Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful hymn "Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior" that expresses unwavering trust

Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior,” the songwriter emphasizes the importance of unwavering trust, faithful service, and deep love for Jesus. They express their confidence in Jesus as their source of strength and guidance through life’s challenges. This hymn encourages us to place our trust in Jesus, serve Him diligently, and prioritize our love for Him above all else in order to find peace, purpose, and joy in our lives.


Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior – Hymn Lyric

Only to trust Thee, Jesus, my Savior,
Sure that in each earthly ill, Thou art my stay;
Fearing no danger, cheerful in darkness,
Calmly and serenely, to plod the homeward way.

Only to trust Thee,
Only to trust Thee,
This, my daily pray’r, shall be.

Only to serve Thee, Jesus, my Savior,
Loyally and patiently, day after day;
No load too heavy, no task unworthy,
Meeting every duty Thou dost upon me lay.

Only to serve Thee,
Only to serve Thee,
This, my daily pray’r, shall be.

Only to love Thee, Jesus, my Savior,
Walking ever close to Thee, through life’s short day;
Thy love, my comfort, thy joy, my gladness,
Hold my heart securely, nor let it from Thee stray.

Only to love Thee,
Only to love Thee,
This, my daily pray’r, shall be.


Meaning of Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior

In this hymn, titled “Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior,” the songwriter expresses their unwavering trust and faith in Jesus. Through the verses, they highlight the importance of trusting Jesus in all aspects of life, serving Him diligently, and above all, loving Him with all their heart. Let’s delve deeper into these ideas and reflect on how they can inspire us in our own lives.

The first verse begins with the powerful statement, “Only to trust thee, Jesus my Savior.” The songwriter acknowledges that Jesus is their only source of trust, especially during challenging times. They are confident that Jesus will be there for them in every earthly struggle they face. This theme of trust resonates with many of us, regardless of our age. We all have our own struggles and uncertainties, whether it be dealing with school, relationships, or personal battles. By putting our trust in Jesus, we can find solace and strength to overcome these obstacles.

The verse goes on to say that by trusting Jesus, we need not fear any danger and can remain cheerful even in darkness. This is a powerful message for anyone going through difficult times. When we trust Jesus, we can have peace even in the midst of turmoil. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that Jesus is our guiding light, leading us through the darkest of moments. This hymn encourages us to remain calm and serene as we journey through life’s challenges, knowing that Jesus is by our side.

The chorus reiterates the songwriter’s commitment to trust Jesus in their daily prayers. They emphasize the importance of this trust by repeating the phrase, “Only to trust thee” twice. By incorporating this phrase as an SEO keyword, it allows individuals searching for guidance, comfort, or a deeper connection with Jesus to find this hymn and consequently, this message of trust.

Moving on to the second verse, the songwriter expresses their dedication to serving Jesus faithfully and patiently day after day. They understand that no task is unworthy of their efforts and no load is too heavy when it comes to serving their Savior. This verse encourages us to adopt a similar mindset in our own lives. Whether it’s facing challenging assignments at school, performing household chores, or helping others, we can find purpose and fulfillment in serving Jesus through every task we undertake.

The hymn acknowledges that Jesus places duties upon us, reminding us that each responsibility given to us is an opportunity to serve Him. Being diligent and faithful in our duties not only brings glory to God but also deepens our relationship with Him. This hymn inspires us to approach every task with a dedicated and patient heart, knowing that we are serving Jesus through our actions.

Lastly, the third verse focuses on the importance of loving Jesus. The songwriter desires to walk closely with Him throughout their life’s journey, finding comfort and joy in His love. This love serves as an anchor for their heart, keeping them securely in Jesus’ presence. It serves as a reminder that our love for Jesus should be the driving force behind our thoughts, words, and actions.

The hymn encourages us to prioritize our love for Jesus above all else, allowing it to guide our decisions, interactions, and attitudes. When we love Jesus wholeheartedly, we become more like Him, radiating His love to those around us. Just as the songwriter asks Jesus to hold their heart securely, we too can ask Jesus to help us stay close to Him and prevent our hearts from straying.

In conclusion, the hymn “Only To Trust Thee Jesus My Savior” is a beautiful expression of faith and devotion. Through its verses, it encourages us to trust Jesus in every situation, to serve Him diligently, and to love Him above all else. It reminds us that our relationship with Jesus is the foundation upon which we build our lives. By focusing on trusting, serving, and loving Jesus, we can experience His peace, purpose, and joy. So let us embrace the message of this hymn in our own lives and allow it to strengthen our faith journey.


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