Soul Celestial In Thy Birth – Hymn Lyric

Unlock the power of your celestial soul with "Soul Celestial In Thy Birth." Embrace hope

Soul Celestial In Thy Birth – Hymn Lyric

Discover the celestial essence within your soul with the hymn “Soul Celestial In Thy Birth”. Through its gentle lyrics, it urges us to seek hope, peace, and divine love, and reminds us that despite our wanderings, God’s infinite love always calls us back to our true home. Embrace the profound longing within and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, returning to the embrace of our loving Creator.


Soul Celestial In Thy Birth – Hymn Lyric

Soul, celestial in thy birth,
Dwelling yet in lowest earth,
Panting, shrinking to be free,
Hear God’s spirit whisper thee.

Thus it saith; in accents mild,
“Weary wanderer, wayward child,
From thy Father’s earnest love
Still forever wilt thou rove?”

Turn to hope, and peace, and light,
Freed from sin, and earth, and night;
I have called, entreated thee,
In my mercies gentle, free.

Human soul, in love divine
I have sought to make thee mine;
Still for thee good angels yearn;
Human soul, return, return!


Meaning of Soul Celestial In Thy Birth

Soul Celestial In Thy Birth: Embracing Hope, Peace, and Divine Love

In the depths of our being, where our true essence resides, we find a celestial soul yearning to break free from the confines of earthly existence. This soul, so divine in its origin, longs to escape the shackles of sin and darkness and embrace the light of hope, peace, and love. The hymn “Soul Celestial in Thy Birth” captures this profound longing and offers the soul a gentle whisper from God’s spirit, urging it to return to its true home.

The first verse of the hymn speaks directly to the soul, calling it a celestial being even though it resides in the lowest of earthly realms. It emphasizes the soul’s deep desire to be free, to transcend the limitations of its earthly existence. It reminds us that even in our wanderings and waywardness, God’s spirit reaches out to us, inviting us to return to His loving embrace. The idea conveyed here is that no matter how far we may stray or how lost we feel, God’s love for us remains constant, always beckoning us back to Him.

The second verse of the hymn paints a picture of transformation and liberation. It encourages the soul to turn toward hope, peace, and light, relinquishing the burdens of sin and darkness. God, in His infinite mercy, extends His call to the soul, gently urging it to embrace the freedom and joy that come from being united with Him. This verse reminds us that no matter how entangled we may feel in the complexities of life, God’s invitation to receive His blessings and grace is always open.

The title of the hymn, “Soul Celestial In Thy Birth,” resonates deeply with all who seek a spiritual connection. It captures the essence of our divine origin, reminding us that our souls were fashioned by the hands of a loving Creator. When we contemplate this truth, it becomes evident that our purpose on this earth is not merely to wander aimlessly, but rather to rediscover our celestial nature and ultimately return to the source from which we came.

The hymn suggests that God’s relentless pursuit of our souls is driven by His boundless love. It reveals that throughout our journey on earth, the heavenly realm yearns for our return. Good angels, who serve as messengers of God’s love and protection, eagerly await the moment when our souls turn back to their rightful place in the embrace of divine grace. This imagery instills a sense of hope and comfort, knowing that we are never alone in our spiritual journey.

As we reflect on the profound message of this hymn, we are reminded of the significance of embracing our divine nature. It encourages us to strive for a deeper connection with our Creator, shedding the weight of our transgressions and surrendering to the transforming power of God’s love. By doing so, we tap into the limitless potential of our souls and allow ourselves to experience the true joy, peace, and fulfillment that comes from being aligned with our heavenly purpose.

In conclusion, “Soul Celestial In Thy Birth” serves as a powerful reminder of our innate connection to the divine. It speaks directly to the longing of our souls, encouraging us to turn away from the temptations and distractions of the world and embrace the hope, peace, and love that God offers us. Through its gentle yet profound lyrics, this hymn invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, ultimately leading us back to our true home in the arms of our loving Creator. May we all heed the whisper of God’s spirit and joyfully return to our celestial birthright.


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