Sinners The City Where You Dwell – Hymn Lyric

Reflect on the consequences of your actions and seek redemption in "Sinners

Sinners The City Where You Dwell – Hymn Lyric

“Sinners The City Where You Dwell: Finding Refuge in the Midst of Fear and Wrath” is a hauntingly beautiful hymn that warns of impending doom for those who remain in a city of sin. It urges sinners to seek refuge in a hiding place before it’s too late, emphasizing the dangers of delay. Through powerful imagery and a call to action, the hymn reminds us of the consequences of our actions and the hope for redemption within reach.


Sinners The City Where You Dwell – Hymn Lyric

Sinners, the city where you dwell
Is doomed to fearful woe;
Those dark impending clouds foretell
The quick descending blow.

Sinners, the hiding place is nigh;
The Savior calls-away-
He is the only refuge-fly-
There’s danger in delay.

Beneath you shall the trembling ground
Quake with the wrath of God;
While all above you and around
Shall roll the fiery flood.


Haste from your revels and your mirth
And all your carnal joys;
The day of wrath is bursting forth;
Oh! hasten to be wise. [Refrain]
Fly to the mountain, quickly fly;
Nor will your flight be vain;
‘Tis God’s own house, and Heaven is nigh,
Stay not in all the plain.


Angels, sweet messengers of love,
Lend them your rapid wing;
And Thou, good Spirit from above,
All needful succors bring.


do you tarry, trembling souls?
Haste ere the lightnings blaze;
Fly ere the rumbling thunders call,
Fly to the hiding place.



Meaning of Sinners The City Where You Dwell

Sinners, The City Where You Dwell: Finding Refuge in the Midst of Fear and Wrath

In the hauntingly beautiful hymn, “Sinners, The City Where You Dwell,” we are reminded of the impending doom that awaits those who remain in the city of sin. The dark clouds that loom above serve as a grim warning, a sign of the quick descending blow that is about to be unleashed upon the city. But amidst this despair, there is also hope, for the hymn speaks of a hiding place that is near, a refuge that beckons sinners to escape the danger that awaits them. This powerful imagery calls upon us to reflect on the consequences of our actions and to seek salvation before it is too late.

The refrain of the hymn serves as a resounding call to action – the Savior calls sinners to fly to the hiding place, for there is indeed danger in delay. The urgency conveyed in these words is palpable, emphasizing the need for sinners to heed this warning and seek refuge before it is too late. This urgency is not meant to instill fear, but rather to awaken a sense of understanding and responsibility within us.

As we delve further into the lyrics of the hymn, we encounter vivid descriptions of the wrath of God that will befall the city. The trembling ground, the fiery flood, the rumbling thunders – these powerful images depict the magnitude of divine judgment that awaits those who choose to remain in sin. The hymn presents them not as hollow threats, but as tangible consequences of our actions. It serves as a stark reminder that our choices have repercussions and that we must take them seriously.

Amidst this impending doom, the hymn offers a glimmer of hope. It calls upon sinners to refrain from their revels and carnal joys, to cast aside worldly pleasures in favor of wisdom. The day of wrath may be bursting forth, but in the midst of this chaos, there is a mountain to which sinners can fly. This mountain represents God’s house, a place of refuge and safety. It symbolizes the closeness of heaven and offers sinners an opportunity for redemption.

In times of trouble, we often yearn for guidance and assistance. The hymn recognizes this and acknowledges the role of angels and the good Spirit in providing succor to those who seek refuge. It calls upon these heavenly messengers to lend their rapid wings and to guide sinners towards the hiding place. This plea for divine intervention reminds us that we are not alone in our journey towards salvation. We have allies in the spiritual realm who are ready and willing to assist us.

To fully grasp the message of the hymn, we must not simply tarry and tremble in fear. We are urged to fly before the lightnings blaze and the rumbling thunders call. It is a plea for urgency, a reminder that the hiding place is available to us if only we have the courage to seek it. The hymn does not condemn sinners; instead, it extends an invitation for them to find solace and redemption in the face of imminent destruction.

“Sinners, The City Where You Dwell” is more than just a hymn; it is a profound reflection on the consequences of our choices and the redemption that is available to all. It reminds us that while we may dwell in a city of sin, we have the power to change our course. It encourages us to find the strength to leave behind our worldly pleasures and embrace the wisdom that will lead us towards salvation.

As we contemplate the powerful lyrics of this hymn, let us reflect on our own lives and the choices we have made. Are we tarrying in the city of sin, paralyzed by fear and uncertainty? Or are we taking action, seeking refuge in the hiding place that is offered to us? The hymn serves as a reminder that the choice is ultimately ours. We have the power to change our destiny, to align ourselves with the divine and find solace in the midst of chaos.

Let “Sinners, The City Where You Dwell” be a catalyst for reflection and transformation. Let its words inspire us to make the necessary changes in our lives, to seek forgiveness and redemption. May it serve as a reminder that no matter how deep our sins may be, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.


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