O Jesus King Of Glory – Hymn Lyric

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O Jesus King Of Glory – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus, King of Glory: The Eternal Monarch” is a hymn that praises Jesus as the everlasting King of Glory. It highlights His power, humility, and ability to bring salvation to all. The hymn invites us to approach Jesus with humility, seek His guidance, and trust in His protection and salvation.


O Jesus King Of Glory – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, King of Glory,
Both David’s Lord and Son!
Thy realm endures forever,
In Heav’n is fixed Thy throne.

Help that in earth’s dominions,
Throughout from pole to pole,
Thy reign may spread salvation,
To each benighted soul.

The Eastern sages, bringing
Their tribute gifts to Thee,
Bear witness to Thy kingdom
And humbly bow the knee.

To Thee the star is pointing,
And the prophetic Word;
Hence joyously we hail Thee:
Our Savior and our Lord!

Thou art a mighty Monarch,
As by Thy Word is told,
Yet carest Thou but little
For earthly goods or gold;

On no proud steed Thou ridest,
Thou wear’st no jeweled crown
Nor dwell’st in lordly castle,
But bearest scoff and frown.

Yet art Thou decked with beauty,
With rays of glorious light;
Thy works proclaim Thy goodness,
And all Thy ways are right.

Vouchsafe to shield Thy people
With Thine almighty arm
That they may dwell in safety
From those who mean them harm.

Ah, look on me with pity
Though I am weak and poor;
Admit me to Thy kingdom
To dwell there, blest and sure.

I pray Thee, guide and keep me
Safe from my bitter foes,
From sin and death and Satan;
Free me from all my woes.

And bid Thy Word within me
Shine as the fairest star;
Keep sin and all false doctrine
Forever from me far.

Help me confess Thee truly
And with Thy Christendom
Here own Thee King and Savior
And in the world to come.


Meaning of O Jesus King Of Glory

O Jesus, King of Glory: The Eternal Monarch

In this hymn, we praise and recognize Jesus as the King of Glory, both the Lord and Son of David. We acknowledge that His reign is everlasting and His throne is fixed in Heaven. This hymn teaches us about the power and authority of Jesus, and how His kingdom extends to all corners of the earth.

The hymn starts by expressing our desire for Jesus’ reign to spread salvation to every lost and benighted soul on earth. We long for His kingdom to encompass the entire world, from pole to pole. This demonstrates our belief that Jesus is not limited in His power, but can save anyone, regardless of where they come from or who they are.

The Eastern sages, known as the wise men or magi, are mentioned in the hymn. They are described as bringing tribute gifts to Jesus and bearing witness to His kingdom. We can imagine these wise men traveling from the East, following a star that pointed them towards Jesus. This aligns with the biblical account of the wise men visiting Jesus after His birth, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The hymn then tells us that Jesus is a mighty Monarch, as foretold by the prophets. However, despite His power and authority, Jesus does not prioritize earthly possessions or wealth. He does not ride on a proud steed, wear a jeweled crown, or dwell in a lordly castle. Instead, He willingly experiences contempt and rejection, bearing the scoffs and frowns of those who reject Him.

Although Jesus appears humble and ordinary on the outside, He is truly adorned with beauty and glorious light. His works demonstrate His goodness, and His ways are always right. We can trust in Jesus because He is not only powerful but also kind, compassionate, and just. He uses His power to protect and shield His people, so that they may dwell in safety and be secure from those who wish to harm them.

As we sing this hymn, we are invited to approach Jesus with humility and seek His mercy. We acknowledge our weakness and poverty, recognizing that we cannot save ourselves. We ask Jesus to admit us into His kingdom, where we will find blessedness and security. We trust that He will guide and keep us, protecting us from our enemies, whether they be sin, death, or Satan.

Furthermore, we ask Jesus to keep His Word alive within us, shining like the brightest star. We long to be free from sin and false teachings that may lead us astray. We desire to confess Jesus truly, not just in our words, but also in our actions and in our belonging to His community of believers. We acknowledge Him as our King and Savior in this present world, and we eagerly anticipate His kingdom in the world to come.

In conclusion, this hymn exalts Jesus as the King of Glory, both divine and human. It emphasizes His eternal reign, His humble nature, and His power to save. We are encouraged to approach Jesus with humility and seek His guidance, protection, and salvation. May His kingdom continue to spread throughout the world, bringing salvation to every benighted soul. O Jesus, King of Glory, may Your name be praised forever.


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