See In The Darkness The Dawn Is Awaking – Hymn Lyric

Embrace the Dawn: Find hope in the darkness as the dawn breaks. Discover the power of light and renewal in this inspiring hymn.

See In The Darkness The Dawn Is Awaking – Hymn Lyric



See In The Darkness The Dawn Is Awaking – Hymn Lyric

See, in the darkness, the dawn is awaking,
Shafts from the sunrise are piercing the gloom,
Night in her mantle the earth is forsaking,
Heaven gives its glory, and nature her bloom.

Wake from thy slumber, O soul: it is morning;
Rise to the tasks which the morning prepares;
Fair be thy garments, a sunlight adorning,
Fairer than earth in the morning light wears.

Morning or night, if the clouds are depressing,
Sunlight or starlight shut out from the view;
Light of my life! may the calm of Thy blessing
Fall on my soul as the comforting dew.

Light of my soul! where Thy Presence is beaming,
Night cannot come though the clouds may obscure;
Fill Thou my soul, and the dark is but seeming,
Shadows may flit, but Thy light shall endure.

See, in the darkness, the dawn is awaking,–
Soul, it is morning: in worship adore;
Fall at His feet, all the evil forsaking,
Live in the light of the Christ ever more.


Meaning of See In The Darkness The Dawn Is Awaking

See in the Darkness: Embracing the Dawning Light

In this beautiful hymn, the poet beautifully captures the essence of hope and renewal. The imagery of the dawn breaking through the darkness serves as a powerful metaphor for the triumph of light over darkness, both in the physical and metaphorical sense. As we delve into the meaning behind the hymn, we can draw inspiration and wisdom from its verses, reminding us to embrace the light that awakens in our lives.

The opening verse sets the scene of a dark night turning to day. It speaks of the rays of the sun piercing through the gloom and nature blossoming as a result. This imagery conveys a sense of optimism and rebirth. Just as the Earth awakens to a new day, the poet urges the soul to awake as well – to rise to the tasks that the morning has prepared. The call to action is clear as the poet invokes the image of adorning oneself in garments as fair as the morning sunlight.

The hymn recognizes that life isn’t always sunshine and blue skies. There are times when clouds of doubt and despair may overshadow our lives. The poet acknowledges that both sunlight and starlight can be shut out from our view, leaving us in darkness. However, the hymn’s message remains steadfast – even in the darkness, the light of the soul’s life can shine. The poet prays for the calm blessing of the Divine to envelop their soul like comforting dew, bringing solace and guidance during challenging times.

The hymn then takes a personal and intimate turn, addressing the Light directly, referring to it as the light of their life. It speaks of the presence of this light, which dispels any darkness even if obscured by clouds. The hymn suggests that the Light is ever-present and that it fuels the soul, making the dark merely an illusion. This comforting notion allows the individual to find solace in the fact that no matter how daunting the darkness may seem, the light they carry will never dim.

The poem beautifully concludes by returning to the image of the dawn breaking through the darkness. It reminds the reader to worship and adore the Divine, falling at their feet and forsaking all evil. By living in the light of Christ, constantly seeking that connection and guidance, we can navigate through life, navigating the shadows and staying hopeful.

Taking a step back, the hymn’s title, “See in the Darkness the Dawn is Awaking,” suggests that even in the darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of hope. It reminds us to shift our focus from the darkness and instead fix our gaze on the dawn that is breaking. This mindset shift encourages resilience and a belief in the transformative power of light.

In a world that often feels filled with uncertainty and darkness, this hymn offers a profound message of hope and encouragement. It reminds us that no matter how overwhelming the shadows may seem, there is always a flicker of light that can guide us through. By embracing the dawn of each new day and seeking the light within and around us, we can live a life filled with purpose, joy, and a renewed sense of love and compassion.

So, as we reflect on the verses of this impactful hymn, let us remember to awaken to the tasks that each day brings, adorning our souls in the beauty and light of the morning. Let us seek solace in the presence of the Divine, knowing that even in the darkest times, the light within us will never fade. May we live our lives in worship, forsaking negativity and embracing the transformative power of the dawn, for it is in the darkness that we can truly appreciate the beauty and brilliance of the light.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace the Dawn: Find hope in the darkness as the dawn breaks. Discover the power of light and renewal in this inspiring hymn.


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