When Our Loved Ones We Greet – Hymn Lyric

Experience the profound comfort of "When Our Loved Ones We Greet." Discover the hope of an unbroken circle beyond earthly goodbyes. Keywords: loved ones

When Our Loved Ones We Greet – Hymn Lyric

Engaging “When Our Loved Ones We Greet: Finding comfort in the reunion beyond goodbyes” explores the profound hope offered by the hymn. It paints a picture of the joy and togetherness found in our earthly homes, but acknowledges the sadness of saying goodbye. However, the hymn assures us that there will come a time when goodbyes cease to exist, and we will be reunited in an unbroken circle. This message inspires us to cherish moments with loved ones and offer joy to those in need, while holding onto the promise of eternal togetherness.


When Our Loved Ones We Greet – Hymn Lyric

When our loved ones we greet,
In the homes where we meet,
And a foretaste of Heaven enjoy,
Then the goodbyes of earth
Put an end to our mirth,
And our circle of loved ones destroy.

But when earth’s goodbyes are all spoken,
And we’re gathered around the white throne,
Our circle will then be unbroken,
For there no goodbyes are known.

Like the last rays of light,
All our joy takes its flight,
When with goodbyes our loved ones remove;
But how cheering that day
In the near “far away,”
When the ransomed will all meet above. [Refrain]

To the friendless on earth
Give some joy in their dearth,
Bid them share in the pleasures of home,
Till they’ve treasures on high,
Where we’ll meet by and by,
In that lasting reunion to come. [Refrain]    

Meaning of When Our Loved Ones We Greet

When Our Loved Ones We Greet: Finding comfort in the reunion beyond goodbyes

In the fabric of our lives, moments of joy and togetherness with our loved ones bring immeasurable happiness. The warmth and love shared in the walls of our homes create a foretaste of Heaven on Earth. However, amidst the smiles and laughter, the looming reality of saying goodbye casts a shadow over our mirth, as it disrupts the circle of loved ones.

But what if I told you that there is a place where goodbyes cease to exist? A place where our circle will never be broken, and reunions will transcend Earth’s limitations? This remarkable promise is beautifully depicted in the hymn “When Our Loved Ones We Greet.” Let us explore this song’s comforting words and contemplate the profound hope it offers.

The hymn’s refrain reminds us that there will come a time when all the goodbyes Earth demands will be spoken, and we will find ourselves gathered around the white throne. In this celestial gathering, our circle will be unbroken, and the sorrowful sting of farewell will be forever abolished. The image portrayed here is one of eternal unity and everlasting joy, where the pain of separation is replaced by the blissful embrace of eternal togetherness.

Like the fading rays of sunlight at dusk, our earthly joy dissipates when we bid goodbye to our loved ones. It is during these moments of parting that we keenly feel the weight of our emotions. However, the hymn offers solace, reminding us of the day in the near “far away” when the ransomed will rejoice in being reunited above. This day, held in anticipation, will bring immeasurable cheer as we come together once more, leaving the goodbyes of Earth behind.

In the midst of our own happiness, let us not forget the friendless souls who traverse this Earth without the warmth of a loving home. The hymn urges us to share joy and extend kindness to those who lack the comfort of familial bonds. As we extend our hearts and hands to the friendless, we offer them a glimpse of the pleasures of home, a taste of the love and belonging they may be yearning for. And as we do so, we are reminded that our true treasures lie not just on this earthly plane, but also in the realms above, where we will ultimately be reunited with all who have found solace in the arms of redemption.

“When Our Loved Ones We Greet” reminds us of the profound hope that lies beyond the limitations of Earthly existence. It reminds us that there will be a lasting reunion to come, where all the pain of separation will be transformed into everlasting togetherness. This hymn provides a lens through which we can view the inherent beauty in human connection and serves as a beacon of hope in the face of earthly goodbyes.

When our lives are touched by this profound message, we are inspired to cherish every moment spent with our loved ones, to share our joy with those in need, and to hold onto the promise of an unbroken circle beyond the realm of Earth’s goodbyes. So, let us embrace the lyrics of this hymn as a source of comfort, allowing its timeless wisdom to guide us and fill our hearts with hope.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the profound comfort of When Our Loved Ones We Greet. Discover the hope of an unbroken circle beyond earthly goodbyes. Keywords: loved ones, reunion, comfort, hope.


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