O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

Experience the boundless love and sacrifice of O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine. Reflect on the parable of the lost sheep and find solace in the guidance of faithful pastors. Join us in praising the Father

O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

“O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine” is a hymn that reminds us of your boundless love and sacrifice. It calls for us to pray for more workers to spread your word and asks for your blessings upon them. We seek your watchful care and protection for our pastors, as well as the wisdom to discern false shepherds. May we honor you and support our pastors, working together to share in the rewards of your kingdom.


O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

O Lord,
Who in Thy love divine
Didst safely leave the ninety-nine,
In pity for a world undone,
And gav’st Thy life to save the one,
And didst it on Thy shoulders bear
In joy to heav’n, receive our prayer.

Thou who the night in pray’r didst spend
And then Thy Twelve Apostles send;
And bidd’st us pray the harvest’s Lord
To send forth sowers of the Word,
Hear us and these Thy servants bless
With sev’nfold gifts of holiness.

Look down, with gracious eye behold,
With watchful care protect Thy fold;
Secure from hireling shepherds keep,
Which feed themselves, and not the sheep,
And when the prowling wolf is nigh,
Forsake the flock in fear and fly.

O Thou, who didst at Pentecost
Send down from heav’n the Holy Ghost
That He might with Thy Church abide
Forever to defend and guide,
Illuminate and strengthen, Lord,
The preachers of Thy holy Word.

May all Thy pastors faithful be;
Not lab’ring for themselves, but Thee;
And may they feed with wholesome food
The sheep and lambs bought by Thy blood;
Tending Thy flock, O may they prove
How dearly they the Shepherd love!

That which the Holy Scriptures teach,
That, and that only, may they preach;
May they the true foundation lay,
Build gold thereon, not wood or hay;
And meekly preach in days of strife
The sermon of a holy life.

As ever in Thy holy eyes,
And stewards of Thy mysteries,
May they the people teach to see
Not, Lord, Thy ministers, but Thee;
To see a loving Savior’s face
Revealed in all the means of grace.

May they Thy Word with boldness speak
And bear with tenderness the weak;
Not seeking their own things as best,
But what may edify the rest;
With wisdom and simplicity
And, most of all, with charity.

O may Thy people faithful be,
And in Thy pastors honor Thee,
And working with them for them pray,
And gladly Thee in them obey;
Receive the prophet of the Lord
And gain the prophet’s own reward.

So may we, when our work is done,
Together stand before the throne;
And joyful hearts and voices raise,
In one united song of praise,
With all the bright celestial host,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Meaning of O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine

O Lord, Who in Your love divine,

This hymn reminds us of the boundless love and sacrifice that you have shown us. It is a reminder of your willingness to leave the ninety-nine to save the one, just like the parable of the lost sheep. You carried our burdens on your shoulders and brought us back to the safety of heaven.

We also remember how you spent the night in prayer and then sent out your Twelve Apostles to spread your word. It is a call for us to pray for more sowers of the Word, to send out workers to bring your message to those who haven’t heard it yet. We ask for your blessings upon these servants and that you may bestow upon them the sevenfold gifts of holiness.

We humbly ask you to look upon us with your gracious eyes and watch over and protect your flock. We seek protection from those who may lead us astray, those who are more concerned with themselves than with guiding and caring for your sheep. Help us stay vigilant and rooted in your teachings, refusing to be swayed by false shepherds who abandon us in times of trouble.

We are grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit, which you sent down upon your Church during Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is our eternal guide and defender. We ask you to illuminate and strengthen those who preach your holy Word. May they be faithful pastors, laboring not for their own glory but for your name. May they nourish the sheep and lambs you have bought with your blood, showing them the love of the Good Shepherd.

We pray that your pastors will faithfully teach and preach what the Holy Scriptures reveal. May they build their teachings on the solid foundation of your Word, not on superficial and empty wisdom. In times of strife, may they demonstrate the sermon of a holy life, mirroring your love and grace.

Help us, Lord, to see beyond the ministers and pastors and to recognize and honor you in them. May we not idolize them or place them on pedestals, but instead see you in their actions and words. May they be vessels of your love and truth, reflecting your face to your people.

Grant your pastors the courage to proclaim your Word boldly, balancing truth with tenderness towards the weak and weary. May they always seek what is best for the body of believers, edifying and building up the congregation. May they lead with wisdom, simplicity, and, above all, with charity.

We, your people, also have a role to play. Help us to honor and support our pastors. Let us work alongside them, praying for them and obeying your commandments with joy. May we receive your prophets and messengers with open hearts and minds, eagerly embracing the wisdom and truth they bring. By doing so, we share in their rewards.

When our work on this earth is complete, may we stand united before your throne, with hearts and voices lifted in eternal praise. Together with the celestial host, let us sing with joy and gratitude to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

O Lord, who in Your love divine, we thank you for your endless love and unfailing guidance. May we always seek to honor and follow you, and may our pastors faithfully lead us in the ways of righteousness. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the boundless love and sacrifice of O Lord Who In Thy Love Divine. Reflect on the parable of the lost sheep and find solace in the guidance of faithful pastors. Join us in praising the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


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