O Jesus Our King Thy Glory We Sing – Hymn Lyric

Experience the triumph and redemption of Jesus

O Jesus Our King Thy Glory We Sing – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus, Our King, Thy Glory We Sing” is a hymn that joyfully proclaims the of Jesus over death and hell. Through His conquering power, we have been redeemed and can boldly proclaim Him as the Almighty who saves. Let us join the grand chorus and declare His glory with gratitude and awe.


O Jesus Our King Thy Glory We Sing – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, our King,
Thy glory we sing,
Thy rising declare,
And join the pomp, and the benefit share.

Thy conquest we feel
O'er death and o'er hell,
Redeemed from the grave,
And bold we proclaim Thee almighty to save.

We know that our Head
Is risen indeed,
Thy record receive,
And raised by the power of Thy spirit we live.

Thy Spirit attests
The truth in our breasts,
Thy witness imparts
The first resurrection of faith to our hearts.

Thou conquered beneath
The sharpness of death,
Our souls to retrieve,
And open the kingdom to all that believe.

Believing on Thee,
We rise from the tree,
And heavenward move,
And fly to Thy throne on the wings of Thy love.

Thy love that o'ercame
Our sorrow and shame,
And ransomed our race,
And sent Thee to God to prepare us a place;

Go after, it cries,
Proceed to the skies,
By Immanuel led,
So follow, and suffer, and reign with your head.


Meaning of O Jesus Our King Thy Glory We Sing

O Jesus, Our King, Thy Glory We Sing: A Hymn of Triumph and Redemption

In the grand chorus of our hearts, we raise our voices to sing of the glory of our beloved King, Jesus. With joyful hearts, we declare His triumph over death and hell, and the profound impact it has had on our lives. Through His conquering power, we have been redeemed from the grave, and now boldly proclaim Him as the Almighty who saves.

Every fiber of our being acknowledges that our Head, Jesus, has indeed risen. We gladly receive His record, knowing that it is absolute truth. It is through the power of His Spirit that we are raised to new life, and it is this Spirit that bears witness in our hearts, confirming the reality of the first resurrection of faith within us.

With boundless love, Jesus conquered the sharpness of death, rescuing our souls from its clutches. He did not keep this kingdom of salvation to Himself, but rather opened it wide to all who believe. Such is the depth of His love, that it overcame our sorrow and shame, and ransomed our entire human race. Jesus willingly submitted Himself to God, preparing a place for us in the heavenly realms.

The call of love resounds within us, inviting us to follow our Leader, Jesus, and ascend to the skies. Like loyal disciples, we respond to the cry, compelled to move closer to Him. Led by Immanuel, God with us, we embark on a journey that will require our faith and even necessitate suffering. But we do so willingly, for we know that as we suffer, we will also reign with our Head.

As we meditate on this hymn, we cannot help but reflect on the remarkable journey of Jesus and the significance it holds for us. Jesus, our King, took on flesh and dwelt among us. He lived a life filled with compassion, love, and unwavering obedience to His Father. But His ultimate purpose was to offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins, conquering death through His resurrection.

Through Jesus' victory, He broke the chains that held us captive, setting us free from sin's grasp. As we believe in Him, we are no longer condemned but transformed, rising from the burdensome tree of sin and moving heavenward. It is through His sacrificial love that we soar on the wings of His boundless love, finding refuge in His throne.

It is only when we fully comprehend the depth of Jesus' sacrifice and the love that propelled Him to the cross that we can truly appreciate the glory we now sing. His love was not passive or superficial, but active and sacrificial. His love sought us out in our brokenness and, in turn, demands our response.

The hymn not only reminds us of Jesus' triumph and redemption but also beckons us to follow Him diligently. It is a call to daily surrender, to live lives that reflect His love and grace. It is a plea to embrace His teachings and allow His Spirit to lead us, empowering us to carry forth His mission of love and salvation.

In the end, Jesus, Our King, is worthy of all honor and praise. His glory shines brightly, illuminating our path and guiding our steps. Let us continue to join the grand chorus, resounding with the unending song of redemption, as we proclaim His triumph, salvation, and everlasting love.

So, dear friends, let us lift our voices high and declare with exuberance, “O Jesus, Our King, Thy Glory We Sing!” May our hearts be forever filled with awe and gratitude for the wondrous work our King has accomplished for us.


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