymn "My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope" and explore its powerful message of hope

My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope – Hymn Lyric

Embracing the Promise of Redemption: My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope shines a light on the deep longing and aspirations of the soul. This beautiful hymn explores the hope for heavenly joy, while cautioning against the deceitful nature of sin. It calls upon the blessed Jesus to bring light and life to the darkest of souls.


My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope – Hymn Lyric

My soul would fain indulge a hope
To reach the heavenly shore;
And when I drop this dying flesh,
That I shall sin no more.

That then I shall behold the Lamb,
Who once for sin was slain,
But rose triumphing o’er the grave,
And on his throne doth reign.

I hope to hear and join the song,
That saints and angels raise,
And while eternal ages roll,
To sing eternal praise.

But Oh, this dreadful heart of sin,
It may deceive me still,
And while I look for joys above,
May plunge me down to hell.

The scene must then forever close,
Probation at an end,
No gospel grace can reach me there,
No pardon there descend.

Come then, O blessed Jesus, come,
To me thy spirit give:
Shine through a dark, benighted soul,
And bid a sinner live.


Meaning of My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope

My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope: Embracing the Promise of Redemption

Oh, what a wonderful hymn we have here! “My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope” offers us a beautiful glimpse into the longing and aspirations of the soul. Let’s dive into the verses of this hymn and explore the powerful emotions and ideas it holds.

The hymn begins with a heartfelt desire to reach the heavenly shore, where the soul yearns to dwell. It speaks of shedding this mortal flesh, hoping that in that transformation, it will be freed from the chains of sin. It expresses a deep longing to behold the Lamb, who lovingly sacrificed Himself for the redemption of humanity.

The author of this hymn expresses a profound hope to hear and join the song of saints and angels, praising the Lord for all eternity. It beautifully portrays the picture of eternal joy and unending worship. Just imagine, dear reader, an existence where we can continuously sing praises to our Creator!

However, amidst this hope and longing, there is a stark acknowledgment of the sinful nature that dwells within. The hymn warns of the treachery of the human heart, which may still deceive and lead astray. It cautions that even amidst the hope for heavenly joys, one must remain vigilant to avoid being cast down into the depths of hell.

The hymn then paints a somber picture of the end of earthly life, portraying the closure of our window of opportunity. Once probation ends, there will be no further chance for grace and forgiveness. It emphasizes the seriousness of our choices and actions, reminding us to seek redemption while there is still time.

Yet, amidst the gravity of these words, there is a plea. The hymn implores the blessed Jesus to come and infuse the sinful soul with His divine spirit. It prays for the light of Jesus to shine upon a dark and lost soul, giving it life and hope.

In this hymn, we find a beautiful balance between hope and caution, between aspiration and accountability. It reminds us that while we yearn for eternal joy, we must always be aware of the potential pitfalls that surround us. We must constantly seek the guidance and grace of Jesus to navigate the complexities of our own hearts.

The message of this hymn is one that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether we are in the seventh grade or well beyond, the longing for redemption and the hope for eternal joy are universal themes that touch the deepest parts of our souls.

For those who may be unfamiliar with some of the words or concepts in this hymn, let’s break them down a bit. “Fain” means eagerly or willingly. “Indulge” here refers to allowing oneself to experience or entertain. “Probation” means the period of testing or trial in which our actions and choices determine our fate. And “benighted” means being in a state of spiritual darkness or ignorance.

Now, why is it so important to explore and expand upon the ideas presented in this hymn? Well, dear reader, it is because the themes it discusses are timeless and offer hope and guidance to countless individuals seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.

When we write about these ideas with love and compassion, we can reach others who are searching for answers. By using the title of this hymn as a keyword for search engine optimization (SEO), we can ensure that our words reach the hearts and minds of those who may be seeking solace and inspiration.

In conclusion, “My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope” is a hymn that stirs the spirit and nourishes the soul. It combines the yearning for eternal joy with a sobering awareness of our own flaws and weaknesses. It reminds us that while we aspire for heavenly rewards, we must remain vigilant in our pursuit of righteousness.

Let us embrace the promise of redemption and share the message of hope found within this beautiful hymn. May it touch the lives of all who read and hear it, and may it lead them closer to the blessed Jesus whose spirit can awaken even the darkest of souls.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beautiful hymn My Soul Would Fain Indulge A Hope and explore its powerful message of hope, redemption, and the longing for eternal joy. Let the words of this hymn touch your soul and lead you closer to the blessed Jesus.


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